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Help with Baby Itch Relief -Eczema

My 3-month old has eczema. The Dr. just told me to put an over the counter eucerin on the affected area but now he's starting to scratch and rub any suggestions for what to do to relieve the itching? Also, how can you tell if it's an allergic reaction that starts the eczema?

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Dear Maya,
I recently went to Hawaii and they said that Noni oil or lotion is good for eczema.
Look it up on the web.
Best of luck

I have a baby with eczema. You need to lubricate his skin all the time. Keep the bath to a minimum. Wash all his clothing with Dye free and perfume free detergent (like Tide-free). I would use Aquaphor ointment on his skin especially cheeks, elbows, knees, and neck 3-4 times every day. He is going to look like an oily baby but it works. I also had to use some otc hydrocortisone ointment 1% on rashy areas. After baths, I would use baby Aveeno lotion on his skin. If you keep his skin hydrated, you will see a difference. Hope it helps.

Ibeji Body Care's HYDRATION THERAPY (www.ibejibodycare.com) has helped my daughter with her exzema, which is basically gone now.

Also, look at potential allergens (detergents, foods etc.) as potential aggravators to the skin.

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Hi Maya, I have 3 kids (10, 4, & 2 1/2 mos.) my 4 year old has had eczema since she was born. And the best thing I could do that helped and still helps today is rubbing her down with baby oil right after a bath when she's still wet. With a 3 month old, he'll probably be pretty slippery so be careful to do this on the changing table or bed. Make sure he is well oiled then clothe him. I personally didn't notice the Eucerin helping. I used the oil and lotion from Arbonne, it seemed to keep her moisturized throughout the day. Only now that she's older do I use a prescription of Triamcinolone,I only use it when she has a flare up and sparingly at that b/c it's a steroid. But as long as you keep him moisturized and try the oil after bath he should get relief.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Maya,

With eczema, make sure your baby wears clothes only made with cotton. Also, not to bundle him up. Wear light clothings. At bath time, use either Aveeno oatmeal powder or Equate oatmeal (WalMart brand). Bathe him in oatmeal and pat him dry. Do not wash his hair with oatmeal. It's difficult to remove. Use Cetaphil lotion. It's less greasy. Dreft is a good liquid detergent to wash his clothes in. Good luck.


My 4 year old has always struggled with eczema. His dermatologist advised us to give frequent, long, soaking baths; then to generously apply a cream (not a lotion) and seal in the moisture on the dry spots with an ointment like Aquaphor. It's helped tremendously!! As long as I'm giving him his baths and the lotion/ointment routine at least every other day...it clears right up. I use Cetaphyl cream which I buy at Costco or Target. And Aquaphor I've never had a problem finding. I've tried sprays and hydrocortizone creams for the itching, but they seemed to irritate or sting. So I've found for us, the long baths and cream routines worked best. Good luck!

My granddaughter has eczema also, after her bath while her skin is still moist I rub her entire body down with Eucerin lotion. It help moisturize her skin so it is less itchy. Also I use 2.0 Hydrocortizon cream that the doctor prescribed, that works wonders on the affected area. Ask your doctor to prescribe some of that. Good Luck. i don't think eczema is from allergies, it is just from dry skin. Try using the lotion after each bath, and try the eucerin soap also.

Hi Maya,
I had eczema throughout my childhood and young adult years. It can have many causes. I am allergic to wool so I cannot use any lotions with lanolin in them. It may also be caused by food allergies. Talking to a Naturopathic doctor may be very helpful. They have the best training for detecting allergies of all kinds and treating them naturally. I know a good doctor who see's patients in Danville. I'm not sure how close that is to you. If that is doable for you please email me at:____@____.com and I will give you her office number.

I am a mother of two. and a home child care provider. if itching try cortozone. if you think it maybe allergic then if you are breastfeeding or formula, at this age the common reaction is to milk or milk by products. formula try changing to soy and if breastfeeding you have no no no dairy products and see if that changes. keep in mind it takes 7-10 days for dairy to be out of your milk supply. don't give up .

I had one daughter with eczema, and I was nursing her. It turned out to be (my) diet related, and was exacerbated by cold/dry weather.
If you are nursing your 3-month old: Try an elimination diet to see what might be triggering the eczema in your child. I would start with eliminating red meat, dairy, sugar and caffeine from your diet. If you want to pinpoint things further, you can try adding these things back in one at a time after you have been off all of them for a while (2 weeks) and see if the symptoms come back. Eat 80% vegetables and 20% meat and whole grains.

I have had eczema all my life. I am now 38 and still suffer from it. According to every Dr. and Dermatologist I have seen, there isn't anything I can do for mine. Some can be treated with results, others, such as mine are hereditary and nothing will make it go away completely. Two of my five children have it, but theirs comes and goes less often then mine. One of mine had it when she was young like yours...eucerin is the best over the counter cream in my opinion. My daughter had it so bad as a baby, it covered her head, her hair fell off in chunks, so the Dr. gave her a low dose liquid form of a steroid to help it...she was born with asthma, so the steroid I think worked two ways for her. If it gets real bad, ask about the liquid form.

I would agree with those that say it's probably an allergy...but because I am allergic (just as my kids) to so many things, it's really not about pin-pointing the allergy all the time. It's now about maintaining the break-out site the best we can. If I avoided everything in life that I am allergic to, I would live in a bubble..and I say this literally. The good thing about eczema is that it doesn't change the quality of life. It's ugly and can become painful...but with the creams/ointments the Dr's give us, they can make it more easy to live with. I have had it pretty much all over my body. Some of the medications are not to be used on the face, so always ask your Dr. first...there are low dose formulas to be used on the face. I had a terrible struggle with it on my eye lids...talk about yuck! We found something that works, but within a day or two, especially this time of year with the spring growth, I can see it wanting to come back in full force.

Dr's always say that eczema doesn't like water...I think at times, that may be my biggest allergy...all the stuff in the water.

Be persistent with your Dr., if your daughter is suffering too much....I know how it feels not only personally, but to watch my children suffer. There are prescription medications that have helped me deal with it...I like the ointment better then the cream by the way.

Good Luck!

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