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Chiropractic Adjustment for Ear Infections

If you've used chiropractic adjustment to prevent a child's recurring ear infections, could you tell me if it was effective? The only articles I can find on-line appear to be by chiropractic clinics/professional associations.

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I have a fabulous Chiropractor who has a fellowship in pediatrics. Kids are the reason she became a chiropractor. She treats adults as well but she specializes in the kids and it shows. She has adjusted all three of my boys from the time they were born. Her name is Viki Seelig. she is at Preston and Forrest in Dallas. ###-###-####. I can't say enough great things about her. We drive from Rockwall to see her. She has been able to help everyone I have referred to her.

When my eldest was 1 1/2, He had 3 ear infestions in 8 weeks. I took him to my chiro and he adjusted his neck. He never had another ear infection (until this year - he's now 15).

We have used Chiropractors and Homeopathy and my son is 8. He has on had one ear infection and has only been on antibiotics for 1 day in 8 years. I totally know that it has helped with many things. Homeopathy has been wonderful for us too. Let me know if there is anything you need.

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Hi M.,

I am a chiropractor and I have been treating children for years for ear infections and they respond tremendously! I saw one response that said Chiropractors are not trained in how to treat infections and that is absolutely ridiculous. There are several causes of ear infections. In my practice I test for allergies, yeast over growth, and subluxations that could lead to ear infections. I would definitely recommend that you take your child to a chiropractor! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at ###-###-#### or visit my website at www.sullivanchiropractic.com. Thank you! Dr. Sandra S.

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Like others have said, it is likely due to allergies, but your son could have fluid building up, that is then causing bacteria to grow. Chiropractic adjustments absolutely can help if he is unable to drain the fluid, but once it is infected, it will likely need antibiotics. Chiro care could help prevent it from coming back. And, just for the record, if you ever want to do a comparison of doctors classes to the classes taken for chiropractic, the only real difference you would find is that dr.s are required to take pharmacology classes, while chiros take more anatomy and human body type classes. There are lots of misconceptions about chiropractic education, but we really researched it, and class by class, it is pretty close..so dont be made to feel like a chiro does not know what he/she is talking about!!! ~A.~

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My husband and I both suffer from allergies and I tend to get ear infections from the congestion. I've never treated an infection with chiropractic care (infections really need antibiotics to be fully treated). But, chiropractic adjustments can aid in draining the ear canals to help prevent re-infection. It always helped open my ears and sinuses when I was congested. If your child is getting recurring infections, that's probably a sign of another problem that, with proper treatment, the ear infections will go away (like allergies or even acid reflux can cause ear infections).

Hi M., I didn't read all the responses, but I know there are strong feelings about this. Here's my experience....starting in Feb my 1 yr old dtr could not get rid of an ear infection, off and on a couple of months, we were on med and at the end of our rope. I did not want to do tubes, although my ped said just think about it. I was taking my 6 year old dtr to a chiropractor for adjustments on her hip. After a visit in April I believe, I was like "what I am thinking...would you adjust Kennedy too?" I went ahead and saw an ENT and they wanted to schedule the surgery right away (of course) but I held off. The mommy instinct in me just did not have any peace about it. So, we kept up with the adjustments and she didn't have to have the tubes! I am so thankful and would recommend you to at least give it shot. The same chiropractor was also treating my son b/c he had large tonsils that would not go down. After a few adjustments, he recommended that I should go ahead and see an ENT b/c they were the largest he had ever felt on a 3 year old, and the adjustments were not helping. So we did and we go them out a week later. Find a chiropractor that you like and trust. That makes all the difference. Mine was in Sulphur Springs, and even though we don't live there anymore, I still travel to see him with my kids....he adjusts all of them! Good luck....and trust your gut.

I have not used chiro for ear infections, but have used acupuncture! Our family doctor suggested that we cut back on dairy after repeat ear infections and we did acupuncture to help with my daughters immune system. We stopped the milk July of this year and did the acupuncture in August. All has been totally and completely ear infection and allergy free! Our family Dr. is wonderful - Dr. Daniel Chartrand - ###-###-####. He has a listing here with many excellent reviews.
Good Luck -

My brother is a chiropractor and I can't tell you how much benefit we've had from his office! I am a HUGE supporter of chiropractics and I definitely suggest trying chiro for your son's earaches.


I would try a chiropractor first. Why use drugs when there may be an alternative?

I definitely believe that chiropractic adjustments could help with this. The body is healthier when it is properly aligned.


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