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Desperately Need Advice - Female Issue

For the last year, I have been having issues with bleeding 24/7. It started with just really heavy periods and severe cramps during normal cycle and then progressed to where I was having my cycle every 2-3 weeks and then finally to the point where I would have my cycle and then just spot until had another cycle (2-3wks later). I have gone to the regular Dr who did bloodwork and everything checked out fine except a little anemia (Duh!). Hormone level normal so night a sign of menopause. I was referred to OB/GYN who put me on bc pills (even though tubes tied) and told me to take every day and when I started my next actual period to increase the dosage to 2 a day for couple of days and then 3 a day until bleeding stopped then decrease back down to 1. I tried this and was so sick I couldn't hardly stand it plus it was causing severe abdominal cramping and not doing anything for the bleeding.

I went back to OB/GYN and she told me that I was reacting to the hormone and to stop taking it. Her next suggestion was to try the Depo shot. I have had good luck with this in the past so I thought why not. I took first shot and nothing changed. Still bleeding every day and when I called was told that was normal with the shot. I know that spotting is normal but when you are trying to stop the bleeding then it is obviously not working but they said get the next one 12 weeks later. I did that and no change. Still bleeding on a regular daily basis.

Now my doctor has said that the only other two options is endometrial ablation or hysterectomy. However she also said the ablation is only about 80% effective and usually has to be repeated in about 5 years. The hysterectomy would be 100%.

Here is the issue..my insurance has a $750 deductible plus the out of pocket maximum of $2250 so a total of $3000 out of pocket to get either surgery. I don't have this money nor do I have the ability to borrow it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a) how to work around the $3000 deductible b) any other options that I can try

I appreciate any advise/help you guys can give as I am really tired of bleeding. It is really disruptive to my life and activities.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice. I am going to check into some of the things suggested since I wasn't told of them previously. Once again you guys have been wonderful!

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No idea if this will help or not. I was at the stage where I was bleeding every three weeks or so, then spotting some. They did a few ultrasounds and blood work and everything was normal. She put me on LoEstrin24Fe and it got worse. Not much heavy bleeding but only stopping for maybe one week a month. At my friend's recommendation I asked about Nuvaring. I am on month two now and so far it is great. I only bleed when I am supposed to and NOTHING in between. No idea if it would help you or not but I guess the pill they had me on was not enough to make a difference and so far this has helped. Good luck. I know what a pain that is.

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If you can swing it go for the ablation. I had the exact same problems you do. After discussing with my Dr the options I went with the ablation and while I still have periods they are only 1-2 days and very very light.

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I'd definitely get a second opinion before having surgery that is so drastic.

Good luck!

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Im sorry that your having so many issues i havent had any experince close to that. As for the cost of the surgery, check with the hospital and see if they have a foundation that offers financial assistance. Last year i had more than 20k in hospital bills ( after insurance) and had to fill out some forms and provide proof of income & tax forms, and the hospital's foundation helped pay off most of it.

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I didn't have the everyday bleeding like you, well only once while i was on Orthotricyclin, but I did have issues with heavy periods. My GYN told my about the ablation NovaSure. He gave me the options of the ablation vs. the hysterectomy. I chose the NovaSure. It changed my life. It saved my life.

I wasn't luck enough to have the bleeding completely stop, but my cycles are now about 4 days long, and I hardly notice them. BIG difference from the 9 day cycles and having bathroom visits every 20m for the first 3 days using overnight strength tampons AND pads.

One thing to look into is if you use tampons, I have heard that using the wrong strength can cause you to bleed more ... not sure if that's true.

Truely, you need to talk to the hospital and see if there is a foundation or something, payment plans. The situation you are in is very life threatening.
In your situtation I would probably opt for the hysterectomy. That way you don't have a failure option and have to do the second surgery.

As for the cost, most insurance are year based, not event based, so the $3000 would be lessened by any money you've already paid out.

Also, if you go to the ER, they might deem the surgery an Emergency and give you the operation before making you pay for it. Especially if there is a community hospital rather than a private hospital.


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I'm sorry you are going through all of this. My first suggestion would be to get a second opinion from another OB/GYN. Even if you are really comfortable with your current doctor, it's always wise to get a second opinion when surgery is concerned. You don't have to let either doctor know you are getting a second opinion if you don't want to, although there are pluses and minuses on either side of that argument.

Second, in regards to the deductible expense, do you have to pay that up front, or is that something the hospital/doctors will bill you for? I ask because if it's the latter, you can always make payment arrangements or ask for financial help from the hospital after the fact. I was able to pay off a balance for a hospital visit my husband had at just $25 per month until it was paid in full. My mother had well over $20k in hospital and doctor bills (post insurance payments) after she was in the hospital for over 3 weeks, much of it in ICU, and I was able to get almost every doctor to waive what she owed them and the hospital had a charity foundation that paid for their part. It wasn't easy as I had to contact all of the doctors and go through several levels until I got to the right people. And for the hospital expense, there were papers to fill out and a couple of letters I had to write, but in the end, well worth the time and effort.

Whatever route you go, I hope everything works out for you and that you are feeling better very soon. Good luck!


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I'm with Megan. I had the NovaSue ablation almost three years ago and it was so sucessful!! It stopped all bleeding. I suggest getting a second opinion but really consider the ablation. Good luck.

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I was told I needed an uterine ablation but could try something else first. When I had my period for 21 days straight, my doctor recommended taking ibuprofen 400-600 mg (2 or 3 tablets) around the clock for 24-48 hours straight. My daughter who has very heavy periods that last 7 full days was also told to do the same thing, but only 200 mg (1 adult tablet). For me it stopped the bleeding, and my next periods were normal. For my daughter, she takes the ibuprofen at the onset of each periods to reduce flow and duration. Good luck.

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You are going to think I'm crazy, but go get the book, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind".

Your mind is an amazing thing - you can use it to heal yourself. We have used our minds to heal the ones in our family several times. (cervical cancer, chron's disease, cold sores, and many more.) The doctors always come back shaking their head - they don't get how we are "cured"...

I know - I sound like a flake. It works though. Plus, under $10 for a book is a heck of a lot cheaper than $3000 for a surgery!

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my cycle's all over the place post tubiligation, too.

I would consider mirena or other IUD.

I'm considering the endometrial ablation. My doctor said the results were better than 80% depending on the method of ablation you have done. I would research different methods and then talk to your OB/GYN again. Not interested in getting my uterus removed, though.

Do you still have to pay a deductible for the ablation?

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