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Help for Cold and Cough!

My DS has a terrible cough and runny nose and I don't know what to do to help him feel better. We have the humidifier going, using saline drops when necessary, and have even tried some baby Vaporub, but nothing seems to be helping. I guess we probably just need to wait it out, but the cough just sounds so terrible. I don't want to waste time going to the doctor when they probably can't do anything, so thought I would check with other moms and see if anyone has had any luck with other ways to help them through this.

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Thank you so much ladies for all of the suggestions! I decided to go to the doctor and check things out just in case, especially since this is the first time he has been sick so I am not familiar yet with how he typically exhibits symptoms, etc. They said his ears and lungs are clear, but he has a sore throat. They did a strep test, but it came back negative so they are thinking just viral and we are treating with saline drops and since his congestion is bothering him at night, we have let him sleep some of the last couple of nights in the swing.

Our doctor definitely suggested no medications (except Tylenol if we think he is in pain) for the congestion.

I really appreciate your many suggestions!

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Try putting vicks on his feet and cover with socks and then footie pajamas. I was given that tip and it seemed to help.
I am in the same boat with my 1yr old and there is really nothing you can do except sleep and fluids.

Good Luck

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Try putting baby vaporub on the bottom of feet and put sock on it works!! sounds funny but it works.

My 1 year old gets ear infections often, and the sometimes the only symptom is a cough. It might be worth a trip to the pediatrician.

If he starts wheezing, take him in right away!

Hope this helps!

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Try putting vicks on his feet and cover with socks and then footie pajamas. I was given that tip and it seemed to help.
I am in the same boat with my 1yr old and there is really nothing you can do except sleep and fluids.

Good Luck

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It sounds like you are donig all you can for the poor little guy, call your doctor and ask which over the counter meds you can use and the dosage, don't be afraid of using over the counter, especially for the stuffey nose, just get the right dosage, I don't find cough meds to work all that well but you could at least help clear up his nose. Good luck wish I had more!

Also try a vaporizer with vicks in it, I find that helps a lot more then a humidifier.

I would take your little one to the doctor. My daughter just got over pneumonia and I wouldn't have known she had it if I didn't take her in to get checked out. But, you could try running the shower and sitting her in the bathroom to breathe in the steam. If things don't improve, I'd take her in.

My advice is listen to the cough and maybe go the doctor anyway. I just took my 7 month old for the same symptoms (he had spiked a brief fever too.) They gave him some albuterol to help with the breathing, which was strained because of the coughing and congestion. He got antibiotics too because of an ear infection to go with it all - and I can't be sure which really helped his cold symptoms. However, they were able to help me feel more comfortable about what type of cough he had. I really had no idea what whooping cough sounds like, but that's when it gets dangerous. I'm happy to report my little one is much better now, but we fought it for about 2 full weeks... Good luck!

I hate using medicine, but Tylonal cold (or any other children's cold medicine) does work wonders.

Check with your doctor, but I've recently heard that recommendations are against benadryl for anyone under 6. That would probably be Tylenol-cold. The generic name is diphenhydramine, so look for it on the ingredient list. It has been linked to deaths (rare, but who wants to risk it!), even when given as recommended. And of course, no antibiotics will help a virus. Next time my 2 year old gets the cough he had last week I'm going to try some of these home remedys! If your child is really sick, struggling to breathe (using extra muscles), get medical help. Good luck!

You didn't mention whether your child is breast or bottle fed. If baby is bottle fed, there could be reason to believe allergies may be involved. Breast fed babies don't get sick like that very often. Bottle fed babies are either on soy milk or other milk based formulas. If it is not soy, it is cows milk with added nutrients. Cows milk is for cows. babies should never be fed anything that comes from a cow. The symptoms are usually runny nose which leads to cough.

I found with my little ones it is better to take them to the doctor just in case it is something that is serious, or I found that sometimes it could have become serious had I not taken them in. Better safe then sorry.
Good luck.

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