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Ideas for Healthy School Lunch

I was looking for some good ideas for my preschoolers lunch. She says she is tired of sandwiches. She wants thosde lunchables but they are so full of unhealthy choice. any ideas for healthy easy things to give her.

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I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you. It is amazing how many ideas you all gave me. What creative women you all are and thank you for taking the time to share. This site has been amazing for me. Again thanks!

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hi A., I sent lunchables with my daycare child who was in kendrgarden, and the school was very pleased with his lunches. J. L.

Have you tried making wraps out of whole grain tortillas? My daughter thinks it neat. Pita's are a good substitute too. I have done whole wheat crackers with lunch meat and cheese slices. Home made lunchables! Sometimes just a small container of pasta salad. How about fruit and veggies kabobs? or even cheese and meat chunks?

Get out the cookie cutters! Cut her sandwiches in new shapes or try different flavors of jam. Or try putting peanut butter on a tortilla and rolling it up with a banana or make her sandwich on pita bread. Kids love to dip, so try sending along some dressing that she can dip carrots or celery in.

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I asked this question a while ago, and got great reponses. Here is a link to them:
Good luck

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Make your own lunchables! Get little cookie cutters and cut out bread, cheese and meat or include crackers instead of bread. There are so many healthy choices out there right now. Cliff makes a new fruit rope (one = 1 serving of fruit) they are at Costco. Dr. Sears just came out with Popums - a great healthy and yummy snack, you can find them at Henry's.
Make pasta and sprinkle parm. cheese on it (does not need to be heated up). Veggies with dip (hummus dip if she likes it). Chicken or tuna salad and crackers. I could go on but kids need to go to bed!

Get creative and have fun! A good site I came across at one time is www.laptoplunches.com , lots of good ideas there.

Best wishes!

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I was having the same problem. My daughter wouldn't eat sandwiches at all. Her favorite new thing is a bowl of healthy cereal and milk. She gets to pour the milk onto the cereal at lunch time. She always eats it all. Sometimes I pack her a bagel and some cream cheese with a little kiddie knife and she can spread the cream cheese onto the bagel. Other times, I pack her a home-made lunchable with ham, cheese and whole grain crackers. And finally, sometimes it's leftovers like pasta or pizza or soup. Her school will warm things up. Good luck!

Hi, A.. This is a fairly easy thing if your daughter is an adventurous eater but it's difficult if she's picky (I have a picky kid and an adventurous one so I'm still trying to find magic sack-lunch solutions for the picky one, too)! My kids will eat: grapes, cheese sticks (or to save money sometimes I buy a big 2-lb block of cheese at Costco and cut it into sticks or thick slices myself): hard-boiled eggs (I peel them then wrap them in plastic wrap); prepackaged fruit cups (buy on sale and also watch the sugar content); turkey or ham with or without cheese but wrapped in a tortilla (wrap in plastic) rather than in a sandwich, this might be enough of a change for her. My kids will also eat raw nuts (bought in the bulk section at Winco to save $$); granola/protein bars (read labels to get high protein and relatively low sugar); whole-wheat crackers (with or without peanut butter -- my husband makes them a bunch of tiny little peanut butter "sandwiches" on crackers). Things I WISH my kids would eat in their sack lunches: whole raw fruits such as bananas, apples or nectarines; cups of tuna or chicken salad; chunks of grilled chicken leftover from dinner; baby carrots. Try any of those and see what she likes. Good for you for resisting those prepackaged lunchables. They are expensive and have very little nutrition! Better that she never gets accustomed to them. Good luck. ... Oh, wait, two more things my kids have happily eaten for lunches: tortellini (no sauce) left over from dinner, and also chunks of watermelon (I packed them in a baggie and gave them a plastic fork to eat them with ... re-using a Tupperware container would be better but they tend to lose these items so for now we are stuck with disposable things).

hi A., I sent lunchables with my daycare child who was in kendrgarden, and the school was very pleased with his lunches. J. L.

Wait a minute! Is this the same kid you posted the "afraid to eat" question about? Seems like we are getting mixed messages here. If she will eat Lunchables, she can't be too afraid to eat. Sounds like the eating problem is with you more than with her. Stop fighting with her about food and I'm guessing the problem will magically go away.

About school lunches. My son has never liked sandwiches either, so we go with finger food most of the time. Cheddar cheese slices, strips of chicken breast or turkey, bean and cheese quesadillas (he loves those and does not care that they are cold by lunchtime)... Veggie slices and dip. Crackers and hummus. Cubes of melon, or sliced fruit. We often get creative and his lunches do not look like other kid's lunches but he doesn't care.

Hi A.-

I have a 12year old who is extremely picky (sorry!) and what I give is peanut butter & celery, peanut butter saltines crackers, & yogurt.

I'm looking forward to going on the sites that previous mom's have mentioned.

Good Luck!

My kids like me to Roll-up the turkey meat and place in a sandwich bag.

Make turkey salad from the can, the white meat packed in water.. mix with a little mayo, mustard and pickle relish... spread on wheat crackers or bread

Freeze the Go-Gurt. By the lunch time, it will be cold and thawed.

Mini pancakes... warm the frozen ones, place in foil and serve with an applesauce cup.

Chicken Nuggets.... warm, place in foil

Hot dogs.... warm in microwave in bun... place in foil

Get a small kid size thermos bowl (Target $6) Serve spaghettios, ravioli, chunky noodle soup....

happy eating,

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