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Help, Toddler Keeps Getting Ear Infections!

My son is 21months old and is on his 8th ear infection, this time in both ears! He's been having ear infections since 5 months old and was even breastfed! (I always heard breastfed babies did not get ear infections)
He has been prescribed antibotics each time and they always seem to clear up but my husband and I would rather him not take anymore antibotics! It just seems to be a lot of medicine! Any natural methods or has anyone had success/failure with tubes? Thanks!

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J. -

I would recommend a chiropractor that deals with children. They are wonderful. I take my 4 month old to one for her colic and he took care of it whith in a few weeks of adjustments. My chiropractor has many children coming to him for ear infections. If and when my little one develops ear infesctioins,I will definately be taking her to him over the regular doctor who will perscribe antibiotics.

I would try cutting him off dairy. This can help a lot with ear infections. Also, in my experience with tubes, they don't work.

My daughter had her first ear infection at 3 weeks old. The doctor couldn't believe it.

By the time she was 9 months old she had had 10 ear infections. She got tubes at 10 months of age and did not get another one until she was 2 1/2 years old. Her tubes are out now and she just got her second ear infection since December of 2004.

I would go see a specialist and see what they have to say. If I had to do it over I would do the same thing. Her last ear infection took 3 different medicines because it wouldn't go away.

You have to do what is right. I know lots of people go to the chiropracter but that was something I chose not to do. I did speak with one though. I opted for tubes.

Good luck with what you do.

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Find a chiropractor. I swear by it. My daughter gets occasional ear infections and the last time she had one I took her to my chiropractor and with just 15 minutes of work she was as good as new. He really helps with the healing process so no drugs or tubes are needed. I don't know where you are located but I use Dr. Carl Pearson in Lowertown St. Paul. his phone is ###-###-####. He has an infant daughter of his own so he is great with kids.

I have 2 boys with continuous ear infections as well. Get the tubes! ENT specialist Terry Rhodes with Minnesota Otolaryngology is awesome! He has been doing it for 30+ years and is amazing! We have had great success. YOu don't want to have your child on antibiotics all the time! We had ourr surgeries at Children's West in Minnetonka. It is fast and well worth it!

I would try cutting him off dairy. This can help a lot with ear infections. Also, in my experience with tubes, they don't work.

Hi J.! I'm a single mother of a 10-year old daughter who at the same age repeatedly got ear infections. If your son has already had 8 ear infections, get him to an Ear, Throat & Nose Specialist right away. Due to the constant ear infections my daughter got, eventually one of her ears got SO inflammed that she wasn't able to hear in one ear, barely in the other thus delaying her speech by the time she was 2-1/2. My daughter had to undergo 3-years of speech therapy because her speech was delayed as a result of the ear infections. I was told by her specialist that eventually the child's immune system will no longer respond to the antibiotics and surgery will become inevitable. The first time she had tubes put in they were "temporary" ones that naturally fell within one year. They worked beautifully. Once those fell out, she got another ear infection right away and had a longer lasting tube put in that lasted 3-years. Again, the tubes did exactly what they were supposed to do (which is drain the ear) and by the time those fell out she was 6 years old. As of today she hasn't had one single ear infection and no problems. I hope this helps you in your decision making process. I wish you the best!

Chiropractor, chiropractor, chiropractor. Studies now show that chiropractic adjustments are more effective than antibiotics and tubes. Our son had the same issues as yours. He was BF for a year, but started getting lots of ear infections from 7 months on (the infection would pass but the fluid in the ears was always there so another infection would return quickly). And this was during the summer months. At 14 months, our ped referred us to an ear/nose/throat specialist who said our son should get tubes. I wasn't willing to go that route without trying chiropractics first. So right after the ENT appointment, we headed to Valley West Chiropractic in Bloomington to see Dr. Troy Boschee (he has a specialty in children). We went every 2 weeks for a total of three visits. The fluid was gone. This was late October and we had no problems until late January when it seemed another infection might be moving in and we were about to leave town for a month. So I took him back to Dr. Boschee and also got a prescription from our ped just in case. I never needed the antibiotics. Now we get a maintenance adjustment about every 3 months. No more ear infections in the last 2.5 years and the bonus is he gets very few colds compared to his friends in school. And when he does get a cold we hardly notice because it only lasts a day. It ROCKS!!!

My daughter Micaela (now 4yrs) was also experiencing frequent ear infections since birth. By the time she was 1 1/2 we too had had enough with both ear infections AND antibiotics! We'd gotten several ENT specialists opinions, which the final had recommended adenoid removal. Due to their extraordinary size, that was the major cause for the reoccuring infections. We'd never expected that would be the cause, but thankful that it was explored. Since that simple surgery, gratefully Micaela hasn't had one ear infection. Another successful suggestion: see an herbalist/natropathic doctor. We love Dr. Lucia, see her regularly & highly recommend her. Hope this all helps. Best of luck to You & Yours. J.

I say go with the tubes. Both og my children had tubes and it was a very good thing. My daughter lost over half her hearing by age 4 and when we had tubes put in she gained it all back and it improved her speech. My son had no ear infections with tubes and neither did my daughter. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about them more.


My son had recurrent ear infections too. He did get tubes at 2 yrs, one has fallen out, but no ear infections since the tubes. typically, ear infections will heal themselves, and antiobiotics are really bad for your immune system...go to a chiropractor they have therapies that spometimes help clear the infection. Also at a chiro or GNC, there are ear drops, that take the pain away and allow the ear to heal naturally.

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