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Heavy Bleeding

I started having periods every 60 days after being 28 days like clock work all my life. First week is like a normal period, then after 7 days going on 2nd week I start bleeding heavily, almost hemmoraging. The bleeding has been so bad I ended up in ER.
I have been to GYN several times, I have had all the tests, pap smear, ultrasounds, transvaginal ultasound. Dr did a biopsy and it was normal.
The only thing they found was follicle cysts on my right ovary. I have no pain or cramping, just very heavy bleeding and large clots. GYN put me on progestrone to stop the bleeding which does work, but not a long term solution. She suggested an endometrial ablation. Has anyone else had a similiar problem with periods every 60 days and heavy bleeding. What kind of solution or treatment did you have? Would like advise on what has worked for others with similiar problem. Thanks.

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If you are done having kids, why don't you go ahead and have a complete hystorectomy? That is what I would do. That would solve the bleeding problems and any worry about the female area cancers. I know there are hormonal issues, but that would probably pale in comparison to the bleeding you are expericing.

I did this also, was start of that big change in life, had a dnc done. That helped but still had a strange cycle for several years. Good luck been there also.

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Hi there- I work in a GYN office and we do a procedure call Novasure ablation in office!! It is great for people with heavy bleeding! Check it out online! Novasure is the name of the company so do a google search on that! Hope you find some help! Good luck!

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Welcome to the start of menopause.
I had something similar. I did not have the 60 day cycle, but did have the clotting, and routine tests you mention, which showed my uterine lining was thicker than it should be. I had a biopsy - hurt like hell - did you have that problem? (Oh, this won't hurt a bit, you'll feel a tiny pinch - hah! I nearly passed out.)
i had a d&c and a full exam of all uterine tissue reveled nothing wrong. I also had ovarian cysts, which resolved on their own.
If a endometrial ablation is like a d&c, then periods will lighten up and clotting goes away for a while. In my cse they never returned and periods got further apart until they stopped altogether. No periods is a wonderful thing.
i hope this helps.

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Just last week I was speaking with my cousin who is a nurse about my heavy flow. She sent me the following links:




I've had heavy bleeding all my menstrual life. It got worse about 15 years ago (I am 42 now). I have had all the tests you mentioned and everything is "normal." I was given Provera to stop my bleeding. One menstrual cycle lasted over 90 days!!! Provera was the only thing that stopped that one. The bleeding was intense. I would stand up from a sitting position and the blood would gush out of me, soaking my clothes and the floor. This happened 3x while at work and the carpet had to be replaced. They eventually got one of those plastic floor covers just for me! Embarassing! That gushing - the only way I can explain what it was like is to relate it to when your bag of waters breaks and you go into labor. Just like that!

About 5 years ago my doctor put me on birth control pills and that has helped tremendously. I still bleed excessively, but only for 3-7 days - not 90 days! I can live with that! I just plan to stay home on those days!

I hope I didn't gross anyone out with my story. I know it was a little graphic.

(This excessive bleeding runs in my family. My 12 year old is already having these problems!)


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Hi D.
how miserable for you. I went through a lot of the same issues when I was your age and even younger. I am not a Dr. and I surely would not want to be caught practicing medicine but here is what we did.
I had a DNC-(just a clean out) that did not work- then the Dr. discovered I was enemic- which would cause extra heavy bleeding- I was pumped full of iron (which I was alergic to) and ate lot of beets, liver and brussell sprouts etc- and nothing worked. then they tried the estrigen supplements because I was told I was starting the Memopause stage of my life. Nothing worked-
during my child bearing years I had all sorts of issues with cysts etc- nothing serious- just annoying and painful- causing the heavy, heavy bleeding- So- we decided to do a complete hystorectomy- took it all out- and it was the best decision I ever made-
since we already had 12 children, and was approaching the 50 yr mark- I was reall glad to get all that stuff over with. lol
Now I am 71, have no issues since we made that decision and have never felt better in my life. Just a suggetion......
good luck and blessings

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I also have cysts. I cycle about twice a year now. It has changed throughout my life. When I was a teen I had the super heavy, almost hemmoraging, super ultra tampon+overnight pad every hour. It is twice a year and 3 weeks of spotting since DD was born. It is a pain not knowing, but I only suffer twice a year. My GYN said that it could be taken care of with BC, but DH got the big V so I didn't have to worry about that anymore. Since it is only 2X a year now, I've decided to just leave it alone for now.
Have you tried BC? or are you already on it?
I hope you find your answer. I'll be watching this one. I have never known exactly what can be normal in that area. It doesn't seem like many people are "normal" these days.

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I also experienced this, they say mine was because I had 4 c-sections, it causes heavy bleeding later on. I went in at the age of 41 and had a procedure called Novasure (not sure i spelled it correctly, but they go in and burn the lining of the uterus with hot saline. I still have all my female organs but NO PERIODS, not even a spot since I had it done. I opted for this instead of hysterctomy so I am not pushed into menopause. It was the best thing I ever did, LOL Since I had my tubes tied after 4th child, knew I wasnt going to have any more kids so thought why still have periods, LOL I didnt read all the posts above so not sure if someone already mentioned this. :)

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Hi D.,
I had the heavy bleeding and clots as you do also. I stayed in bed for the first few days of my cycle, YES, it was THAT bad. I don't want to be to graphic but, I would get out of bed and walk 15 feet to the bathroom and it was running down my legs. I had to plan things around this time of the month. It was getting ridiculous. My doctor also recommended an endometrial ablation. She explained it to me like this.... It's like hot water in a balloon and "burn" out the uterine lining. It was a true blessing for me. She said it would be possible that I wouldn't have a cycle at all. No, I wasn't that lucky. But, I'm SO GLAD I had it done. I wish I'd known about that YEARS AGO!!!! I still have a cycle but, it's nowhere near what it was before. I don't have to plan things around this time any longer. I went in to have it done about 1pm and I was home by 4pm. It was really simple. The only problem I had afterwards was that my back HURT the rest of that day. I came home took one pain pill and went to bed. I've never had anymore problems. Ok, I just wanted to share my story with you. I hope you find a way to help yourself too. If you have any questions, just ask. Hope you find your answer. God Bless!!!!

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I spent the entire month of December. I had been having issues for 2 years. Under went every test imaginable. Everything was negative even lost my job because of it. The Dr"s kept telling me my hormone level was fine I was not menopause. I kept telling them I know my body and something is not right. I have had a very very regular period since I started having them in my teens. I was made to feel it was all in my head. Even in the ER. I was put on birth control pills to control the bleeding that did not work for me. I finally went to a female GYN. She stated I was going through premenopausal symtoms. She recommended a procedure where they basically burn the uterus to stop the bleeding. Can not remember the name. I plan on having it done as soon as the anemia has corrected itself, which according due to bleeding nonstop for 35 days.

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