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Expired Formula - Aurora,IL

I found a large unopened can of Formula in my pantry that just expired in February. My son is 16 months old so he no longer uses formula; in fact we found out he has a dairy allergy and he shouldn't have had it at all! (Oops)

My question is how important is the expiration date-I'd hate to throw away a $20 can of unopened formula, but I don't want to give it away if it's no good. Any experience on using formula once it's past the magic date on the can? Thanks!

What can I do next?

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"When in doubt throw it out"...$20.00 bucks is not worth taking a chance on tummy troubles for anybody.

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If you're looking for a place to donate it to perhaps an animal shelter would take it. My parents raised English bulldogs and my mother would get outdated baby formula from our local pharmacy to use in making the puppy "baby food". It may also be helpful just as it is for puppies who have to be bottle fed.

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check out freecycle.org for a local group. You can give it away on that (if other posters say it's OK). It's great way to give/get what you need.

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My ped. told me 6 months after the expiration. I used it with my son and had no problem.

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i would just throw it out. i don't think anyone would want an opened expired can of formula.

Call the 800 number on the can. I have done that with other kinds of foods before to get estimates on how long after the date you can use the items.

I'd check with wildlife rehab places like Willowbrook in Glen Ellyn. They might be able to use it.

My doctor said you can use it for a little while after the date, but I didn't ask how long is a "little while" since I never ended up needing it. You could call your pediatrician. I know the nutrients end up breaking down so it isn't as nutritious. Probably not a big deal only a month out of date, but I would ask the doc to be sure.

You can give it away and it would be fine. If the expiration date is only a month ago its still good. Thats just the date it has to be out of the store. You could give it to a friend or post it on www.freecycle.com in your area and another idea is give it to a food pantry they always are in need.

I would say its fine for at least a couple months after the date. I wouldnt throw it out. Im sure someone can use it.

Donate it to an animal resuce shelter, I am sure there is some orphan animal that would beinifit from it. I don't think anyone who works with needy babies or families would accept it even though it is fine.

"When in doubt throw it out"...$20.00 bucks is not worth taking a chance on tummy troubles for anybody.

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