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Do I Need to See My Ob or Regular Doc If Either?

Just found out we are pregnant and due in february I just want to be safe. So I started out with a sore throat for a day and a half and now have phelm that is greenish ( gross I know) and a terrible head ache my teeth hurt I feel a little warm and kinda nauseas. Do I need to go in or does this sound like just a head cold? If I need to go in do I see my ob or a regular doc? My first appointment isn't til July 24th. Thanks again for the help!

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Congratulations! Sorry you aren't feeling so well. Oddly enough I got a sinus infection with both pregnancies early on... the only two I've ever had. I'll call the OB first, then probably see the GP. They put me on antibiotics for it, but the kind that were okay for pregnant people. Helped greatly. They also did suggest a sinus rinse first - tried to avoid the antibiotocs, but it didn't improve.
Good luck and enjoy the pregnancy - it will go FAST!

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Oh no fun! But congrats on the pregnancy! It might just be a cold, but since you're pregnant your immune system isn't fully up to speed like normal so it really wouldn't hurt to run in to see the doctor. Go to your regular doctor for this as your OB is trained in basic medicine but doesn't specialize in it. Just tell your doctor you're pregnant and they won't prescribe anything you can't take. If you just want to try some home cold medicine, call your OB's office and they can recommend some over the counter medicines that are safe to take while pregnant. Hope you feel better soon!

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It sounds like a sinus infection. I have had at least one with every pregnancy. The sooner you get antibiotics, the sooner you'll feel. Just make sure to tell the doctor you're pregnant. The Z-pak always works well for me, but there are some strands of sinus infections that don't respond to it. Congratulations!

Hi R. - congratulations on your pregnancy! Just go to your doc - you probably have a sinus infection. Avoid any OTC cold/flu that your doc has not approved. My doc gave me a handout that had a list of all the safe OTC meds. There are plenty of antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy but some are not so make sure they know you are pregnant when you visit.

all the best!

If it were me, I would call my OB, talk to the nurse there, and see what they thought I should do. Some OBs want to see you for almost everything during your pregnancy--others don't. Call and see if they think you need to be seen, and by whom.


Go see your regular Dr, since it is not a pregnancy issue. I had the exact same thing early in my second pregnancy!

I would get in to the doctor. I had something that sounds exactly like this this last month. I needed antibiotics. Interesting you say your teeth hurt because mine did too. It took a few weeks for my symptoms to start to go away, even with the antibiotics. I would go to you regular doctor and of course, note that you are pregnant. Oh, I hated being sick and being pregnant...there's so many things you can't take!! If anyone brings up any homeopathic remedies, I would try those if you're up to it! Feel better soon!!!

Hi Rachel,

I would go in to see your regular doctor. It sounds like you have a sinus infection - green phlegm usually indicates infection. I have had my share, and it will probably not get better without antibiotics. Your regular doctor can give you an antibiotic that is safe for pregnancy. I always called my OBGYN before taking the meds just to make sure too. I know you hate to take anything while pregnant, but if it is a sinus infection it can get really bad, and it's no fun to be really sick when preggo! You can try warm saline nasal washes with a netti pot, or just the saline mist sprays they sell at the drugstore. It helps with the congestion. I alway gargle with warm salt water too when I have a sore throat and it always helps with the pain.I hope you feel better soon!


Regular doctor. Many OB's don't want to see you before 8 weeks. There's not much for them to do before then. And a family doctor will be more aware of the various illnesses currently in your area.

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