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"Help What Do I Pack My Son for Lunch Everyday

My son is 5 and beginning Kindergarten and I don't know what to pack/fix for his lunch box. He loved fruit and the dole fruit cups. He likes the lunchables but will not eat every item. Like he eats the meat and cheese and will not eat the crackers, or sometimes he only eats the meat. What do mother pacj in school lunches.

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Okay. The verdict is in. I made my son lunch for the first two days. He ate all of the lunch. You guys had great ideas. Thanks so much. I went to Walmart and got the sectioned plastic dish from the baby section and a couple of airtight bowls. .$99 a piece, wow, my price. I bought 3 plates and 2 bowls. I sent him to school with goldfish, sliced grapes and three drummettes the first day and a snack. He ate it all. i asked him what he wanted the second day: strawberries, goldfish and chuncks of cooked turkey. He ate it all. When i asked him how lunch was going he said that he did not want to take his lunch anymore. I asked him why and he told me that it was because "I can eat in the cafeteria with the other children., They have enough food for me to eat too." I roared. He thought I was letting him take lunchbecause there was not enough food. Anyway, today I am sending, the money for him to have breakfast and lunch at school. He gets a snack with hi spaid lunch. All the stressing for nothing. When he asks for a lunch I will pack it and when he doesn't want a packed lunch he will be able to get lunch with the rest of the kids. I really appreicated all of the great ideas and want tothank everyone. I got some great ideas that I can use for the future.

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My daughter is not a picky eater, however to make lunch fun at school this it what I do. The night before we work on putting her lunch together. She loves ham, sweet pickles, and cheese. We cut up all of the items into chunks. For bread I let her pick out a cookie cutter and then cut the bread to that shape. Then I add a tooth pick or a fork to use to eat with. She likes to have the tooth picks the most. Its as if she is eating a fancy meal. There are times she will take peanut butter and jelly for lunch. We also cut them up in small shapes also. She like my very small flower and star shapes the best. I also pack cottage cheese and fruit. I put those in the same bowl one on each side. As for the fruit cups I open those at home and put them in another container. They are very messing when opening them at school. Have fun, and I hope this helps you.

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My kids would only eat mesquete smoked turkey sandwiches! I added fruit, a juice box and maybe chips to it. The other thing they liked was quesadillas. I would make enough on Sunday for several days the following week. Too make them I took small flour tortillas with a small amount of margarine on one side, put that side down on a cookie sheet and cover with grated cheese, top with another tortilla (buttered side up). Bake in a 325 degree oven until cheese melts and tortillas are slightly crisp. When they cool cut each into 6 wedges and refrigerate. A package of flour tortillas makes about 6 quesadillas I would give them 4 - 6 pieces, salsa, and fruit for a lunch they loved. They make great snacks too. Buy the disposable portion containers and lids at Sam's for the salsa and other lunch box items. The 2 oz size is great for dips, canned fruit or leftovers. Enjoy!

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hi G.. i pack my daughter's lunch everyday, she is going into the 1st grade. i love to pack her lunch because i feel like i send a little part of me with her to school plus i know she gets healthy servings of 'most' of the food groups. i purchased, at wal-mart, a lunch set from rubbermaid. there is a sandwich box and several other smaller containers that fit neatly into her insulated lunch carrier. here is the basic list of things i send with her, any combination works.

1. bread~~ritz or club crackers (6), pretzels, goldfish crackers, bread, occassionally cheetos or doritos.

2. meat~~sliced ham, turkey, drained tuna plain, cottage cheese, string cheese, peanut butter, grilled chicken.

3. fruit~~she doesn't eat vegies, something we are working on, i love the little fruit cups too, also peeled and sliced apples, grapes, i don't put bananas in there, they get yucky too quickly. and applesauce cups work well.

then she gets milk served by the school.

in my experience with her, she eats 'prepared' food much better, meaning, she would do the same with the lunchable, but if i slice and dice everything she seems to eat more. i even open and drain the fruit cups and put them in one of the little containers otherwise the cups come home unopened. plus lunchables are expensive.

i hope this helps, it seems pretty simple when her lunch contains pretzels, a cheese stick, and cup of mandarin oranges, but that is an appropriate meal for a child her age and sustains her until she gets home. if only i could feed myself as well...lol....best of luck....get the containers, they have latches that click down on all 4 sides and never leak, even when i send tuna, she loves it!

don't forget little love notes sometimes and i put a sweet treat such as a few m&m's or a mini kit kat in there, not everyday, just for a treat, i told her the fruit is dessert :-)

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Hi G.

I work in a local school as a cafeteria monitor so I see what kids bring everyday. You could do celery with peanut butter and choc chips on it.
Kids love wraps. You could use chicken or Turkey
Another favorite is leftovers from the evening before.
You could always suprise him and drop in for lunch with him and bring him his favorite. I know we have parents do it and the kids just love it. Just don't forget to send him a note from you in his lunch. They eat that up too.

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Oh, Lordy! I hated those days..... Lunch boxes!

From what I saw -- you'll not going to find anything wthat a child will eat everything from. We did a lot of lunchables -- if only eats the meat and/or cheese, then I would just buy those separately rather than spending for the "contained" lunch -- fruit cups, NO chocolate (it can make some children hyper) -- so cookies, sometimes puddings, which he adored and provided milk! Go on-line and I'm sure there's abuot a thousand things.

My only suggestions:

Don't buy an expensive lunch bag -- you'll go through several as they tend to get "lost". Thinking back, so did several pairs of eyeglasses!

I would freeze the drinks and then use those as ice packs for the lunch. They would usually be thawed by the time lunch was.

Good luck -- now my son fixes his own lunches and sometimes mine, when he's home! He's much, much older!

Kindergarten -- HOW EXCITING!


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Think NUTRITION and then fun! Kids usually enjoy sandwiches. Try peanut butter because it's packed with protein! And raisins for a treat, great source of fruit! Nuts for additional protein, finger snack and fun to eat! How about carrot sticks with real cheese chunks (cheddar you cut into chunks) and any other fruit he enjoys and will eat. If crackers don't work for him, give him a roll with his cold lunch meat. What did you eat as a kid? and why not some left overs from the previous night's dinner? a piece of left over chicken, salad, bread, fruit. Juice with no added sugar. The less sugar you put in that lunchbox, the better your child will be in his learning enviroment.

good luck and have fun with this. it's not a chore, nor is it as difficult as you may be feeling it to be. Your child will eat what he wants during the lunch hour and will leave what he doesn't want at that moment. With no supervision pushing him to eat everything, he is left to his own descrepencies. You can always give him the remainder of the lunch box as an afterschool snack! That way you have nothing wasted. AND he will learn to eat everything during lunch hour, if he's left feeling a bit hungry later in the day, after haveing left certain items in his box. You can trust he will not starve!


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Here are some ideas that work for my kids:
- pasta salad (no mayo) - a big hit with my kids!
- those pre-made frozen PB+J sandwiches - they like them because they are pre-made; you can make your own with a big, round cutter
- veggies + ranch dip
- string cheese and a few slices of salami

I would also try to pack some kind of chip or cracker (teddy grahams, goldfish, or the small chip bags), and fruit,

I also have used lunchables but my kids won't eat the whole thing either - some days they do, some days not. My son does love the one that comes with chicken nuggets or chips & salsa.

Good luck!!

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My oldest was SOOO picky! We'd have the deli cut 1 slice of ham about 1/3 inch thick and cut squares, I'd cut cheese squares and add crackers that she liked, and of course she'd eat her weight in grapes and srtawberries.

I'd wash all the fruit, pull off stems, etc. and cut all the cheese and ham (sometimes hard salami or smoked turkey) over the weekend and it'd be ready to just throw into a sectioned container. I'm all about organic or natural, so her crackers were whole grain and the ham was no additives- nitrates/nitrites (which is linked to exacerbating ADHD) It was much healthier than a lunchable, and she got to choose which cheese or meat she wanted that time.

Try baby carrots or grape tomatoes and even celery sticks if he's willing..my second child likes veggies too.

Mine kinda liked their lunch to look like a plate you'd put together at a party, the little stinkers!
Good luck, and you and your son will find your own routine soon enough.

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I think you'll be surprised what he'll eat. He will be hungry. I am a first grade teacher, and they tend to eat a lot more than mom thinks they will. There are all kinds of pre-packaged,healthy things now. If he will eat grapes or sliced apples, pack those. Most kids will eat things that are dipped in some kind of sauce like ranch dip or ketchup. Good luck!

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