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Help with Baby Itch Relief -Eczema

My 3-month old has eczema. The Dr. just told me to put an over the counter eucerin on the affected area but now he's starting to scratch and rub any suggestions for what to do to relieve the itching? Also, how can you tell if it's an allergic reaction that starts the eczema?

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Dear Maya,
I recently went to Hawaii and they said that Noni oil or lotion is good for eczema.
Look it up on the web.
Best of luck

I have a baby with eczema. You need to lubricate his skin all the time. Keep the bath to a minimum. Wash all his clothing with Dye free and perfume free detergent (like Tide-free). I would use Aquaphor ointment on his skin especially cheeks, elbows, knees, and neck 3-4 times every day. He is going to look like an oily baby but it works. I also had to use some otc hydrocortisone ointment 1% on rashy areas. After baths, I would use baby Aveeno lotion on his skin. If you keep his skin hydrated, you will see a difference. Hope it helps.

Ibeji Body Care's HYDRATION THERAPY (www.ibejibodycare.com) has helped my daughter with her exzema, which is basically gone now.

Also, look at potential allergens (detergents, foods etc.) as potential aggravators to the skin.

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Hi Maya, I have 3 kids (10, 4, & 2 1/2 mos.) my 4 year old has had eczema since she was born. And the best thing I could do that helped and still helps today is rubbing her down with baby oil right after a bath when she's still wet. With a 3 month old, he'll probably be pretty slippery so be careful to do this on the changing table or bed. Make sure he is well oiled then clothe him. I personally didn't notice the Eucerin helping. I used the oil and lotion from Arbonne, it seemed to keep her moisturized throughout the day. Only now that she's older do I use a prescription of Triamcinolone,I only use it when she has a flare up and sparingly at that b/c it's a steroid. But as long as you keep him moisturized and try the oil after bath he should get relief.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Maya,

With eczema, make sure your baby wears clothes only made with cotton. Also, not to bundle him up. Wear light clothings. At bath time, use either Aveeno oatmeal powder or Equate oatmeal (WalMart brand). Bathe him in oatmeal and pat him dry. Do not wash his hair with oatmeal. It's difficult to remove. Use Cetaphil lotion. It's less greasy. Dreft is a good liquid detergent to wash his clothes in. Good luck.


My 4 year old has always struggled with eczema. His dermatologist advised us to give frequent, long, soaking baths; then to generously apply a cream (not a lotion) and seal in the moisture on the dry spots with an ointment like Aquaphor. It's helped tremendously!! As long as I'm giving him his baths and the lotion/ointment routine at least every other day...it clears right up. I use Cetaphyl cream which I buy at Costco or Target. And Aquaphor I've never had a problem finding. I've tried sprays and hydrocortizone creams for the itching, but they seemed to irritate or sting. So I've found for us, the long baths and cream routines worked best. Good luck!

My granddaughter has eczema also, after her bath while her skin is still moist I rub her entire body down with Eucerin lotion. It help moisturize her skin so it is less itchy. Also I use 2.0 Hydrocortizon cream that the doctor prescribed, that works wonders on the affected area. Ask your doctor to prescribe some of that. Good Luck. i don't think eczema is from allergies, it is just from dry skin. Try using the lotion after each bath, and try the eucerin soap also.

Hi Maya,
I had eczema throughout my childhood and young adult years. It can have many causes. I am allergic to wool so I cannot use any lotions with lanolin in them. It may also be caused by food allergies. Talking to a Naturopathic doctor may be very helpful. They have the best training for detecting allergies of all kinds and treating them naturally. I know a good doctor who see's patients in Danville. I'm not sure how close that is to you. If that is doable for you please email me at:____@____.com and I will give you her office number.

I am a mother of two. and a home child care provider. if itching try cortozone. if you think it maybe allergic then if you are breastfeeding or formula, at this age the common reaction is to milk or milk by products. formula try changing to soy and if breastfeeding you have no no no dairy products and see if that changes. keep in mind it takes 7-10 days for dairy to be out of your milk supply. don't give up .

I had one daughter with eczema, and I was nursing her. It turned out to be (my) diet related, and was exacerbated by cold/dry weather.
If you are nursing your 3-month old: Try an elimination diet to see what might be triggering the eczema in your child. I would start with eliminating red meat, dairy, sugar and caffeine from your diet. If you want to pinpoint things further, you can try adding these things back in one at a time after you have been off all of them for a while (2 weeks) and see if the symptoms come back. Eat 80% vegetables and 20% meat and whole grains.

I have had eczema all my life. I am now 38 and still suffer from it. According to every Dr. and Dermatologist I have seen, there isn't anything I can do for mine. Some can be treated with results, others, such as mine are hereditary and nothing will make it go away completely. Two of my five children have it, but theirs comes and goes less often then mine. One of mine had it when she was young like yours...eucerin is the best over the counter cream in my opinion. My daughter had it so bad as a baby, it covered her head, her hair fell off in chunks, so the Dr. gave her a low dose liquid form of a steroid to help it...she was born with asthma, so the steroid I think worked two ways for her. If it gets real bad, ask about the liquid form.

I would agree with those that say it's probably an allergy...but because I am allergic (just as my kids) to so many things, it's really not about pin-pointing the allergy all the time. It's now about maintaining the break-out site the best we can. If I avoided everything in life that I am allergic to, I would live in a bubble..and I say this literally. The good thing about eczema is that it doesn't change the quality of life. It's ugly and can become painful...but with the creams/ointments the Dr's give us, they can make it more easy to live with. I have had it pretty much all over my body. Some of the medications are not to be used on the face, so always ask your Dr. first...there are low dose formulas to be used on the face. I had a terrible struggle with it on my eye lids...talk about yuck! We found something that works, but within a day or two, especially this time of year with the spring growth, I can see it wanting to come back in full force.

Dr's always say that eczema doesn't like water...I think at times, that may be my biggest allergy...all the stuff in the water.

Be persistent with your Dr., if your daughter is suffering too much....I know how it feels not only personally, but to watch my children suffer. There are prescription medications that have helped me deal with it...I like the ointment better then the cream by the way.

Good Luck!

My Daughter has had eczema (mild) from day one. Her doctor has always given her Alclometasone Dipropionate Cream, USP, 0.05% (trade name: Fougera). If your doctor won't help you control the eczema, then you need to talk to a dermatologist. I don't know about allergy triggers, but my Daughter's trigger is heat/sweat on the skin.

Hope this helps.

Hi Maya - My 11 month old son also has eczema. What I have read on-line says to moisturize, moisturize, moisterize. They say to put lotion on 4 times/ day. I find this hard to do but I am able to put lotion on twice a day and it is working. I put it on right after his bath (and softly pat his skin dry, don't rub it) and I put it on first thing in the morning when changing him out of his pjs. I am using "Earth Mama Angel Baby" Angel Baby Lotion (www.EarthMamaAngelBaby.com). It's all organic w/ no preservitives. It's safe and GENTLE on baby skin. I would be careful of the OTC lotions - they contain preservatives and chemicals that can irritate baby skin. You can also try pure oils like olive oil to sooth dry skin. Good luck. D.

Dear Maya,
I recently went to Hawaii and they said that Noni oil or lotion is good for eczema.
Look it up on the web.
Best of luck

My nearly 7 month old son also has eczema (patches on his torso and back). I have found that using Aveeno unscented baby lotion helps. I think that the scented stuff kind of aggravates it. I also found a balm bar called "Johnson Soothing Naturals Sooth and Protect Balm", it works great, and he seems to enjoy the way it feels when we apply it. We live in an arid climate so dry skin is a problem, we put lotion on twice a day and only bathe him once a week or so to keep his skin from drying out and becoming irritated. Good luck!

Dear Maya,

My daughter started with eczema when she was about 3 or 4 months old, and it was very stressful. It was other moms who saved me rather than our pediatrician. A mom who had seen a Naturopathic Doctor for her son's eczema advised me to try eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet for a week or two and see whether that made a difference (my daughter was breastfeeding exclusively at the time).

The wheat, in particular, was a problem: once I eliminated it, my daughter's eczema went away completely, but if I ate just a little, she'd have a bit of a rash again the following day. I was able to reintroduce dairy at about 7 months or so, but I kept up with a wheat-free diet until she was weaned at about 20 months. At first I thought I would starve!!, but I learned how to bake and cook with spelt and barley flour instead of wheat. Many people who are affected by wheat can tolerate spelt, which is essentially a more ancient form of wheat. I also learned to read ingredients on cereals and such religiously, since that "toasty oat cereal" might contain "wheat starch" as an ingredient.

If your eating wheat turns out to be causing problems for your baby and you need some information on substitution strategies, feel free to write. My daughter did us all a favor, since we enjoy our pancakes, waffles, cookies, etc. made with whole grain spelt flour far more than we enjoy the refined wheat-flour variety!


Hi Maya,
I have an incredible Baby product-line, with Arbonne International. It is an herbal-botanically based skin care, wellness & color cosmetics line that I think deals especially well with sensitive skin, psoiasis and eczenma issues. I will gladly send you (and anyone else) a sample of the Baby Care line to try. www.sharonfoot.myarbonne.com.

Johnson & Johnson's Soothing Naturals lotion worked wonders for both of my son's eczema problems, even on heavily chapped cheeks. I had tried the Aveeno severe dry skin product for the boys, but it didn't work. I was amazed at the Soothing Naturals!

Some of my kids have had eczema - it sounds like the doctor is starting off with the mildest response to see if it helps. We went that route, too. In the end they had to go with a steroid cream to break the cycle, but your child is so young they don't want to _start_ with steroids at all.

Have you changed laundry detergent?

Are you still nursing?

We never figured out what started it with my little one.

Check with the doctor if hydrocortizone is okay for a 3-month old. You can't do that for very long - it stops the itching, if it's strong enough, but it thins the skin so you can't keep it up.

Hi Maya,
The best product I've found is Pure Baby Eczema Care, they have creams, bath gel, shampoos, etc. It's all natural and it works. My 5 year old has eczema, that started at 3 months old, it was all over her body. We used steroid creams prescribed by her doctor and the OTC hydro cortisone, which works, but it can thin out the skin, so it's not advised to use continuously. You cna use Pure Baby everyday and it heals the skin affected by eczema. Don't bath daily, only 2-3 times a week and if you see that he has broken the skin use a neosporin type of cream, that will heal the sore he created from scratching. Eczema is not caused by any specific allergy, it's heredity. Although, when he gets older his doctor will tell you to limit citrus, tomatoes, and artificial coloring. I also have eczema, but I've managed to keep it under control as I've aged and was given the same advice about diet that my daughter was given.
Good Luck.

Our son now 7 has had exzema since he was a baby. Several things that have worked for us are the Eucerin Aquaphor healing ointment. It is the cosistency of neosporin. However, I don't remember exactly how old he was when we started using it but prescription Elidel works good on the really bad spots. Also, we switched to using Cetaphil soap. The liquid version makes no suds so is hard to see what you have used but the bar type works great and you can buy at Target. You can use on the scalp too. Eczema is related to alleries and although it isn't a reaction to something specific it tends to get worse during allergy season like right about now. The worst spots we see are under the arms, behind the ears and on his belly button. Using lotion right after bath time seems to keep it down and the Eucerin lotion works good for that. I hope you find something that works for you.

Ibeji Body Care's HYDRATION THERAPY (www.ibejibodycare.com) has helped my daughter with her exzema, which is basically gone now.

Also, look at potential allergens (detergents, foods etc.) as potential aggravators to the skin.

I am dealing with eczema for my 6 year old. I stopped going to the regular doctors using "western medicine" for this particular issue. I bring him to a Homeopathic DR (who is an MD). It's not quite under control yet, but when my daughter had it - homeopathy solved it. She doesn't have any problems with it after 14 years! We are still working on what's causing my youngest's eczema. While homeopathy takes longer, the results last longer and are often solved for good. Don't know where you are located, but I have a good homeopathic MD in the Bay Area (California) if you want contact info.

In the meantime, try the Aveeno Oatmeal bath. It's a good soother for a short time. Pat, don't rub, your child dry after the bath.

Hi there,
I had eczema as a child and still get it once in awhile for different reseasons. Mine is usaully caused by an allergy to some soaps/dish detergant etc. and my hands tend to sweat a lot and that irritates it further. My mom took me to so many doctors as a child to find something that would help clear it up. It was actually by accident that we found something. I had gone to my family doctor for something else altogher and my mom happend to say something about it. He gave some samples and they worked great, I can't remember what it was, so I'm sorry I can't help there. But as for the itching, cool compresses helped or an ice pack, frozen vegies etc. With mine, medication didnt really seem to help much with the itching itself.
Sorry I could be a better help.
Try using a different soap or even shampoo. Or even try just warm water and using no soap at all. And this could help to see if it is an allergy to soap. I was allergic and still am to MANY soaps.

Hi, my son has eczema pretty bad at times, and we use liberal amounts of Cetaphil cream type lotion EVERYDAY and especially after baths. Baths should be luke warm, never hot, and only shallow water, maybe covering the legs. Try using Dreft detergent and NO DRYER SHEETS!!! I found these dryer balls that we use they are about the size of a softball with little nobbies on them. It takes out the static and uses no chemicals. We went to the Dr and got a perscription cream for the bad flare ups... a dermatologist, the Dr told us it was ring worm. Keep the skin well moisturized all the time and if you see the little dry spots starting to form use the presciption ointment. good luck

Eczema is an outer manifestion (in the skin) of food allergies. Are you nursing? If so, write a food diary for five days of what you eat and see if there is any correspondence to the flair up of the eczema in your baby.

Hi Maya,

My children have eczema. My son worse than my daughter. Anyway, the only way to keep it at bay is to make sure that your baby's skin is always rubbed with lotion. If it is on her face just keep it clean with a warm cloth and a different wash cloth everytime you wipe her face. If it is really bad use hydrocortizone cream over the counter as often as needed. If it starts to get better than just use lotion but if it doesn't get better take her to the doctor for a stronger cream.

Greetings Maya,

I would agree with those who have responded with using oils (massage in almond oil, or jojoba oil, or totally natural baby lotion) on the scalp - someone also mentioned melaleuca (Tea Tree). I would add that to my massage oil (even x-tra virgin olive oil is great for the skin). I would also try the massage with lavender essential oil, - melaleuca and lavender are both accepted by the most cautious of essential oil users for babies. One drop is enough added to the massage oil - with essential oils, less is more.

If I were using a formula, I would try switching to one that isn't dairy based - something goat-based.

I would not want to use cortizone cream on a baby - at least not without researching the long-term effects - especially on their scalp.


Certified Newborn Massage Instructor
Certified CARE Instructor (CARE- Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education)

My daughter suffers from eczema too and I found the Gentle Naturals eczema cream and wash do wonders! I bought it at target for about $6. It is a green bottle with Winnie the Pooh on it - you can look it up online. I notice when I put it on her at night - by morning the redness is gone. Good luck!!

I have a baby with eczema. You need to lubricate his skin all the time. Keep the bath to a minimum. Wash all his clothing with Dye free and perfume free detergent (like Tide-free). I would use Aquaphor ointment on his skin especially cheeks, elbows, knees, and neck 3-4 times every day. He is going to look like an oily baby but it works. I also had to use some otc hydrocortisone ointment 1% on rashy areas. After baths, I would use baby Aveeno lotion on his skin. If you keep his skin hydrated, you will see a difference. Hope it helps.

Hi Maya:
My name is R.. Eczema is certainly a very uncomfortable condition for a baby, kid and adults. My daughter has it and I use Arbonne products on her. This are products that are Swiss formulated, they are botanical-based and have no mineral oil! (that's very important) and no animal byproducts in them. I also rep this line and use all of their products on myself and my family. Please go to my website at www.cooperstein.myarbonne.com or email me directly at ____@____.com phone number is ###-###-####. I am happy to give you all the information on this very effective products.
All the best,

My daughter (who is 2) also has eczema. We use Aquaphor- it is also made by Eucerin and has been a huge relief for her. It has been a great alternative to using a steriod cream that was prescribed for her for when her break outs get really bad. We have also found that pool water (with the chlorine) really helps. I am still hoping that my daughter will grow out of it!

Maya, you really should try Arbonne's Baby Care Line. My daughter had eczema that itched horribly! We tried this and it really, really helped! Let me know if you want to know more.

My second daughter had baby eczema, and I tried the over the counter Eucerin, and another one (Can't remember the name), but it never worked for her. I was introduced to the baby wash and lotion from Arbonne, and it cleared it up in three days. I think the over the counter lotion was just covering up the dry spots, but the all natural, botanical products from Arbonne were actually working to moisturize and heal it. My daughter is four years old now, and I still use the baby wash and lotion on her. If we switch to a different soap, the dry spots will come back. I'd love to get you some of these products - I can't say enough great things about them. You can email me at ____@____.com for more information. Hope this helps.

-K. Mattoch

I'm really surprised how few people talked about food allergies . . . a big part of eczema. If you are breast-feeding, be very cautious about dairy products. Probably hard to stay away from completely but often the culprit. If you're not breastfeeding, maybe you need to change formulas. Good Luck.

Hi Maya,
This is going to sound crazy, but the allergist told me this years ago and it has always worked. When my son SHOWERS, no baths, he uses Dove all natural, no scented soap. Then, and this is the crazy part, when he gets out of the shower, while his skin is still damp I slather him from head to toe in Crisco shortening! I thought the woman was a quack when she told me to do this. I had tried everything without any luck, so I was pretty desperate when I agreed to this one. Amazing enough, the shortening does not smell bad once it is rubbed into the skin, nor has it ever stained any of his clothes or pajamas from the grease it contains. Best of all its dirt cheap, unlike most products that are on the market today.
Another thing that helped my son, this one is weird too, if he had a really bad flare up during the summer, I'd throw him in a very heavily chlorinated pool to swim. Somehow all that chlorine would clear up the eczema.
One more thing, I haven't tried this one personally, but know that their other products are FABULOUS!!!!! is the Arbonne line. They have some pretty incredible products for everyone's skin! I believe I do remember my rep telling me about an awesome product they had specifically for eczema. Good luck


My little girl has had eczema since she was born. The best treatment is applying generous amounts of Aquaphor (over the counter cream) several times a day. It worked for her when no other medication or cream including Eucerin would work.

They get itchy because their skin gets very dry. If it works for your baby, you can buy big jars of it at Costco ($12-$13).


My daughter had HORRIBLE eczema starting at that same age and now it's almost gone, she is 3.5 years old.... but for a long time NOTHING helped her, except eliminating all the foods that would cause her outbreaks. There are two kinds of eczemas, environmental and food related. Hopefully your baby has the first one, as that one is much easier to figure out. If none of the suggestions with creams work, feel free to email me.
I would suggest starting probiotics now, you can buy stuff specifically made for infants. Whole Foods carries it.

My 2 years old girl goes crazy itching all over the body. Took her to the dr few times. Got rx for itch cream and Benadryl its not working for a month Wondering why?

My girls all had it really bad as babies and nothing worked except for a product called My Mamas Love. Its an all natural remedy but it did the trick even when prescription lotions didn't work.

my friend that grew up with severe eczema recomended oatmeal baths. and i found green clay applied like mud and left to dry before washing off to be helpful. i know grain alergies are often itchy, and alot of us have it. that is all i know. hope it helps.

Study nutrition. Your own, included. You may think a babies nutrition needs are so basic, but they start with your own, from when you were pregnant. Her body ecology is off balance. One book I am living by is The Body Ecology Diet 9th Edition, by Donna Gates. She talks about babies body ecology and how you can fix it.

Maya, email me directly and I'll give you a site to check out with some wonderful natural products for you and your baby!


I have used hydrocordisone when my son has had it bad and it clears it up instantly over night. You can also try using Arbonne's baby line for dry skin. The lotion is awesome. I use to sell Arbonne and sold the baby line a lot for people with eczema.

Hi Maya,

My son had eczema when he was a baby too. It was bad on his neck. I put cortizone 10 on it. It didn't help because it was not strong enough so the doc recommended a higher dose in cortizone. Try that. Then after you rub in the cortizone put the eurerin CREAM on. I will keep it from drying. Also try to keep the affected area aired out and fresh. It was really hard with my boy because It was on his neck, but the cortizone really helped. So, ask for a prescription. It is also very good to have on hand for spider bites and other little things. Good Luck.

Arbonne Baby products are awesome for eczema, I have free samples if you would like to try it.

I have used A&D ointment on my baby's eczema. We use it all over his body and usually just at night (however if bad we use morning and night).

Although my girl is 11 years old, we just had a similar episode. We tried all the over the counter creams. including Benadryl, none worked. Lastly we got Amlactin AP (anti-pruritic) finally it seems that her rash is improving. With a baby so young I will talk to my pediatrician first. This cream is not only for the itchiness but also a very good moisturizer, it's got 12% lactid acid and some others alpha Hydroxy acids. We also have our nephew, now almost 3 years, that always had extremely sensitive skin and eczema. His pediatrician recommended always to use a non-detergent mild soap (Eucerin carries them), and a bunch of other creams (medicated). He even is scratching really bad on family portaits, you can tell... maybe right now it's a little better, but he's used to scratch. Good luck and let me know Rocy W

My son has had eczema since he was a baby -- he is now 3 yrs old. I have found two creams that work well, for him. Eucerin Original Cream and Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream. I stay away from anything with perfumes and dyes. Also, Omega3 can help a little too.

His Dr. has told me since day one the eczema is part of the "allergy march"; eczema, asthma, and then allergies. He has not been diagnosed with asthma YET, but we just learned he is allergic to cats (we have two of them).

Anyway, I dont' mean to paint a bleak picture. Maybe you're little guy will grow out of it or it will be fairly mild. I do a really good job managing my son's eczema with little effort. He has a bath daily followed by cream from head to toe.

You will learn what works best for him by trial and error. But what I can say for certain is stay away from perfumes, chemicals and dyes. They really can aggravate the skin.

My son also has eczema since he was little. It took us a year to figure out he was allergic to Robotussin. His outbreaks were worse in the winter. We were given creams (has steroids) that I didn't like giving, told to use certain soaps and keep lots of lotion on him. I have found that when I changed his soap to Melaluca (can get online at Melaluca.com) and their Renew lotion he did a lot better. I have a friend that says her eczema is more itchy if she gets to warm. Just some suggestions.


My son also has eczema and we use cetephil cream on him. When his is extra itchy we use hydrocortizone 2% cream.

Hope that helps!

hey, I work in a phamacy. The best thing is aveeno. They also make some homeopathic anti eczema bath wash and lotion and stuff. It is usually in the baby section. Hope you get it figured out.

I'm not sure if this has been stated, but California Baby has a fantastic cream that is all natural for eczema. I believe it is called Calendula Cream (not sure exactly) but it says it on the tube. It works great and is very gentle.

Good luck

Both of my daughters had it. My Doctor told me to use Crisco because they were always putting their hands in their mouths. Plus they are twins and one was always sucking/kissing on the other one! It cleared up about one, it reappears occasionally.
Take care~ S.

I also have a child with eczema. I found that Aquaphor works better than the other OTC ointments. I also only use cetaphil cleanser on my son. It is non-soap based and will not dry out the skin. I love my pediatrician, but after months of him telling me to use an OTC product to control the itching and outbreaks, and nothing seeming to work, I finally asked for a referral to a dermatologist. The dermatologist was much more experienced with different types of eczema and was able to prescribe a regimen for my child that helped control his outbreaks much better that what the pediatrician was recommending. Also, if the symptoms do not improve after a few visits with the dermatologist, you may consider asking for a referral to an allergist. Since the products that I am using on my son seem to simply control the existing eczema symptoms, but do not seem to prevent the outbreaks, I am still going to ask for a referral to an allergist to try to get to the bottom of what is actually causing the outbreaks. I hope that it will be something that your child outgrows. Mine is now 7 and has been dealing with the miserable itching since he was 3.

My son HAD eczema..yes HAD. He is only 23 months now but it was a HUGE problem until he was about a year. Aveno Baby Lotion for dry skin/eczema is what saved his beautiful skin. I tried Eucerin and it did not work!! I don't know why doctors swear it works when it doesn't. I still put the lotion on him everyday even though he hasn't had any problems for awhile, it also just keeps his skin REALLY soft. I even started using it for me. It's great!!


Hi First Time Mom,
I know I suffer from eczema and have received tremendous relief from the Soothe Line from Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. (Creators of Proactiv) World leading Top Dermatologists – from San Francisco.
The Soothe line has four products that helps to restore the lipid barrier on the skin that gets compromised, thus creating eczema and other skin conditions that can become itchy, red and inflammed.
My girlfriends little girl (2 years old) suffered from eczema to the point it bled. The Doctors prescribed many things and they never worked. She was besides herself, since her daughter was miserable always scratching and scarring her skin.
I told her about my success with the Soothe line and how it helped me with my eczema. Since her daughter was only 2 she called her Doctor... and was given the go ahead to try it. Her condition improved immediately. So no longer suffered from the itching and bleeding... her red patches all over her body started to heal... she has had dramatic results! And created a happier child in the process!
She took before and after pictures... I should see if I could get them for you to see.
Upon initial application of the Soothe facial cream you will notice the itching stops and it helps with the redness and over time it heals and strengthens the skin. They also have an "As needed lotion" my favorite item... which has 1% hydrocortisone. I don't think it would be appropriate for an infant.
However, I'd look into trying the Soothe Facial Cream, it is soothing and calms the skin instantly. Do a little patch test. Always check with your Doctor first. Keep in mind eczema is usually worse in winter and is something your little one may battle all his life. What’s great about this Soothe product it helps strengthen and heal the skin.
If you want more information go online at:

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Let me know if you have any questions.

My mother was born with eczema. She also had asthma. Are you breast feeding?

I think it could very well be allergy related. There are natural anti-itch ointments. Seek the help of a naturopath.

Hello Maya,

My daughter, who is now 21 mos, had eczema also. Have you tried Gentle Naturals, it has baby pooh and piglet on it. You can get it at Target in the diaper section. They have a body wash and lotion. It worked great for my daughter. I wish they would have had his when my 14yr old was a baby, we had to get perscription medicine for her and she has grown out of it. Goog luck.

M. L., mother of (1) 16yr old boy and 3 girls (14, 12 & 21 mos)

Hi Maya,
I have a home based business with a superior skin care products and an awesome baby line that has helped my babies with eczema. The Arbonne ABC's products provide intense moisture and assist the skin's ability to retain moisture. They are botanical based products that are proven pure, safe and beneficial. Please check out my web site and let me know if you are interested in me getting some samples to you. I have lots of referrals from moms use them and will testify what a difference it made with their little one. deanneperko.myarbonne.com

Ellidel worked great for my oldest, as well as Dead Sea Salt soap/soak. With the soak, you just put it in their bath...it's been great! I'm an Esthetician, so I've tried everything out there!

Try AQUAPHOR or Cetaphil (fragrance free for sensitive skin) Use only baby detergent Dreft. The allergy free detergents can still be too harsh on a childs skin. Don't use any powders, oils, or soaps with fragrance. If you are breastfeeding, I would not eat peanuts or any exotic nuts, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc and certain candies/cookies. I would avoid Hershey's products, Mother's Products or any sweet food that has exotic oils or nuts. I would eat as healthy as possible and drink lots of water. No carbonated or artificial sweet drinks. Again this is if you are breastfeeding.

I have had eczema most of my life and certain foods do trigger a rash. I try to stay away from foods that are overly processed, too many preservativese etc, as I develop a rash after eating them. But the most common irritants are nuts, and citrus. Good Luck, hopefully your baby will outgrow the ezcema.

My son has eczema since he was 3 months old too. He's now 18 months. He has it on his face, arms, wrist and legs. It was pretty bad. He would scrape up his face til it bleeds. We saw a pediatric dermatologist and tried many over the counter stuff, but no luck. Then someone told us to try "Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream" and it helped. The pediatric dermatologist was amazing that it worked. Good luck and hope your little find something that will work.

I'm a mom of a 27 month old boy who was diagnosed with food allergies at age 6 months (we figured it out from his eczema and also he would rub his nose a lot after nursing). Are you nursing? If so, anything you eat goes through your breastmilk, so you could try cutting some of the 8 most common allergens out of your diet to see if it helps (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, and wheat, if I'm remembering correctly). If he's formula fed, it's a little easier, you could get a hypo-allergenic formula to try and see if the problem gets better. But to be absolutely sure, you could take him to an allergist and have him tested. At his age, they would probably draw blood and test it, rather than doing a skin test.
Meanwhile, to help the itching, you could see if the doctor would let you use a mild over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, or if an oral antihistamine could be given (benadryl or something prescription). Also, we found that keeping a light layer of clothing on helped, as any skin open to the air seemed either itchier or maybe just easier to scratch. Once infants get in the habit of scratching, it is hard to break. You can help him by stopping him if he scratches and try rubbing the area gently to help a little with the itching without aggravating the skin further, which just seems to make it itch more. Sometimes an ice pack applied over the clothing can help, as heat will make the itching worse. And at night we would put socks on our sons hands to keep him from hurting himself by scratching while sleeping. Finally, keep those nails trimmed as much as possible.
You sound like you are on-the-ball, to notice his discomfort, so good for you! Keep up the good work.

Eczema can be from a food allergy. If you're breastfeeding it could be something you are eating. If he's on formula, he might be allergic to something in it. I've suggested Baby Bees Skin creme to a friend of mine who's son had severe eczema and it helped a lot! No lotion or prescription worked for this 1 1/2 y/o who suffered with eczema since he was 3 months old. It stopped him from scratching his face and body b/c it moisturized the itchy patches. It gives the skin time to heal. Baby Bees is a product line from Burt's Bees. I suffered from eczema during pregnancy and had a reaction even after due to a new food allergy. But I tried the skin creme and it worked for me too! But I also kept a note of what I ate that caused me to itch. I took the food out of my diet and now the eczema is gone. So if all else fails, try baby bee skin creme. You can find it at Molly Stones Supermarket or online (drugstore.com has tons of reviews on this product which worked for so many babies with eczema). Two other good products are Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion and aveeno soothing creamy baby wash. They helped as well. Good luck with your baby!

they have benedryl creme and anti itching creme otc too. All my kids have eczema, as do i. Eucerin is probably the best lotion for it (or so i've been told by at least two separate dermatologists). Also you could try calimine lotion. They make it in clear now too.

also DOVE soap, unscented and no dyes. Totally perfect for eczema skin. Has lotion in it and doesn't dry out the skin like other soaps.

if you're not using the eucerin calming creme than i would suggest that. also aveeno bath worked for my kids.

Cortizone 10 works great on my little guy. He gets eczema rash on his face. He's 2 now, but he's had it off and on since he was small like your little one. I've tried the Eucerin as well, but it has not been effective.

I've heard that it can be triggered by an allergic reaction. My son seems to get it more when he plays outside.

I would start with eliminating dairy from his diet or yours if your breastfeeding. That worked for my kids. I also use pure organic coconut oil and they have soft eczema free skin. I would caution you from using harsh chemicals on such a little baby (or any child for that matter!).

Good Luck!

California Baby Calendula Cream. I swear by it. Next to steroid creams (yuck), it's the best thing.

My son, now 12 years old, has eczema/very dry red skin that flares up on his wrists... I was told to use something similar when he was much younger. It stung and he would cry lots. On a whim I tried Baby Calendula cream from Weleda(I can only get it at the Natural foods store or online) It was a amazing! It vanished within a day... was much more effective than the medicated cream and does not sting. Anyway, it still works after all these years. Might be worth a try.


My almost 4 year old son has had eczema as well. I know several of the other people have shared the products that they use and sell, but I thought that I would share the one that worked for my son. Everything else I tried never cleared it up completely, just took the itch away. I found Monavie (a nutritional beverage that provides 13 servings of fruits and vegetables for your day by drinking 2 oz. in the morning and 2 oz. in the evening) through a girlfriend of mine. After my sister in law had really great success with her eczema when drinking it, I had to try it for my son. Nothing else was helping him completely, but within only a few days, his eczema rash had gone away. I think just by getting the proper nutrients in his body, it helped his body to heal itself. He still drinks it everyday and I have found that if he goes too long without it, his eczema flares up again. It isn't a cure, but I know as long as he drinks his Monavie, he is eczema free. He swears by it as well and reminds me every night that he needs his Monavie. He loves it and drinks it like it's candy :)

Hi there! Both my kids have had exczema since infancy, and the only real reflief they get is by the use of Ellidel (sp?) cream for mild breakouts, and Triamcinolone .25% cream for more severe cases. Both are prescriptions from their pediatrition, and work wonderfully. Hope this helps :)

I agree with Jen L. My sons eczema was uncontrollable & nothing really worked. I ended up getting a prescription cream, Triamcinolone. It was the best for my son. But you'd have to check with your doctor. I'm not sure if certain if it's ok to use on one so little.

My 16-month old has struggled with eczema and the best thing for him has been switching to a free laundry detergent ( no perfumes or dyes ) and also using the Dove Sensative Skin ( no perfumes or dyes ) Body Wash. If he is really itching I will use a Anti-itch cream but for everyday I just use a thick lotion with vitamin E. The Laundry detergent and body wash have made the biggest difference, he has not had a breakout on his face since we made that change.

Hi Maya,
I noticed with my son that corn seemed to flare up little patches of eczema. It took a while to figure it out, but we went on a road trip and to keep him occupied I was giving him lots of corn puffs and over the course of the week he developed it all over his body. I realized that the amount ofcorn was really the only difference in his diet. I stopped the corn and with in a few days the eczema was clearing up. He was 10 months then. I did not feed him corn for a while but he seems to not have such a problem with it now and he is three. I also don't feed him that much now either. The best thing you can do is keep a food diary of what you feed your baby and see if you can see any correlation in flare ups and things he has eaten that day or the day or two before.
Corn, wheat and dairy can all be suspects. I just used diaper cream on the patches to calm them until I found out what was causing them. It worked well and was cheaper than a prescription. There are also creams in the health food store that are effective for eczema, but milder than the prescriptions, but like I said diaper cream, especially a zinc based one worked really well for my son.

OK my 4 month old son has bad eczama too. I clean him with Cetaphil and my derm told me 1% cortizone is the best. It has helped so much. All the other lotions did nothing. Clip his fingernails often and give him the shirts with the sleeves over his hands otherwise he will scrape up his face! I heard its worse in the winter months and can peak when he is 6 months.

My 4th child has eczema and how I have been able to control it is to only wash his clothes with baby detergent.
After every bath I put aquaphor all over his body. When he was an infant I would do this a few times a day. It is oily but the most effective. Do NOT use lotions with any perfumes even if you think your baby is better as it will flare up (found that one out by error) I have my sons hair like a buzz cut and aquaphor is the best holding gel ever, LOL! They tend to just have drier skin and you have to keep them moistened at all times. Good luck

I work in dermatology...I see this A LOT...go to your local walgreens or CVS pharmacy and get something called CEREVE CREAM and CEREVE soap free cleanser...this soapfree cleanser is hydrating and GENTLE it is GREAT...the CEREVE CREAM is also FAB!! I use it on my 3 kids faithfully so their Eczema does not break out...My son has BAD eczema and has NOT had to use his steroid creams in aBout a year all because of this stuff...
PS use the cleanser at bath time...NO other soaps
and the CREAM 3-5 times per day until you gain control then 1-2 times to mantaine (sp?)...GOOD LUCK

My son had trouble with his skin also. It seemed that certain foods would cause his skin to break out more--the doctor said that allergies and exzema go hand in hand and since I have both he inherited it too. We tried several things and nothing worked. I had to stop drinking milk which helped a bit since he was nursing. Then I had a friend give me some lotion and body wash from Arbonne which worked wonders. It's an all natural product and as long as we didn't use Johnson, Aveno, or any other brand we were good. He is now 14 months old and his skin is cleared up. If you want to purchase the Arbonne products I know a consultant in the Sacramento area that can get it for you--the price is not outrageous either which makes it even better. Hope you find something that works for you.

My baby had the same problem. I switched baby wash, from a scented baby wash to the regular johnson and johnson wash. I also started to lotion my baby with cetaphil which helped a lot.

go to a pediatric dermatologist... all of these anecdotally stories are great but if your little one is 3 months and has atopic dermatitis/eczema than you really need to understand what it is... and effective treatments that are appropriate for your kid.... eczema is chronic... you may be dealing with it for years and eczema can be debilitating for kids because the itch aside from being miserable can interrupt their sleep hence their mood, development, etc... it isn't rocket science but derms treat eczema with a certain finesse that is lacking in non derms... best of luck.

I love using shea butter- the real stuff, you can get it on Amazon I have a huge tub of it, I've used it on my daughter and myself when I was pregnant. It is very firm so I microwave it for a few seconds to soften it. I found that for my daughter and I we are extremely allergic to the chemicals in soaps, regular hand soap and clothing detergents. I started using Dr. Bonner's peppermint and tea tree soaps and that helped a great deal, I also use less of the soap when her skin seems to be a little on the dry side. As for clothing detergent I use about half the recommended amount for my laundry and I use All Free and Clear and that has helped enormously. When all else fails a good oatmeal bath like the ones they use for kids with chicken pox might help. (It's a pain to clean though). Hope that helps!

my 14 month old has had severe eczema since he was born. you name it we have tried it! aside from steriod creams, the best over the counter cream had been "CeraVe" moisturizing cream get the one in the jar- apply it while still wet after bath and at every diaper change. it has really done wonders.

Stay with the eucerin - it may appear worse before it gets better. I've had eczema my whole life and it's triggered by food and other allergies, changes in weather, and stress. Sometimes exercise can aggrevate it. They say that its an autoimmune response, mine gets better when avoid hot showers and foods I know that I'm allergic too. Little kids mostly outgrow this - Mine did.

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