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Frosted Shower Doors GRRRR Please Help!

Ok ladies- I have researched and tried everything to clean my DH's frosted shower glass door. It wasn't that great when we moved in but over the years it has gotten out of hand. It seems that most of the remedies are for the clear shower glass doors. I have bought every product imaginable- and tried all the home remedies that I could find. If anyone can suggest something that WORKED for you- other than a stick of dynamite and replacing with shower curtains (lol) please let me know! Thanks for your help!

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CLR and Lime Away work great on the hard water stains, but if you are also dealing with soap scum (as I always am) the Mr. Clean magic eraser works the best. I use the magic eraser first then finish with CLR or Kaboom with barely any scrubbing. You may have to scrub with the magic eraser bit but not as much as you do with the CLR alone!

Hi K.
I just received an email yesterday on different uses for Bounce dryer sheets. It stated: to dissolve soap scum on shower door, clean with a bounce sheet.
I haven't tried it so don't know if it works.

I'm probably not going to help you out much but maybe it will help someone else think of what I'm talking about. I believe vinegar will work but there is something out there with lemon oil in it. Maybe it is just called lemon oil. The acid cuts the film and the oil keeps water spots from building back up. Scrubbing bubbles may work too.

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I use Grease lightning. It works GREAT! You can find it in wal-Mart in the cleaning products section. IT costs under 4 dollars and I use it to clean everything in my house. From dishes to clothes, to bathrooms, everywhere you can imagine. For our Shower, we did buy a squeege to wipe of the water after we shower. I only use the Grease lightning every two weeks. Try it hpe it works for you.


This is going to sound very odd and you have to be VERY careful using it, but Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner (or any liquid bowl cleaner) works very well. Apply straight from the bottle, let sit for a minute and wipe off with something like a Cello pad, or rough abrasive dish cleaner. Then rinse well. You MUST make sure the area is well ventilated and use rubber gloves. I got the tip from a maid service and have used it for years. Good luck.

I would recommend lemon juice. I have frosted glass my bathroom windows. The previous owner had tried to clean them without success and there was lime and gunk in all of the little grooves. It took a toothbrush and some elbow grease the first time, but now it sparkles. Now, I can just wipe it down with lemon juice on a rag and it comes clean.

I tried vinegar, which I use for the majority of my cleaning, but the lemon juice worked A LOT faster. Hopefully you won't need to break out the toothbrush! Hope this helps :)


I don't know how to get this to stick long enough to work - you might have to take the doors out and lay them down...WHITE VINEGAR...works like a charm. It is great on hard water stains, but it has to sit for about 5-10 minutes. Also use this if you have a freezer door that despenses ice and water. There is usually a tray that gets gross and you can soak that too.
Hope this works for you!

Easy , just use lemon furniture polish or Downey fabric softerner liquid straight from the bottle and wipe it on.


If the doors are the plastic ones, try lemon oil...the kind used for polishing furniture(not the spray furniture polish, but the liquid lemon oil). It doesn't work on glass though(I already tried it on mine). Growing up, we always used the lemon oil and it worked like a charm!

I have a glass shower door(not frosted) and I use Scrubbing bubbles( it's an aerosol spray in a green container). I spray the doors (all the glass while I am showering) . When I am done showering I use a squeegee to remove all the water dots from thw glass.THen I use a dry wash cloth( that we keep outside the shower w/our towels) to dry it off.
We squeegee every time after we shower the dry w/ the wash cloth for daily upkeep.

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