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Deodorant for Young Daughter

My oldest daughter is 7 1/2 years old, and I just noticed a few days ago that she is starting to have some underarm odor. I was SO not expecting anything like this for at least a few more years. Does anyone know of a gentle deodorant that we could try for her tender little-girl skin? I don't want her to feel emberassed by this new change in her body, but rather embrace it as a part of growing up. I'm afraid that even the deodorants geared towards teens would be way too harsh for her. Something very natural would be ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mamas!

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We love Tom's of Maine for deodorant and toothpaste :-)

Oh, and I have used cornstarch based powders.

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My young daughter wears Secret clear gel with a scent. She has fun picking out the fun scents when it is time to by a new one. They have rose, apple, pear, etc..I love that it is clear and does not get on her clothes.

My daughter uses Dove deodarant. She has very sensitive skin, and it is the only one that does not give her a rash.
W. M.

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We love Tom's of Maine for deodorant and toothpaste :-)

Oh, and I have used cornstarch based powders.

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What I would suggest doing since she is so young. would be to make sure she washes really well under her armpits and apply a powder like baby powder with cornstarch or something like that to soak up the moisture and see if that helps.

Hi J.,

I would have your daughter checked out by a physician. A friend of mine's daughter started developing early due to all the estrogen mimickers in our lifestyles now, and you should make sure this is not the cause of your daughters odor. There are treatments to help stop the progression of early development, if you catch it early enough. For your sake and your daughters health, make sure you get her checked out.

N. T.

You could try Crystal Deodorant - it's mineral salt based.

Bubble and Bee makes the best all natural deodorant! I use it and LOVE it! It works so well!


My young daughter wears Secret clear gel with a scent. She has fun picking out the fun scents when it is time to by a new one. They have rose, apple, pear, etc..I love that it is clear and does not get on her clothes.

I use baby powder on my daughter nearly every summer. She is seven now. She likes it as we use a powder puff and it makes her feel pretty...Personally, I am not going to let her use deodorant until she gets a little older, but everyone is different...

Most deodorants on the market are too harsh for women of ANY age. Crystal deodorants have achieved much warranted acclaim lately.

Here's an on-going conversation about it, just for the hoot:

If you do the baby powder, make sure to mix it with an equal amount of baking soda. The soda neutralizes the odors. This was used by many women as a deodorant before deodorants became commercially available.... Another all-natural deodorant is a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda...mixed fresh each morning before application, it is incredibly effective, but might be a little too complicated for a 7-1/2 year old to mess with. Best of luck!


It seems you have lots of suggestions on types of deoderant but I thought I might suggest if you don't already have it to get a book put our by American Girl. It is all about girls bodys and how they will be changing overr the next few years. It addresses taking care of yourself and how to deal with all the things related to being a girl. It might help her understand how all this comes to pass. Both my neices who are now 14 and 9 have a copy and I think it might be a good way to help talk to your daugther about these subjects. My sister always swears by it. The book is called "The Caring and Keeping of You".

I know you can buy it online but I also noticed they are carrying the American Girl books at Barnes & Noble.

Best of Luck,

J., odor comes from bacteria, which we all have to varying degrees. It's not sweat that smells, amazingly enough! So, one suggestion is a great product, Melaleuca Oil (aka Tea Tree oil) which is an antiseptic, antibacterial oil. You can occassionally put a little bit on a Qtip and "wash" the area. That should take care of it!

I represent a company that distributes Melaleuca oil and other natural products, so let me know if I can help!


Hi J.,
I have a son with the same issue.. Personally, I try to stay away from chemical filled deodorants and found that Tom's (Calendula scent) makes the best natural one. It is available in pretty much all natural stores, but Walgreen's carries it too!
Good luck,

Hi J.,
You sound almost like me! My dd is 7.5, I am homeschooling her too. I have a 4 yo ds, and 2 yo dd) For my daughter, she uses Trader Joe's deodorant, unscented and not an antiperspirant. I have heard of a crystal deodorant too.

I will be hs my son in the fall. Are you part of a homeschool group? They can really help you with info and adult conversation!

Good luck!

I would try Toms of Main. They have good natural products.
I would also make sure she scrubs her arm pits really well every day.
good luck

I'd try a deoderant soap first and then make sure she wears 100% cotton shirts. A lot of kids clothes and PJ's are polyester which is like wearing a plastic bag!
There are natural deoderants on the market - try a health food store.
Also - look at her diet - some foods make you stinky - like garlic or processed meats like hot dogs or bologna.
Good old baby powder would help and not make her feel wierd - my son has lavendar scented powder and my hubby likes the smell so much he keeps stealing it!

I am very sensitive to chemicals, and particularly aluminum zirconium, and I have found that the Tom's Natural unscented seems to deal with odor without reeking of some scent, and it's very gentle on my skin. You could also make your own doedorant powder, I am sure there are recipes on the internet somewhere :)

Try "Toms of Maine". It's natural. My sister has had good use of it with her 5 year old daughter. You may want to investigate medically as well by haveing your daughters endochrine system checked for hormone levels in the body.

Hi J.,
my daughter is 10 my other just turned 8 my 10 year old has the same problem well its not a problem it part of growing up I give them both the same thing since my 8 year old likes to act like her big sis
Secret power fresh the same thing I use works just fine
Good luck
Danielle Mom of 4

aubrey's "high c plus e" deodorant can be found at health food stores or online. it works really well for me and it is one of the rare deodorants that has ALL natural ingredients. smells great too!

good luck.

EMBRACE it??? That may be asking a lot of her. I still don't embrace it, and I'm 51.

That's all I had to say. :0)

I sent a query about this same issue a couple months ago. My 7 year old daughter has body odor when she's been active. It does not bother her so we don't use deodorant. I have asked her teacher to let me know if anyone is teasing her or if the smell is an issue. Body odor is normal at this age for some kids and does not indicate early onset of puberty. We do encourage her to wash her arm pits when she washes.

this might sound odd, but how much meat does she eat?

eating a lot of red meat can contribute to body odor. sounds nutty, but it was an actual medical study.


Hi J.,

I am a wellness consultant and when you have body odor the body is not getting enough water to flush out toxins. That is so much more important than deodorant.

I would give her living water as it will absorb in the cells better.

If you use a deodorant I recommend you not use an anti or anything with aluminum.

Hope this helps.

N. Marie

Dear J.,

My daughter has the same problem. Since discovering it I've also been using Crystal body deodorant roll on. It does not have anti-persperant, and is hypoallegenic, frangrance & paraben free, and has no aluminum chlorohydrate. Basically, we need deodorant only. And this fits the bill.

Good luck.
S. Q.

Hi J. I have a Senior getting ready to graduate in less than a month and we've had this problem since the age of your daughter. We use Avon's Sweet Honesty roll-on deorderant it's lightly scented and it usually costs 99 cents so I stock up so I don't have to buy it often. My daughter loved it then and she loves it now.

We tried regular deoderants in the stores but we always go back to Sweet Honesty. It makes them feel girly since it has the same scent as the cologne. My mom tried the crystal and it didn't work so she just kept looking around for something that worked for her. I'm glad some people find it benefical. I hope whatever you decide on works best for you and your daughter.

And as for an explanation you can just tell her this is natural but that she is going through it a little earlier than most kids and that its not a big deal. If you make it a big issue then they can rebel, sometimes kids will rebel over the littlest things.

W. H in Sac,Ca

I would go to a health food store like WHole Foods and get a powder or deoterant rather than anti- perspirant(aluminum). You could also mix a little tea tree oil or lavendar oil in a small squirt bottle with water and let her try spraying a bit of that after showers or baths. Also up her water intake and watch any processed or unnatural foods she may be eating. Good luck!

I use Kiss My Face lavendar deodorant. It's very gentle, all-natural, and the scent isn't too strong. Go to Whole Foods or a natural pharmacy; there are lots of choices now for natural deodorants.

My daughter uses Dove deodarant. She has very sensitive skin, and it is the only one that does not give her a rash.
W. M.

Aubrey Organics "High C" roll on deodorant. This is all I ever use. It's very natural and very gentle. It's not going to be "strong" like an antiperspirant - but those have aluminum in them and are very bad for you. I actually recommend all of the Aubrey Organics products. I did extensive research and extensive label reading and this line of products is truly the most organic and most natural that you can use. I'm chemically sensitive - so it really matters to me. I now make my husband and step-son use only Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise if they use "Pert" or some other drug store brand I feel like I'm going to gag when I hug them and my nose gets close to their hair. Another option is getting a deodorant "crystal." It is just a crystal rock - you put a little water on it then apply. The crystal minerals act as a pretty decent deodorant and a pretty good alternative to true antiperspirants. This is what my husband now uses. I tried it, and didn't like it as much as using the Aubrey Organics roll on. It sort of depends on what you need. I don't tend to sweat much. I would really have to "work out" to sweat - and when I do that, I don't care if I smell because I shower right after. So for daily use, the light natural fragrence of the roll on is fine for me. My husband sweats - so the crystal is a better choice for him because it actually has properties that neutralize the bacteria from the sweat. I would recommend either one for a youngster. Aubrey Organics is generally only sold in "health food" stores - Rainbow Grocery in SF, Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley (which I think is gone now) and similar type stores. Or you may be able to order it online. They do have a website. I think you can get the crystals in more places. Just make sure that it is only a crystal rock.

My girls are 10. We use Toms natural deodorant. It works great. It's just a deodorant without antiperspirant (sp?)

Try Crystal Body Deodorant Spray. They also have a roll-on, (which I use), but the spray is just water and mineral salts. It seems to work well for my son who is 8. You can usually find it at Target. If not, Whole Foods or amazon should carry it.

Here's a link:



At this age you want to make sure it is just a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant. tom's makes a good more natural one, with a couple of variety of scents. I know trader Joes and target carry it, but i'm sure you can get that brand most anywhere these days.

If she's not worried about it, you should just make sure she showers every day, and wait until she feels the need to use it. My son started asking for deodorant when he was 9, and I was not expecting it until puberty, but puberty is coming so much earlier for our kids than it did for most of us. Crystal deodorant is what I like. It is just mineral salts, and it is not an anti-perspirant, but it works well, costs very little, and has no scent or residue. If you can't find it at the grocery store, check Target or a natural foods store.

Trader Joe's has good gentle ones... ONLY USE DEODORANT...NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT (it contains aluminum and that is bad for brain)

Love, G.. :0)

"I know of nobody who is purely Autistic or purely neurotypical. Even God had some Autistic moments, which is why the planets all spin." ~ Jerry Newport

Hi J.,

You could try baby powder first-- have her wash and dry her armpits really well and then put baby powder on after. If that doesn't work for her, then I would get her Dove deodorant. Its gentle and smells great. You could get the unscented too if she is concerned about a scent.


I use the crystal deodorant for myself. Its just alum salts. You wet it, then rub it on your underarms and that's it. You can also use witch hazel or diluted tea tree oil, as well. If she's concerned about the wetness, you could use cornstarch to help absorb it. As the other posts have recommended, I would also look into her diet and be aware that most of our conventional and convenience foods are loaded with estrogens that could cause her to develop faster than she should. Good luck!


We use a brand from the health food store called Kiss My Face Active Enzyme. We like the roll on kind the best. It works great and is very gentle and all natural.

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