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9 Month Old Lunch Ideas

Hi everyone,
I need some ideas for lunches. My son is 9 months old and is eating solids very well. I just do not know what to offer him for lunch that is quick and easy. For breakfast he usually will eat some ceral and cut up fruit or veggie. For dinner he will eat whatever we are eating just cut up into small pieces. I am just stuck on lunch. I do not want to be baking chicken breasts in the middle of the day. Plus we have chicken a lot for dinner. So any ideas for lunch time meals that would be great!

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Thank you everyone that responded to my question. There are some really good ideas that I am going to try. I always can count on you guys to come up with what I am looking for!

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Try some lunchables my boys as always loved them mother of three 21yrs old.,17yrs. old and 4yrs. old they still eat them very easy

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I use to get deli meat cut sort of thick and then slice it into small little cubes. My kids loved hot dogs cut up really small. Cheese is good too. The gerber meat sticks look gross but my kids liked them as well. Mac and cheese is always a favorite. ok, good luck!

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I see someone has already suggested quesadillas! My daughter also loved BEANS of all kinds: refried, cut up black beans, green beans (no salt added kind). My daughter never ate baby food; she wanted small chunks of everything when I started feeding her solids. Be careful with the mandarins, though, my daughter got horrible diaper rash from them (she would eat mandarin oranges all day long even now), even from just a small amount. Peas and pasta were also a huge hit with us. GOOD LUCK!!!

My daughter loves all the different kinds of Campbells Chunky soups. I get the kind that has low sodium and usually put yogurt and a fruit with it.

those frozen pasta/vegetable combos are awesome...ignore the instructions on the box...put a handful (or however much he'll eat) in a bowl of water in the microwave, and cook until it's tender (just a few minutes) then cut up Gerber meat sticks, or you could even cook a few chicken breasts up once a week or so, and leave them in the fridge to use as you need them.
madarin oranges are a wonderful fruit since they are so soft and he is still so little, along with banana chunks, strawberries, cucumber.
scrambled eggs...great source of protien, easy, quick, and self feeding.
another fun thing is pizza bread sticks...get a pack of those pillsbury bread sticks...bake them 1/2 way through, then top them with pizza sauce, cheese and whatever topping...and finish baking
you can cut them up tiny with a pizza cutter.
baking a potato in the microwave, then cutting it into small chunks is good too.
hope it helps!

I would cook extra veggies at dinner to make sure there are left overs for lunch the next day. As far as the protein, chunks of cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt or beans are good. My kids liked red kidney beans out of a can! Also chunks of avocado as long as there is no family history of allergy. They are loaded with healthy omega-3.

You have gotten some great responces! My add to the idea list are what I call grilled "lunch sticks". It is cross between a grilled cheese and a quesodilla type thing. I take 1 small flour tortilla and put it in a pan, add a little cheese, some shreaded lunch meat, a little more cheese and I put another tortilla on top. I heat it on the stove until the tortilla on the bottom starts to get crisp, then I turn it over and let the other side get crisp. I then cut it into small sticks with a pizza cutter. They are great because my son can handle them and they are easy to eat. I give him steamed or canned veggies plain while he waits for it to cool. He gets either yogurt or mandrine orange segments(from the can) for dessert. I like doing the lunch sticks because you can really get creative with it using different meats and cheeses. Good luck and have fun!

Hi M.,
Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, salads, soups, cheese cubes, any pasta, make your own pizzas. What do you eat for lunch? Feed him whatever you are having but cut up small.

A lot of the prepared foods like Gerber Graduates can be high in sodium, but these are still good in a pinch. As well, cooked pasta plain or with a little bit of parm. cheese is always good w/ some cut up turkey sticks - or add a pre-made(canned) tomatoe sauce. And those canned vegetables always work very well - carrots, green beans. Mac n' cheese cut in 1/2 is okay, grilled cheese sandwiches cut up (use single slice of bread, perhaps), bean salad, fruit salad - even bread & butter w/some cheese & a piece of processed meat from time to time is alright. Or why not give last night's leftovers? Then prepare something different for tonight's meal. Rice is always a great alternative to pasta, as well. Add a can of mixed vegetables, cook in the microwave for a 10 minute meal! Or add a can of tuna, flaked ham or chicken.

Veggie sticks are great. You can steam some veggies and then let them cool, or use softer veggies... like zuchinni raw. Just cut them into stick shapes ... makes easy handling for little hands. :-D

I've also done eggy fingers with my daughter made wiht just egg yolk. Basically french toast cut into sticks only using hte egg yolk. (egg whites are more allergenic)

Kraft cheese crumbles. crackers cut up cold cuts,

basicly anything that you have for lunch feed to the baby just cut it up.

You can precook a couple of chicken breasts and have them for a couple of days.

Hi Shelly,

I have a few lunch ideas that I hope help you out. First, I am a big fan of leftovers. I try to have some leftover veggies and sometimes meat for my girls (and myself) to eat the next day for lunch. This does mean that you are eating more of the same thing, but I find we eat healthier lunches this way. I also serve cottage cheese, which has protein, and sometimes yogurt for lunch. Then I don't feel as if we need meat for that meal. I think kidney beans have protein too, and I've just discovered my 16-month-old likes them. I hope these ideas help. I know that I struggle to come up with meal ideas sometimes. (It seems that I spend much of my day preparing, eating (feeding the kids), and cleaning up after meals!)

Try some lunchables my boys as always loved them mother of three 21yrs old.,17yrs. old and 4yrs. old they still eat them very easy


My daughter is almost 8 mos and refuses "baby" food. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as I can, esp. with her since she is so young still. Fortunatley, they really don't need that much real food yet. I give her the following things for lunch/dinner:

Whole grain noodles plain or with a little (emphasis on little) spag. sauce (the rotini noodles cut in small pieces work best)

Fruit- melon, bananas, grapes (in a food net)

Cut up bar cheese (I try to stay away from the american cheese slices b/c they are so processed)

Graham crackers/unsalted saltines


Toast (cut small) with a little whole fruit jelly

Steamed veggies cut small (the gerber graduates are ok-- but I usually just buy the frozen corn, carrots, peas)

Good luck!

At one we will add the whole milk yogurt at lunch or breakfast.

Hi, it looks like you've gotten some good suggestions already. I have a home day care and I give the kids (babies too) sweet potato chunks, peeled and cut up sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes) tossed with olive oil and baked until soft and browned. The kids love them. Also try sunflower seed butter for sandwiches instead of peanut butter, which can cause allergies. Try things you wouldn't normally think of for lunch, like pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, or whole wheat muffins. Other options are rice and beans, stir fry w/ tofu (or chicken) and hummus. Good luck.

Maybe some tortillas, Peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches if he isn't allergic to peanuts. Macaroni and Cheese, Oatmeal, pancakes, mashed potatoes and I am not sure what else but there is a start.

Hi M. -

At nine months I fed my boys a lot of yogurt, cheese, bread and fruit. I would also supplement with prepared baby food. They also loved peas. I opted for the frozen peas and just microwaved them, then smashed them up a little.


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