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Finger Food Ideas for 10 Months and Up?

I am a first time mom who stays at home and I have never really been one to cook a lot (or really like to cook), but I am learning. My son is 10 1/2 months old with 8 teeth and really likes to feed himself. I need ideas for lunch especially that are easy and quick. Dinner ideas would be great too. My husband is a firefighter and works 24 hr. shifts so sometimes I'm just cooking for me and my son. I can't always feed him what we eat at dinner. I feel like I am giving him the same things all the time. Thanks!

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Thank you everyone for your ideas! Some of them I have actually tried before and he loves them, i.e. cheese, bananas and gerber puffs. He started cutting teeth again and is not interested in anything at all the last couple of days. But I definitly will try them all. I am going to stay away from hot dogs though, sorry! My husband is also a paramedic and has to run on kids and old people choking on them all the time. If you get more ideas, keep them coming my way :) Thanks again everyone!

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When it's just my son and I (11 months) I like to get a can of the lower sodium chunky soups. I give him some noodles, veggies and meat and then eat the rest myself. I also like frozen veggies and stuff. You can do a bunch at one time or just one serving at a time in the microwave. Oh, and we do lots of leftovers. If they were good once, they'll be good again!

Good luck!

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have you ever tried fried green beans? you just bread them and deep fry them like french fries. the kids love them dipped in ketchup and they are good for them too!

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Hi there K.,

I always tried to keep it very simple. I think of the food groups and just try to make sure they are all represented. My girls absolutely loved plain kidney beans (black beans too) right out of the can (just rinse them first), cheese cubes, frozen peas (right out of the freezer), cubed up hot dog chunks, strips of bologna or other lunch meat, olives!, corn, canned peaches, fruit cocktail, or pears (messy but yummy, if you rinse them first, they aren't AS messy), cucumber chunks, all sorts of noodles (cup noodles are better than ramen because they are more easily cleaned up! they get hard again instead of mushy), toast pieces, crackers, cereal (kix or cheerios mostly), green beans (right out of the can), grapes, make sure he's drinking milk because it's hard to get dairy products in them that aren't really really messy. If he'll let you feed him (or if you are going to bathe him right afterwards) yogurt and cottage cheese are good. :) That's all I can think of right now. I did childcare for four years before finding my home business. I had three girls all about the same age as your son. They all insisted on feeding themselves. Things had to be very simple or I would go crazy. Hee hee! :) I hope a few of these ideas are helpful!

Good luck to you!


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When my daughter was first starting on finger food, I would make her a cheese melt in the oven. I would just take a slice of bread out of the freezer, put a thin slice of deli meat (turkey or ham) and put a slice of cheese over it and then throw it under the broiler until the cheese melted. Then I would use a pizza cutter to cut it into really tiny pieces that she could pick up. Hope that helps.

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I always try to give my kids a balanced meal even if it means that they eat some strange meals for dinner. I figured that it doesn't matter what the food is, along as it is nutritious. At 10 months, I am assuming that he is eating chunky foods and loves pieces of stuff, so here are some things to try:

Veggie hot dogs - I prefer these to regular hotdogs because they don't have nitrates in them. Just be sure to cut them into small chunks or longer, thin sticks. The little circles can cause choking.

Yogurt - a little messy, but so good for them

Different Cereals - Rice Chex, Cheerios, Low sugar ones

Cheese cubes - Tiny ones

Pasta - Try the whole wheat with extra Omega 3 for a little more nutrition

Chicken - Cook it in the microwave even

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Chunks - Cut into tiny squares

Green beans or Carrots straight from the can - my kids didn't even mind if they weren't heated up

Bananas - You probably know that one...

Beans - My daughter ate the kidney beans out of the can. I started cutting them in half first until I was confident she would not choke!

Baked sweet potato chunks - Bake them, peal them after they have cooled off a bit, and then put them in the fridge to cool completely. Pull them out and cut them into chunks. You can sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar if you want.

Smoothies - Dump whatever fruit and yogurt you have around into the blender and mix with milk.

Mushy Fruits and Veggies - Try blueberries, avocado, really ripe pears, watermelon, cantelope.

I hope this list helps!!!

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When it's just my son and I (11 months) I like to get a can of the lower sodium chunky soups. I give him some noodles, veggies and meat and then eat the rest myself. I also like frozen veggies and stuff. You can do a bunch at one time or just one serving at a time in the microwave. Oh, and we do lots of leftovers. If they were good once, they'll be good again!

Good luck!

Try so Campbell's Chunky soups.They have all kinds of varieties, you can puree it if you prefer or he can it with his fingers. My 10 month old loves it.

My son is 17 months, but is still eating a lot of the same things he ate at 10 months. I buy lots and lots of canned and frozen veggies of lots of varieties. Just heat them in the microwave. Canned fruits (I buy the kinds not packed in syrup, but fruit juice) he loves, but I try to not do those too much. Shredded lunch meats, cubed hotdogs, most any meat we eat I cut into real small peices for him. He's not a big fan of meat yet, but he eats some of it. He loves any and all soups. I've started buying the Campbell's Chunky Soups for mine and his lunch to share. I heat up a can and drain the liquid off some of it for him, he loves it and gets to feed himself, since he's so independent. If he'll let you feed him sometimes, applesauce, cottage cheese and yogurt are big hits. The Gerber dried fruits my son loves for snacks as well as any fresh fruits. He also loves fresh veggies that I can cut up for him like cucumbers, tomatoes, olives. If you bake a potato or sweet potato or squash in the oven, but don't do it until it smashes too easily (just make sure its still cooked well, but hard enough for your little one to be able to pick up). I do that and then cube them. He absolutely loves squash and sweet potatoes and its really easy to throw in the oven. I can't think of much else right now....but there is quite a variety of things you can try, just be creative!! Good luck!!

For lunch I normally give small pieces of lunchmeat or small cut-up pieces of hotdog, cheese, fruit cups or cut up fruit, and vegetable cups or yogurt or applesauce. Most everything that I don't have to cook or spend time on. Then dinner, any pasta dish cuts up well. With 8 teeth and 10 months old he can eat quite a bit the same as you as long as it is mashed up enough. My husband as well is not around in the evenings, so my little boy and I also eat alone. So I try not to spend a lot of time slaving over a meal. Mom's like us should get together and make dinners together, so that it's worthwhile.

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