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How Long Do Hives Last?

My 10 month old daughter had some red spots on her on Monday which I thought were mosquito bites since we had gone on a walk Sunday evening. Yesterday she broke out in, what I think, is hives. I called her dr and they told me to give her benadryl. She's still sleeping this morning so I haven't been able to see her skin yet. I'm sure this looks worse than it is, but I was just looking for some advice. Thank you. She doesn't have a fever and is pleasant as can be. :)

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Thank you for all of your help and advice! My daughter's hives have cleared up! :) I'm still not sure what the culprit was, but if it happens again I'll be prepared.

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my son has had a few viruses that last about a week with hives. the dr said it is normal at this age. if it continues, call MD back

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Hey L.

I know you want a definate answer but it really depends on what is causing the spots. Hives tend to be rather large areas of redness usually caused by an allergen. You would have to figure out what was causing them to get rid of it, example detergent or other soap, fabric treaters (febreeze). If they are bug bites; smaller red dots usually, then they might last for a few days. If they aren't getting worse, and don't seem to be bothering her, try not to worry too much. It could even just be heat rash b/c it's been so darn hot.

Hey L.! Check out webmd.com, they have a children's section with pictures of rashes and what each of them is etc. Hope things clear up.

are you sure it isn't a heat rash? my daughter has had a heat rash that flares up when she is really hot or has to sit in the car seat for a long time. it is right at her neckline and around her armpits. the dr. said no creams or powders just keep it clean, dry, and let it air out. she also said the only time to be concerned about a rash is if it is NOT raised (bumpy) and is accompanied by fever and lethargy. not sure about hives but this time of year it could be a heat rash instead.

Hi L.,
I just went through a similar situation. My daughter was covered head to toe in horrible looking hives that itched like crazy. (she is two) Benedryl worked but as soon as it wore off, they were back. The doc saw her and said to give her zyrtec (over the counter) for a week at bedtime and see if it comes back. Once I gave her the zyrtec they never came back. The doc said sometimes there is no known cause for hives and they could last a few days or even weeks. I would take her to the doc just to see what they advise. Try to take a picture of the hives to show the doctor. good luck and try now to worry! (i know it is easier said then done)

I would take her to the pediatrician. They cannot diagnose her over the phone. They can have one look at her and determine if it is an allegic reaction or just a benign rash.
I recently had a very similar incident with my 11 month old daughter. I did not know that the pediatrician can tell just by looking at a rash what kind it is so I called and got a similar response to yours. I then called a friend that is also a pediatrician for a second opinion. She told me that if it was her patient she would have demanded to see the child so that she could give a definate diagnosis.
If this is an allergy, you need to know that so that you can attempt to determine what your child is allergic to.

In my case, it turned out to be a benign rash probably due to a virus. I am seriously considering changing pediatricians.

Were you walking in the woods or somewhere that she might have been exposed to poison ivy? It seems to be bad this year and we have dealt with several cases in our household already this year. If that is the case it could take up to a week or more to go away.

It may not be hives at all--it could be roseola infantum. Is she irritable? Have a fever and loss of appetite? Those are all symptoms of roseola.

My son gets hives very easily and has since he was very young. They respond almost immediately to Benadryl but often come back when it wears off with the slightest irritation (in his case, they generally don't just reappear in the same places, but if he is reacting to something, the lightest scratch or even clothing brushing against his skin can cause them to flare up again). He frequently gets hives post-illness...sometimes the virus can be so mild that he barely even feels sick so it's a bit disorienting.

Hope this helps...

I get hives as a result of heat (sometimes called heat rash) they are very itchy, but usually go away in an hour or two. I have not had hives as a result of an allergy, so I don't know how long that kind lasts. When my son was a few months old he became covered in little red bumps. They were the result of really dry skin (they did not seem to itch him) we had to use a steroid cream to make them go away. If her hives are not gone today I would suggest seeing your doctor so they can make a definite diagnosis.

Hi L.,
My son has had hives before. Right after dinner I started noticing red rashy-looking splotches on his arms and his face and neck. I have seen allergic reactions before and knew right away he was allergic to something. I ran upstairs to throw on a pair of jeans and by the time I got back down in just a couple minutes he was head to tow with them. I ran him to the ER and by the time I got there he was so bad I walked in the door with him they took one look at him and rushed him back to a room. They quickly gave him a liquid Benadryl and the hives started to go away. It actually took a couple days for it to completely go away. I went over everything he did for the day and everything he ate for the day with the ER physcician........turns out that he is allergic to pineapples. I now keep a bottle of Benadryl in my medicine cabinet at all times and when I go away on trips or anything it goes with us. His daycare and school have also been made aware. Hopefully all you have there is a simple case of heat rash, but if it keeps happening I would say to keep an on her diet as well. She could be allergic to something. Good luck and I hope you find the answer.

my son has had a few viruses that last about a week with hives. the dr said it is normal at this age. if it continues, call MD back

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