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Pregnant with the Worse Head Cold/ Sinus Infection Ever

Hey moms,
Im 32 weeks pregnant and have a really nasty head cold/ sinus infection. My doctor is on vacation, and when I went to the pharmacy this morning, the pharmacists told me all the medicines they carried were unsafe for pregnant women. All Ive been taking is allergy pills and they are not doing a thing. I was also told eye drops and nasal spray is unsafe as well. Anyone know of any home remedies to get rid of this??? My symptoms are: stuffy-runny nose, sinus pain and pressure, itchy-watery-red-dry eyes, itchy and sore throat, coughing, and fever. Thanks for the help.

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Get a Neti Pot! I used one when I was pregnant with my son, and it works wonders. Feels really strange, and you might want some help the first time, but it really does work.
Good luck!

My sister swears by a Neti-Pot. It is kindof a gross concept but is drug free. I believe they sell them at Wallgreens like stores. Good luck.

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Neti Pot, Neti Pot, Neti Pot. I can't say it enough! It saved my life when I was pregnant! I think you can also take regular Sudafed and regular Benadryl. I took Children's Benadryl when I was pregnant. I slathered myself up with Baby Vicks too. It's non-medicated, but it really works. I would imagine that there's someone in your doctor's office, even if the doctor is on vacation. I would call and see if there's anyone there that can answer the question. If not, try your regular family doctor.

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Neti pot for nasal irrigation. Dr. Oz even showed this on Oprah a few years ago. Very gross but very affective. I had the worst allergies when I was pregnant and I swear the Neti pot has saved me from a sinus infection. Now I use it when I start to feel a cold come on and during allergy season. It helps tremendously. It takes a little bit to get used to but is a natural way to clear out your sinuses and feel worlds better. I think it also helps wash the allergens out of your sinuses and gives you a bit of relief too.

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I was given a long list of meds I CAN take while pregnant and among others, Sudafed was on it. Good luck. :)

Go out to a drug store or health food store and get a neti pot. It can really help with the sinus congestion and allergies. --R. H.

My sister swears by a Neti-Pot. It is kindof a gross concept but is drug free. I believe they sell them at Wallgreens like stores. Good luck.

Get a Neti Pot! I used one when I was pregnant with my son, and it works wonders. Feels really strange, and you might want some help the first time, but it really does work.
Good luck!

Decaffeinated hot tea might ease some of the symptoms--maybe add a little honey and lemon. I don't think anyone has suggested a chiropractor yet. I used to get chronic sinus infections and now whenever I feel one coming I go get my sinuses adjusted. It hurts at the time, but it opens up the passages to allow drainage. Either a Neti Pot or saline nasal spray are good ideas too. I think you can take Tylenol for the fever. If it truly is a sinus infection, you might need a prescription for antibiotics.

I would ask the dr. about two things - using a saline rinse (like a neti pot, for example) and also taking garlic.

I had a nasty sinus infection while I was around 38 weeks. My doctor gave me antibiotics that cleared it right up. They were safe to take. Cold medicine or allergy medicine will do nothing for you if you have an infection. Isn't there another doctor you can see?

When I was pregnant, my midwife said I could use the OTC Afrin to help when it came to nighttime and not being able to sleep due to the congestion. I only used it at night and only for 3 DAYS!!! After that, it has a rebound effect and will make it worse. It was a lifesaver. The neti pot sounds better and has the same effect, but if you can't get to a store that carries it, the Afrin may be worth a try. I also agree with the Vix vapo rub. I did the same with my feet that I do with my kids and that is to slather Vix on the feet and put socks on. It seems to work better with my kids, but I was desperate and it may or may not have done the trick. Sorry you are so sick!!!! Good luck and feel better soon.

go to another dr. since yours is out of town- a sinus infection needs antibiotics asap since an untreated infection is not good for baby. i got 3 sinus infections while pregnant- you are extremely supceptible to them while pregnant.
sudafed and tylenol are safe as is benadryl
put a steamer/humidifier in your room, use a neti pot and saline spray. hot tea and hot showers help too.
hope you feel better!

I feel you. I was so sick at 37 weeks that I coughed myself into labor by breaking my water with coughing.

I know there are things I took. I don't remember what products specifically. Why would no one be covering your OB docs' calls? What about your PCP? Nurse on call? There's gotta be someone that can answer your product questions.

You can use saline nasal spray, gargle with salt water, have tea with lemon & honey, steamy showers.

There are antibiotics you can take while pregnant. If it truly is a sinus infection, go see your primary care doctor. Agree on the neti pot, afrin. Breathe rite menthol strips also helped me greatly. Stay away from dairy for a while too, makes mucus secrections thicker. Sinus infections stink. Feel better soon! A chiropractor adjustment could help too. And steamy compresses

I think Sudafed and Tylenol are all you can take unless you have an infection. When I was sick when I was pregnant, I just camped in our bathroom running a hot shower. It's miserable, but it'll pass.

Seriously see any doctor and get on antibiotics. I let mine go for 4 weeks and was coughing so much I cracked a rib at 34 weeks! It was very painful and now I can't sleep on my right side. Go see a doc...and try using a Neti pot to clean out your sinuses. I was very hesitant but it makes you feel so much better!

I've been sick several times this pregnancy (the joys of having a toddler already!). You can also use regular strength Tylenol for sinus pain and fever - make sure it's regular strength, not so easy to find. Gargle with warm salt water several times a day. Take warm showers to loosen all the gunk. Tea or even just hot water with lemon and honey or apple cider vinegar and honey is heaven for the throat. You can also suck on hard candies but not most cough drops. Make sure you're getting enough fluids and nutrients. And rest, rest, rest as much as you can.

Oh, good luck. I just got over something similar and feel for your misery.

NETI POT. they aren't really that gross. you just run warm salt water through your sinuses. it goes in one side of your nose and comes out the other. do it over the sink and have a box of kleenex to blow and blow and blow. it will make a world of difference and you can do it several times a day. once you try it you will swear by it.

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