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Body Odor in Almost 8 Year Old Daughter

Hi...my daughter is starting to get major body odor under her armpits. It is very noticeable when I pick her up after school. And this weekend, on Saturday, we were barely gone from home when she mentioned she was hot (we were outside walking) and her pits smelled (to put it bluntly). Is it too young to start wearing deodorant? If not, is there a kids deodorant out there? In a way I hate to start her out on that (the aluminum and all...) but I don't want her to be offensive or be made fun of. Thanks for the tips.

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Wow, I couldn't believe all the responses. The early puberty issue has prompted me to relook at not only her diet but the diet for the rest of the family. Big problem is going to be dad, because he is a whole milk, meat and potatoes type of guy. Wish me luck! I am starting to make sure she washes well under her arms in the morning. I have spoken with her about being more diligent with proper hygiene, etc. and she's just like "okay" and ran off to play. :) I am still researching deodorants and blocks and oils. I will update when I make a decision and let you all know! Thanks for all the input!

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I didn't read the other response - so sorry if I am repeating. But, my daughter is 7 and I've recently noticed the same thing. She uses the same kind as me - Secret and it works fine for her. No more stinkiness.

She will likely start her period soon... so prepare her. As far as deodorant goes - YES - use it! Other kids can be cruel, so spare her. There are non- aluminum ones - I love the one that is a liquid with a roller ball by Kiss My Face. I get it at the health food store and some Publix stores carry it.

Tom's Deodorant is a good one for kids because it is free of aluminum. My son is six and uses it on days he plays sports and is overly active. You can buy it at Wal-mart.

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Both me & my husband use natural, aluminum-free deoderant.
I buy it a whole foods.
it's liken by earth science.
I like the rosemary mint and my husband like the unscented.

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Hi K.,
My daughter was the same age (she is now 9)and I asked my pediatrician. She said it is normal, hormones are beginning to change. You may be noticing your daughter also has more mood swings. I was reassured that this did not mean that her period would start early too. I was terrified of that for her. I bought her the rock salt deoderant that is all natural. Most stores sell it, or the TOMS of Maine that has no aluminum works well also. I steered away from the regular deoderants because you just don't know, but try the natural ones, they work just as well.

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My daughter is 7 and she started to have the same issue of body odor in her arm pit every now and then. I felt it was a young age for her to start having tween and teenager issues but apparently it's not that uncommon. I believe in organic natural treatments so I would suggest Tom's brand of deodorant it's all natural and aluminum free you can find it at Wal Mart they offer the lowest price, CVS and Walgreen's. My mother also suggested a small amount of baking soda and water mixture or Tussy deodorant of which has been around for decades but I haven't been able to find it in any stores. I hope this information helps.

Hi Cathy well I too have had a similar problem and was concerned about the chemicals and alumimium as well. However I started shopping at this wellness company a year ago and have gone non-toxic and safe with their exclusive brand. So if you want to know what I learned, and it shocked me... I am all too happy to share that info with any concerned Moms. I am not a sales person for them, I'm just a happy very loyal customer and they allow us to share our 40% discount too, if you want to try them yourself! Happy to help! ____@____.com

Perhaps if her diet were cleaner........no sugar, processed foods, little meat, etc., it would make a difference. Her body is working to detox, and stopping that would just force toxins inside.

If you want peace of mind go to the doctor and ask him. If it were my child and it has been I would put deodorant on her. I have never heard of the aluminum thing before. I know there is some teen deodorant on the market.

Tom's Deodorant is a good one for kids because it is free of aluminum. My son is six and uses it on days he plays sports and is overly active. You can buy it at Wal-mart.

If she is starting to have armpit odor, she is probably starting to have armpit hair. My daughters are 12 & 14. Wehn they started to need to wear deoderant we also started to shave there pits. I shaved there armpits for them after they got out of the shower. I did not let them shave themselves until they were out of elementary school. However they are both very involved in youth sports, and we live in Florida so tank tops and bathing suits are a staples and armpit hair is something that I did not want them to get teased about. I did not let them shave there legs until middle school though.

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