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Pregnancy After Removal of Mirena IUD?

Has anyone gotten pregnant after having a Mirena IUD removed. Were there any complications with the removal or with the pregnancy? How long did it take to get pregnant? Anything else I should know?

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Well, it took awhiile - 6 months - but I did finally get pregnant and am now 11 weeks along. Our new baby is due in May. Thanks for all the advice. It gave me hope during those interminable months of trying to conceive.

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I had the Mirena IUD put in after the birth of my son (who is now 5 yoa) and needed to have the IUD removed in July 2006 (it moved from where it was supposed to be, an uncommon problem)... anyway, in January, I discovered I was pregnant! So 6 months after having it removed, I concieved again. I hope this helps.

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I was told that you could get pregnant right away after the removal, that you really didn't need to wait until the return of a "normal" cycle like with other forms of BC.

I've had the Mirena IUD after both of my kids, and took it out myself both times (it's really easy and my doctor said that was ok, although it's a good idea to get checked after having it out). The first time I got pregnant the same month I took it out, the second time it took 5 months, but I think that was probably more due to stress. I love having it, especially because i don't have a period after a few months.

I had the Mirena IUD put in after the birth of my son (who is now 5 yoa) and needed to have the IUD removed in July 2006 (it moved from where it was supposed to be, an uncommon problem)... anyway, in January, I discovered I was pregnant! So 6 months after having it removed, I concieved again. I hope this helps.

I had a Mirena IUD after my first (which we got pregnant with the right away) and it took me six months to get pregnant with my second. no complications and I didn't even feel the removal of it.

I have mirena in right now and we are thinking of getting pregnant again. Good question! I will definately be reading the responses. I'll let you know how it goes too if you want.

Having it removed was 100 times easier than having it put in!
My Dr. removed my IUD and said "Have at it!" :) It still took us 6 months but that was probably due more to stess.

I had the IUD in for a little over a year and had it taken out to try for our second child. Having it taken out was painless and only took 2 seconds. It was really fast. We were preganant with our second within 3 months of the removal. I didn't have any complications with the preganancy and he is now a beautiful boy and I have since gotten the IUD put back in! Good luck!

I had my IUD in for about 9 months and then decided to "try" for another baby being it took awhile to conceive our first son. I had it removed in early November and got pregnant in late November. Due in August and no problems at all.... Good Luck!

I had a mirena IUD for about 2 years and didn't have any complications with the removal. I was also pregnant within about 2 months after removing it. Everything was just fine and i loved the iud. I have had friends develop fibroids after having their iud, but still were able to get prenant quickliy and without any major complications due to the fibroid. Good luck, 3 has been our lucky number as far as kids go, and i love them so much. It is quite an adjustment at first but so worth it.
best of luck,

I'm on my third IUD...after the removal of the two previous ones, I got pregnant within a month each time! I am having the current IUD removed April 11th in hopes of getting pregnant with our fourth child.

The removal is very easy and pretty painless. I've had severe complications with each pregnancy, but none have been caused by the IUDs. Good luck!

I got pregnant twice after I got my IUD removed with no problem at all, however last May I had a Mirena IUD put in and my doctor pushed it through my uterus so it was sitting up on top. It hurt so bad. He said it was in place but after suffering for a weekend and taking loads of pain pills I called him and he had me get an ultrasound and they couldn't find it, so I had an xray and sure enough it was in the wrong place. So I was scheduled for surgery that night to have it removed by laproscopy. So I don't think I will ever get one again. Too risky. I heard of that happening, it even happened to my sister in law, but I never thought it would happen to me. I thought it was too rare. But apparently its pretty common since the uterus is so thin after giving birth. So just some info for you to take into consideration.

I was on the pill AND had taken the plan B pill and still got pregnant with my first. I had my IUD put in when he was 5 months old (since I obviously couldn't trust the pill!) and had it removed a year later without any complications (it hurt much worse to have put in). It has been almost a year since it was removed and I'm still not pregnant. I have never in my entire life had an irregular period either. I have no idea if this is due to the Mirena, but I guess its always a possibility.

i had my mirena removed in may and got pregnant in july. no issues at all! i had my mirena for six years--hope this helps!

I had my Mirena in for about 2 years and had it removed in November. My doc told me to wait until I had one normal cycle before trying to get pregnant. That normal cycle came in early December and we got pregnant late December - no problems at all so far!

I had an IUD between my 2nd and 3rd child. I had it in for quite a while but I ended up being rushed to the hospial because of an ecoptic(tubal) pregnancy. My fallopian tube had burst and was removed. After that, I still had 6 more children. I was lucky that the only fallopian tube took over without any disruption of my periods and pregnancy was not a problem.

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