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Switching Formula Brands...

We have gotten free samples of formula from Enfamil and Similac. We decided to use Enfamil with our daughter, but I hate not to use the Similac. We cannot donate the formula since nobody will take it even though it hasn't been opened. SO...I was wondering if anyone has ever switched brands with your little ones?? Our pedi's nurse said that it was okay as long as the ingredients were the same. Just wondered if anyone has done this and how it worked out. Thanks in advance!!!

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There's a place called Hope Pregnancy Center in Cedar Park that accepts unopened cans of formula for pregnant women who have a low-income family. If you'd like me to come get it and deliver it to them, I'd be happy to but I can only come in the morning to get it.


I had the same question and my pediatrician said to keep it because after the first few weeks/months they can change when they get older without it being an issue. So, hold on to it...you will use it later, per the Dr.

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There's a place called Hope Pregnancy Center in Cedar Park that accepts unopened cans of formula for pregnant women who have a low-income family. If you'd like me to come get it and deliver it to them, I'd be happy to but I can only come in the morning to get it.


I have no experience with formula, but why won't anyone take it? You can't resell it, of course (though plenty of people do....), but I don't see why you can't donate unopened formula samples. I have three children and have had samples of Enfamil, Similac, and Nestle Good Start sent to me, and I've donated all of it. Many of the donations occurred after hurricanes (Rita and Ike), but I also donate it to the church.

***After reading the other responses, I really have to say you are NOT supposed to resell FREE samples. It's not allowed, and it's not ethical to sell something that was sent to you for free. Just my two cents, but churches will take it, you might have friends that will need it, a WIC person has said you can donate it to WIC, and Freecycle and Craigslist are excellent ideas. Please don't sell it - that's really not ethical.

Hi L.,
I had to switched formulas (and brands) several times, it can upset their tummy a little for a day or too but it will be ok (not usually bad though). I ended up using Enfamil AR lipil, it has extra rice starch. My baby threw up alot on several formulas, but this one stopped that. Your baby should do fine switching, especially if she isn't throwing it up. A little spit up is normal the few few days of switching but after a couple days of spitting up her tummy will adjust to it. (if she spits up at all, she might not)
About your left over, new unopened formula, you can sell it on Ebay. People do it all the time. I did :) Just be sure of the cost of shipping it so you can get all your shipping cost from the buyer. If you've never ebayed,
( www.ebay.com ) just box up your formula, look at the postal website (www.usps.com) pick you out a zipcode from far away (up towards the northern states)& take your box to the post office to let them weigh it & get a cost to mail it to that zip code. That way the cost to mail it should be close to the same anywhere you send it & you can put a fixed shipping cost on your Ebay ad. Another thing is the Post Office may have a flat rate priority box that your formula will fit in, you can ask & see. I would give the Formulas expiration date on the Ebay ad also.
You can email me back if I can further assist you in selling it on Ebay. I have twins & sold their clothes on there when they dressed alike, so I am an experienced Ebayer so to speak :) Love it!
Hope this helps you.
Have a great week!

The giving away of the formula is no problem, freecycle.com is bound to be in your area. This is a place that if you need something or have something that can be used by someone else you can use. There is no fee for anything. At least look into it. You may be pleased that you did.

I tried changing formula with my son, and he ended up throwing up every time I fed him. I went back to enfamil and stayed with it. Never changed with my daughter in fear of the same thing happening.

How about giving away the Similac formula to your mommy friends who have young ones too? I get Enfamil and Similac powder formula samples as well and since I am not at the point of using it yet (still solely breastfeeding my 5 month old boy), I ask my friends who have babies or toddlers if they can use it. If they can't use it, I ask if they know of anyone who can. Getting formula for free is awesome and I have no problem seeking out folks who can use it.

You can also give it away for free on Freecycle or Craigslist in your area. Since I live outside of Austin, TX, I use the Austin Freecycle (it's a Yahoo group) and the Austin Craigslist website with lots of success.

When I do use formula, my choice is Enfamil. Personally, I just stick to Enfamil so I can't give you any advice on switching back and forth.

Hope this helps!

Totally fine to do that....what you need to wean on and off is going from milk to soy, or gentle, etc...you can do the similac, she should be fine :)

Hey L.,
You could hang onto the similac until she's about 6 months old and then use it...i found my boys tolerated switching much better when they were a little older.

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