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Chiropractic Adjustment for Ear Infections

If you've used chiropractic adjustment to prevent a child's recurring ear infections, could you tell me if it was effective? The only articles I can find on-line appear to be by chiropractic clinics/professional associations.

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I have a fabulous Chiropractor who has a fellowship in pediatrics. Kids are the reason she became a chiropractor. She treats adults as well but she specializes in the kids and it shows. She has adjusted all three of my boys from the time they were born. Her name is Viki Seelig. she is at Preston and Forrest in Dallas. ###-###-####. I can't say enough great things about her. We drive from Rockwall to see her. She has been able to help everyone I have referred to her.

When my eldest was 1 1/2, He had 3 ear infestions in 8 weeks. I took him to my chiro and he adjusted his neck. He never had another ear infection (until this year - he's now 15).

We have used Chiropractors and Homeopathy and my son is 8. He has on had one ear infection and has only been on antibiotics for 1 day in 8 years. I totally know that it has helped with many things. Homeopathy has been wonderful for us too. Let me know if there is anything you need.

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Hi M.,

I am a chiropractor and I have been treating children for years for ear infections and they respond tremendously! I saw one response that said Chiropractors are not trained in how to treat infections and that is absolutely ridiculous. There are several causes of ear infections. In my practice I test for allergies, yeast over growth, and subluxations that could lead to ear infections. I would definitely recommend that you take your child to a chiropractor! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at ###-###-#### or visit my website at www.sullivanchiropractic.com. Thank you! Dr. Sandra S.

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Like others have said, it is likely due to allergies, but your son could have fluid building up, that is then causing bacteria to grow. Chiropractic adjustments absolutely can help if he is unable to drain the fluid, but once it is infected, it will likely need antibiotics. Chiro care could help prevent it from coming back. And, just for the record, if you ever want to do a comparison of doctors classes to the classes taken for chiropractic, the only real difference you would find is that dr.s are required to take pharmacology classes, while chiros take more anatomy and human body type classes. There are lots of misconceptions about chiropractic education, but we really researched it, and class by class, it is pretty close..so dont be made to feel like a chiro does not know what he/she is talking about!!! ~A.~

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My husband and I both suffer from allergies and I tend to get ear infections from the congestion. I've never treated an infection with chiropractic care (infections really need antibiotics to be fully treated). But, chiropractic adjustments can aid in draining the ear canals to help prevent re-infection. It always helped open my ears and sinuses when I was congested. If your child is getting recurring infections, that's probably a sign of another problem that, with proper treatment, the ear infections will go away (like allergies or even acid reflux can cause ear infections).

Hi M., I didn't read all the responses, but I know there are strong feelings about this. Here's my experience....starting in Feb my 1 yr old dtr could not get rid of an ear infection, off and on a couple of months, we were on med and at the end of our rope. I did not want to do tubes, although my ped said just think about it. I was taking my 6 year old dtr to a chiropractor for adjustments on her hip. After a visit in April I believe, I was like "what I am thinking...would you adjust Kennedy too?" I went ahead and saw an ENT and they wanted to schedule the surgery right away (of course) but I held off. The mommy instinct in me just did not have any peace about it. So, we kept up with the adjustments and she didn't have to have the tubes! I am so thankful and would recommend you to at least give it shot. The same chiropractor was also treating my son b/c he had large tonsils that would not go down. After a few adjustments, he recommended that I should go ahead and see an ENT b/c they were the largest he had ever felt on a 3 year old, and the adjustments were not helping. So we did and we go them out a week later. Find a chiropractor that you like and trust. That makes all the difference. Mine was in Sulphur Springs, and even though we don't live there anymore, I still travel to see him with my kids....he adjusts all of them! Good luck....and trust your gut.

I have not used chiro for ear infections, but have used acupuncture! Our family doctor suggested that we cut back on dairy after repeat ear infections and we did acupuncture to help with my daughters immune system. We stopped the milk July of this year and did the acupuncture in August. All has been totally and completely ear infection and allergy free! Our family Dr. is wonderful - Dr. Daniel Chartrand - ###-###-####. He has a listing here with many excellent reviews.
Good Luck -

My brother is a chiropractor and I can't tell you how much benefit we've had from his office! I am a HUGE supporter of chiropractics and I definitely suggest trying chiro for your son's earaches.


I would try a chiropractor first. Why use drugs when there may be an alternative?

I definitely believe that chiropractic adjustments could help with this. The body is healthier when it is properly aligned.


I would say yes to it. The adjustment will releas endorphines (Sorry spelling not so great). Which helps with healing. My children both have ashma and so do I, for the past almost year instead of talking them to the ped when they start acting like it's going to act up with their asthma and allergys they get adjusted. I think my six year old is the only one that has had to be on antibiotics this year. We also will give them a liquid form of vitamin A. Good luck!

I absolutely recommend it. My son had six ear infections from the time he was 6 mos. to 12 mos. They told me it was time to put in tubes. So I called a friend who is a chiropractor and he said absolutely. He adjustes his own daughter. My son is now 27mos. and hasn't had an ear infection since.(No more antibiotics either) Now both of my kids go to him. When they get a cold they go to him. He presses on their sinuses and it drains out nicely over the next day or two. Now if I take one the other wants to go to. It feels great (very soothing and relaxing). We see Dr. Brady in Plano at Custer and Parker and I highly recommend him. Good luck. I wish we had known about it sooner, my son is a much happier child!


I am definitely in the minority here but I can't imagine taking my child to a chiropractor for adjustments. If you decide to take your child, please go to a reputable chiropractor. I work in the claims department of an insurance company and periodically I see parent's taking their children to what we call "mill chiropractor's" even before taking them to an MD. These are chiropractor's that will treat just about anyone for anything and charge ridiculous prices for their services.

I have an awesome Chiopractor. His name is Dr. Jason Venn in Frisco. ###-###-####

We have used Chiropractors and Homeopathy and my son is 8. He has on had one ear infection and has only been on antibiotics for 1 day in 8 years. I totally know that it has helped with many things. Homeopathy has been wonderful for us too. Let me know if there is anything you need.

95% of ear infections are due to a food intolerance...we went to a pedi in Frisco, Dr. Bain and she informed me of this fact. We did some bloodwork and found out that between the two girls, we had to eliminate 44 foods (there were a lot due to the antibiotics used before that break down the digestive system and increase the number of intolerances) for four months. Now we have added all of the foods back except wheat and milk(which were the ones most reactive to), and since Mid January we have had NO ear infections. I am so amazed and excited for finding this out and not having the tubes put in. It is a lot of work at first (I will share any info I have if you decide to do this) but knowing that I am hitting the issue at the core is worth the time and energy. I know this has improved their overall immune systems and that means a lot to me. We did the chiropractor once for one of them, but the issue was a mucus build up due to the foods so it was not a standing solution for us. Feel free to contact if you have ANY questions....Dr. Bain will only use Immuno Labs due to the guarantee they have (they will refund the money if it does not correct the ear infections) and the fact they can reproduce the results...other labs can't do that. Also, they take insurance.


Let me know if you have questions that I may can help with,

My daughter benefited tremendously after several ear infections in a row we went to the chiro and it cleared it right up. They also taught me how to massage the area around her ear to prevent the fluid from building up.

I haven't taken my son to a chiropractor but I have a friend who does and swears by it. Her ped. said her son was going to need tubes so she went to the chiropractor and he hasn't had an ear infection since. It's been about a year.

I must say that my girls who are five and six have seen a chiro since they were less than 3 months old. There are a wide range of chiros- ones that pop everything and ones that only adjust what is necessary. Our chiro is wonderful and does not hurt- a lot of times kids are just scared and they think it is going to hurt, but it really does not- my kids say it does not hurt. Anyway, I would definitely try a chiro before getting on antibiotics.

I have a fabulous Chiropractor who has a fellowship in pediatrics. Kids are the reason she became a chiropractor. She treats adults as well but she specializes in the kids and it shows. She has adjusted all three of my boys from the time they were born. Her name is Viki Seelig. she is at Preston and Forrest in Dallas. ###-###-####. I can't say enough great things about her. We drive from Rockwall to see her. She has been able to help everyone I have referred to her.

I used a Chiro to help my son's reoccurring ear infections. He had three back to back when he was two years old. I also took him off dairy. He hasn't had an ear infection since. So I don't know for sure if it was the chiro or his diet change. But my chiro did explain that in children the tubes can easily misalign up until age 3, so an adjustment can certainly help with the drainage.

Hi M.,

I do not have personal experience with this, unfortunately. When my boys were small, we stuck with the traditional method of treating symptoms with antibiotics over and over again rather than addressing the cause. If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely try a good chiropractor. It can't hurt and there's a good chance it will help.

I have also learned since then the importance of good nutrition, which involves 7-9 servings of fresh, raw fruits and veggies for kids (9-13 for adults). Since that is hard to achieve in my family, we were blessed when we discovered a product that gives us 17 fruits and veggies in a gummy treat for kida and capsules for adults. I love it so much I decided to market it so others could benefit as well. Email me if you'd like more info on that.

Good luck!

"Our pediatrician misses us now. So does the pharmacist."
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When my eldest was 1 1/2, He had 3 ear infestions in 8 weeks. I took him to my chiro and he adjusted his neck. He never had another ear infection (until this year - he's now 15).

The best way to go is nutritional supplement, I know a great products that can make a difference.

I agree with the tubes, too. It's a permament solution (in most cases). I am for alternative therapies when necessary, but tubes will let the ear drain when an infection starts. You won't have to run the the chiropractor when the pain and discomfort of the infection has already manifested in your child.

Remember- chiropractors are not actual 'doctors' -

Also known as a "chiropractor" or "chiropractic doctor", a DC is not a "medical doctor" and has no formal medical training but a health care provider who seeks to diagnose, treat, correct, and prevent neurological, skeletal, or soft tissue dysfunction by primarily employing manual and conservative therapies; the most frequent being spinal and other articular adjustments and manipulations.

I've never done that with my child, but I had a very long lasting ear infection and my chiropractir adjusted my ear while I was in the office for my usual visit and it drained the ear. It didn't cure the infection, but I guess it helped.

With children, if I could do it over again, I would have insisted that my son have tubes put in for his ears. To this day his speech is a bit sloppy... and I'm sure that not learning sounds properly at the right age had alot to do with it.

It will depend on what is causing the ear infections. If there is a systemic overgrowth of yeast caused by a dietary issue, then all the chiropractice care in the world won't help. But if your child slept on their back and your chiropractor is trained in cranial sacral techniques, then it might be a night/day difference.

I'd be more likely to start with a cranial sacral therapist since they are trained specifically to the bones in the skull.

We have been seeing a chiropractor for a few months and we have been the healthiest we have ever been. I personally have had chronic ear infections and sinus infections. With the treatment we have been having it has been wonderful. I do beleive it depends on the type of clinuc you are going to. I have done it before and it did not help at all. We are going to Lewisville Family Chiropractic and it has been amazing for us.

I do recomend chiropractic for ear infections. My son had to have tubes put in, and had I known about doing chiropractic treatment before putting the tubes in, I would have. He loves being adjusted. I only have him adjusted a few times a year, however I go once a month. I don't have the issues with allergies like I used to. I am much healthier now and so is my son. You do need to make sure that you find a chiropractor that is used to adjusting children. Make sure that you are absolutly comfortable, and that they will listen to any concerns that you have. I personally use Burleson Chiropractic. I'm not sure where you live, but check around and call places and make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Good Luck

We use a chiropractor on a regular basis. I was going before I had children, and my first born had her first adjustment when she was 4 days old. She has never had an ear infection. I wouldn't recommend using a chiropractor to cure a current ear infections, the adjustments are more for prevention. I would highly recommend a chiropractor. Why have to go through rounds and rounds of antibiotics?

They are highly trained and I trust my children in the care of my chiropractor 100%.

Hi M., I agree with Lesley. I know people that have been seriously injured by a Chiropractor, they are not medical doctors. I know that it's frustrating, but lots and lots of kids have ear infections and it's better to treat them the right way then to have them see someone that doesn't actually have a degree in treating infections. I have a degree in speech and hearing, and we weren't taught that Chiropractors will cure these. Think of it this way, for many many years, there was no such a thing as chiropractors and they did fine, why all of a sudden do people need to go in for adjustments? This is just my thoughts for what they're worth.

I've had it done for myself and for my kids. It definitely worked. One downside: it is a bit painful, especially for tender baby ears. BUT it does not require use of antibiotics so that's a big plus. I would definitely recommend it, as long as your child does not have CHRONIC ear infections. In that case you should probably see an ENT and consider tubes.


My 7 yo got a double ear infection when she was about 18 mos. I took her in to the doc, got the requisite Rx and went home. Dosed all 14 days and the ear infection "seemed" to be gone. Less than 2 wks later, it was back. Took her to the chiro and he did an adjustment on her spine as well as something in the roof of her mouth. She had drainage like crazy for about 24 hours but that was it - infection cleared up and she was good as new in less than 72 hours. We took her in for adjustments for a while after that - never had another one. Wish we still could do them but stupid ins. doesn't cover it now and we just can't afford it otherwise. Best of luck to you!

It worked for us. My son stopped having ear infections after two adjustments from the Chiro.

After 2 antibiotic resistant ear infections, I took my 6mo son as a last resort, and it was the ONLY thing that worked for him. I saw results that very day! After that, I took him when I knew he had one or was acting like he might have one, and it solved the problem every time. My ped said his ears looked great at every well check.
My chiropractor did say that babies can't digest milk products (except yogurt) until they are 18mo, and to give him goat milk instead of cow milk. I did that most of the time, but the dairy did seem to bring them on when I gave it to him. Sure enough, when he turned 18mos, all these ear infections and dairy problems disappeared. I was very skeptical about that theory, but it seemed to be true for us.

Absolutely 100% YES, try the chiro. I took my 9 year old to a DO when she was 15 mos and had chronic ear infections. After her fourth adjustment she never had another infection. When my two year old started with her ear infections about a year ago, I thought about taking her to a DO but was too expensive and not covered on my insurance. After her having an ear infection every other month for over a year, I finally took her to a chiroprator who was a friend of the family. She had two adjustments and has not had another infection since then. That was about 5 months ago. I learned the same manipulations from the DO and chiro and am using those to make sure the fluid doesn't build up. Please don't put your little one through anymore anitbiotics until you try it! It's SO worth the trip.

I am sorry to report that after trying it for over 6 weeks (2 adjustments per week) we made no prgress in draining fluid on my daughters ears using a chiropractor. We had to make the decision to put tubes in because she had recurrent ear infections and then fluid on her ears for over 3 months! The tubes surgery was a breeze and she did not have another ear infection. The way I looked at it was it couldn't hurt by trying although our insurance didn't pay for it and we were out of pocket quite alot. Good luck with your decision.

We have been getting our sons adjusted since birth. Our oldest son is 27 months and has never had an ear infection, and even better, never been sick. I know the never been sick part has a lot to do with diet and supplements as well, but I think the adjustments are a vital part to their health as well!

I recommend Dr. Wendy Baxter, DC.

Our son had chronic ear infections and I really didn't want to put him through the surgery. We tried chiropractic but it just didn't work for him. We ended up getting the tubes and the change was miraculous. It doesn't hurt to try it but just be prepared that it may not work for your son.

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