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How Do I Get Massive Amounts of Vaseline Out of My Daughter's Hair?

How do I get massive amounts of Vaseline out of my daughter's hair? So far I have tried: shampoo, dish soap, mayonnaise. I can at least comb through it but it is still so so very greasy.

What can I do next?

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Hi! Use baby powder to get the Vaseline out. My friends daughter did the same thing and the powder does wonders.

Good Luck


I was reading online to use egg that is beaten and use apple cider vinegar.I would also try dawn dishsoap.
good luck

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Corn starch powder all over her hair and then brush out then shampoo with dish detergent. follow up with regular shampoo and conditioner.

My younger brother put vaseline through his hair when he was younger - your post is making me giggle to remember it - I think it really just stayed greasy for a while, and eventually washed out.

Try lemon juice-it is has a drying effect.

I was reading online to use egg that is beaten and use apple cider vinegar.I would also try dawn dishsoap.
good luck

Use the Dawn dish washing liquid, even detergent won't get it out. I've used it before to get both vaseline, peanutbutter and zinc ointment out of clothes and off little bodies.

HI L.,

Try the clarifying shampoo by Circle of Friends. This is a salon brand for kids. This removes chlorine, buildup and anything that is in the hair that should not be. Try scrubbing it twice then follow up by a cond. You might need to do this for 2 or 3 days but should work. Not sure where you are located but I live in Mechanicsburg and we sell it at the salon I work in. Our salon is Horsefeathers. If this is to far, try a kids salon if you have one. Or you can check on line for salons that sell it under the circle of friends website.
Hope this helps. B.

OK so I have to add to this. Why in the world would anyone put paint thinner or chemicals in their childs hair. I read through some of the responses and CAN NOT believe it!!!!!

i think you need to use clarifying shampoo or something vinegar based. The acidity cuts through the grease... just be careful of the eyes! i Saw one of the other moms suggested Go-Jo (the mechanics' hand cleaner). That stuff has a lot of chemicals in it, so I would use it as a last resort.

I don't have the definitive answer what TO do, but I have to put my two cents in here (quel suprise! lol)
I see some people mentioned goo gone, paint thinner and a few harsh chemicals. PLEASE do not put this near a child...check on the labels there are SERIOUS wanings not to have ANY skin contact...it can be severly toxic.
Also, hydrogen peroxide will bleach the hair platinum.

I just realized that I sometimes "correct" others on Mamasource....I don't mean to be self-righteous or bossy (really!!) I just have to speak up when it comes to little humans. Just call me very Pro-Child. :)
p.s Anyone, fell free to comment on my answers, too.....

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