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Finger Foods for My 10 Month Olds

I am looking for some easy finger foods for my 10 month old twins. They both have 8+ teeth and neither of them have any allergies to anything that we know of. I feel like all they eat are cheerios, hotdogs, bananas & baby cereal. Does anyone have any other ideas of nutritious things that they can eat by themselves that doesn't take forever to prepare?

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Thank you all so much for sending me your ideas! I can't wait to let them try some of the things that you all suggested!

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Some things you could try are mixed cooked veggies, peas, cut up fruits like cantaloupe or grapes (quartered), scrambled eggs, small cubes of cheese, really anything you can cut up small enough to prevent a choking hazard.

I have a ten month old and he loves those munchkin things that you put real food in and they chew them up and it prevents them from choking! The have a netting and a handle..you can find them in any baby store. And I put avacodos, banana's, even those biter biscuits and he loves it!

Puffs, graham crackers, Gold Fish crackers, oyster crackers, shredded cheese or cheese cubes. Mine LOVES strawberries a LOT! You can also cut up grapes into quarters.

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How about trying string cheese, go-gurt, pop tarts or go tarts, Nutri-grain cereal bars are pretty soft and manageable, deli sliced meats, bologna slices, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and my daughter loves toast cut up into strips. Seems like when it's in the strip from it's easier for her to manage.
Good luck!

My kids love dried fruit. There is a brand called Crunchies that is freeze-dried and a bit easier for kids without molars. (I've found it at Target) Otherwise my kids have always enjoyed raisins, mini ritz crackers, celery (I dice it quite small) scrambled eggs, cheese cubes, green beans, Kix, dried fruit (cherries, mangoes, blueberries, pineapple, etc) and waffles.

My 10 month old daughter loves toast, bagels, firm tofu, pasta, plain cheese, grilled cheese, and avocados.

One of the things I can suggest is to think of foods you eat...just in bite size. My kids liked pancakes and they now have those smaller ones for the toaster. Also, bite sized pasta like ravioli or tortilini (yeah, that's spelled wrong...lol). And they ate all kinds of fruit..strawberries, grapes cut in half, kiwi, peaches, etc. Veggies...steamed green bean pieces, mushrooms, canned cooked carrot pieces, cooked peas. Meats were harder, tho they ate cut up chicken ok and cooked ground beef. Hope this helps!!

Kiwi, pasta, cheese, graham crackers, goldfish crackers, eggs. By 10 months my youngest (13 months now) was only on table food and ate pretty much anything I ate cut up very small. The above were some of his favorites.

I have 10 1/2 mo old twins, so I was excited to read your responses for any more ideas that I could also use! Here are a few foods that we use a lot of--we also were not concerned with allergies, so our dr. approved some of the "hold off on" foods. Pop a frozen whole wheat waffle in the toaster & break off chunks! TOO EASY! Banana chunks are always a hit. I usually buy my veggies frozen, not canned--I'll cook some green beans & peas together, then put in fridge. Then during meal time I can just put a serving in a dish & microwave for 10-12 sec to heat. They'll keep for a few days in the fridge no problem, so you can give them a few at every meal if they need more exposure to them. I also do this with carrots and sweet potatoes, but they'll eat these straight from the fridge, no need to reheat. Cut up strawberries we just started this week. They LOVED them--I served them with some banana chunks & I think it was the most they've eaten all week! Whole wheat bread torn up. I usually buy multi-grain bagels, warm 1/2 in the micro for 10 sec. then I just tear off chunks to give them--but usually not the crusty edge (that becomes my treat). Also, cut up little cubes of cheddar cheese! Both of my daughters LOVE cheese! Those are the main things that I serve, but we've also done some of the Gerber meals, but I usually serve those via spoon, which they are "too old" for! :) They just don't like to be "fed" anymore! They love the crunchy Gerber wagon wheels & the cheesey poofs (sorry I'm not sure what they are actually called). The graham crackers are also a hit, but usually I just give them one at the end of their meal as a "dessert". They do create a bit of a mess, though. They also love tator tot hotdish & stuffing--in small amounts because of the sodium. The biggest hit of all is cut up chunks of pizza!!! GOOD LUCK, I hope I helped give you some ideas!

All food prep seems to take forever when you have twins! Where is the time?

Cut up skinned apples.

Sweet Potato is a children's favorite - sweet AND mushy - what could be better? Peel and cut the potato into "fries" - thick is good. Toss with some oil and put in the oven for 20 minutes. Cool and serve. They can be kept in the fridge for a few days too - serve them cold or warm. Regular skinned potatoes are good too. We forget how easy these foods really are when the oven is so close by.

Avocado - cut and serve. Some kids love avocado and they are so good for you! High in fat, they contain enough real food that you could live off of them.

Tofu - Get the "hard" kind: drain the water it comes in, cut up into squares and saute in a pan with some oil until they are lightly browned. I know it sounds weird, but toddlers like tofu. If they don't you're only out a few dollars. Tofu is high in protein and digests well.

French Toast is also nice and soft and easy to chew. You may consider removing the crusts, but you probably don't need to for 10 month olds if they are eating hotdogs. French toast can also be stored in the fridge and served cold.

Scrambled eggs.
Fried eggs.
Hard boiled eggs - my kids always loved these.
Macaroni - anything that isn't flat or stringy.
Steamed carrots.
Pancakes - try the whole grain and get them hooked on whole grains early.

Beans - Now I know this is totally weird but try it: Open a can of kidney beans, drain and saute with some onion and oil in a pan for a few minutes and cool. Toddlers like to pick them up one at a time - it's as fun as cheerios but better for you. Kidney beans have lots of flavor that toddlers find interesting and they are super good for you. Truly, you could just open, drain and serve ~ they will eat them if they like them either way. Then you can try other beans: black beans, pinto, chick peas, navy.... all are high in protein and can be eaten right from the can, cooked well or slightly cooked.

The more variety you can add to a child's diet when they are eating "finger" foods the better they will eat for a lifetime. May I suggest buying organic? It tastes better and will keep your babies healthier too.

My daughter loved to eat peas, green beans and carrots from the can. We would cut up the green beans into pieces and cut up the Carrot slices as well. Cut up cheese and lunch meat work well too. They sell cubed turkey and ham at Cub Foods that if you cut up smaller, work great.

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