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Help! How Do I Get a & D Ointment Out of My Daughter's Hair?!?

Hi Moms -
well, I learned a good lesson the other day - don't let two three year old girls play unsupervised in one's bedroom! They got into the A & D ointment and one "painted" the other - and now it is in my daughter's hair! We have shampooed three times Sunday, two last night, and again tonight! Any suggestions welcome!

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Hi everyone - thanks for all the responses! We washed her hair a ton, used my husbanad's Pert, Palmolive Dishwashing liquid, her organic kid shampoo - and after about a week, her hair was back to normal (or close to it!).
The sheets are coming along - I used Lestoil to get the Balmex out, and now I need to get the Lestoil smell out!
I washed them about 10 times, and now am letting them hang outside to air out...but with all this rain, I bet they won't dry until August! Thanks again, everyone!

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My daughter did that at a much younger age. We also shampooed her hair a ton. It took about a week before it was all out, but it did go away eventually!

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Try dish detergent, that works for motor oil too. Make sure you condition afterwards! Hope it helps :)

Dawn or Ivory liquid detergent works, wash 2 or 3 times being very careful not to get it in her eyes then follow up with your regular shampoo. Smiles... C. H

Apply shampoo to dry hair, and keep washing hair. It will eventually come out. Dish liquid would work, but it might be tough to keep it out of her eyes. It will eventually all come out. Good luck.

Maybe dish washing liquid?

Unscented Dawn dish liquid diluted 1 part soap to 3 parts water and then combed through and rinse after a couple of minutes. Environmental groups use Dawn on water birds and animals after oil spills. Finish with a diluted vinegar rinse and then a detangling conditioner---good to know A&D is as water proof as they claim!!!!!

do not wash it out, you might dry out the scalp scrubbing it .. try a soft brush and loads of baby powder... good luck..

My daughter did that at a much younger age. We also shampooed her hair a ton. It took about a week before it was all out, but it did go away eventually!

Hi E.,
Put her into the tub......pour blue "Dawn" Dishwashing liquid on her head....full strength.
( It's a de-greaser ) Gently rub it in to her scalp...don't let her lean forward.... it will sting if it gets in her eyes. Dawn will break down the ointment. Rinse by laying down in the tub....then have her take a shower so she can rinse her hair really well.
You may have to do this a couple of times.

Try cornstarch....my son got the greasy lotion Aquaphor in his hair when he was about that age (little adventurers!) and I went on line and that was recommended - it worked. just sprinkle it all over her hair - let sit a little then wash out - you may need to repeat...good luck!


I don't know if it will work but have you tried peanut butter? I know it takes gum out of hair. I

When my daughter was a newborn she had craddle cap and I put vaseline in her hair - way too much it turned out. It took a week of washing her hair a couple a times a bath to get it all out.

L. M

I would suggest a dish soap. They are designed to get out greasy things. Not friendly for the eyes, but it should get the stuff out.

I've heard of talcum powder or cornstarch to help absorb - I can't remember, now, what my daughter had in her hair that I sought similar advice, but that's what helped. I think it took a couple doses.

Good Morning E.,
I believe I have something you can try...I know it sounds odd but Dawn dish detergent really does "Get grease out of your way!" LOL My daughters did it with Vaseline..If you can imagine the nightmare that was, until someone gave me this tip.

It absolutely has to be Dawn (not generic).

Good Luck,
T. G.

Oh my goodness what a caos! funny but still a caos. Mine almost did it onces with desitin but i cought her on time but today was the day :$ I whashed her hair a couple times already but nothing thanks everydy for leting me nkow that is gonna take about a week at least now I'm not so freak out

Try Pert shampoo. It is strong enough to strip the wax off of your floors (no, I'm not kidding)! It's not a product I'd ever use for regular washing, but it should help to get the waxy, oily ointment out of her hair!

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