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To Young for Deodorant

I was wondering how young is to young to use deodorant? I have a daughter that is going to be 8 next month and she has a odor and me and my husband have been putting my deodorant on her. Is this normal for a child this young? I have not discused this with her doctor. If this is common waht kind of deodorant do you recommed?

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Thank all of you for your responses.I am glad that this has happened to other moms as well, now i don't feel bad putting deodorant on her. I am glad to hear that it is normal, It is hard to believe that girls are getting mature that early. I will kep ypu all updated on my results. Thanks again

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I have a little brother that needed deoderant right around that age....needless to say his son and daughter both have been wearing it since about that age as well. They all started puberty a little earlier than most and needed it. I don't believe it will harm them. My brother is fine and he's 35. His children are now 12 and 9 and they are fine.

All of my kids needed deoderant before kindergarden. Never had any problems or adverse reactions. I started them out with the light weight stuff like Tussy or Avon until it didnt work on them anymore.

Well... I had this problem with my daughter(6)and the best type to use was mittchum on the advice of my ped regular... and it worked perfectly and them I gave her a half of teaspoon of cider vinegar weekly to manager her ph in her ever growing body.

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I have a little brother that needed deoderant right around that age....needless to say his son and daughter both have been wearing it since about that age as well. They all started puberty a little earlier than most and needed it. I don't believe it will harm them. My brother is fine and he's 35. His children are now 12 and 9 and they are fine.

Girls are maturing much younger these days and it's not out of the norm to have a younger child in need of deoderant. In fact, my soon to be seven year old son has become quite the sweaty little guy and is now using deoderant as well.

My daughter who is just 10 started using deodorant when she was 8. She also started shaving when she was 8 too. We have had lots of problems with her and personal care. We have gone through about 10 different brands of deodorant before finding one that works (Secret Clinical for Women!) I know that I was amazed at how young that girls are maturing. She came home a few months ago from school after the day the school had the "girl talk" and told me that 2 girls in her class had started their periods in second grade!!! SECOND GRADE!!!!

Just do what is best for your girls, no age it too young when it comes to personal care.


I wouldn't put your deodorant on her, but they do have some called Teen Spirit. My 10 year old has used it for about a year now.


Deodorant is appropriate girls at 8 years-old,. it's when you look at anti-perspirant that it can be bad for young girls. The aluminum silicate can clog pores and sweat glands under their arms. This has been linked to breast cancer, though I don't know how early this can affect them. I use Tom's of Maine Natural deodorant for my 8 year-old because it is strictly a deodorant. They sell it at most grocery stores or Whole Foods. Hope this helps.

My step-daughter is 10 now and has been using deodorant since she was about 7. She developed early and some kids just need it ealier than others. I recommend Teen Spirt for younger girls, they have cool designs and fun colors. You will probably need to remind her to put it on every day for a while though, I know my step-daughters and their friends who I coach in volleyball, basketball and softball "forget" to put it on and end up stinking pretty bad!

it happens- my daughter is now 19 and has always had it and it hasnt gotton better. I recommend talking to your ped to let them know and see what they advise.

My daughter started wearing deodarant about the same age. She is 10 now. We use a secret solid that goes on clear. I don't think that it's too young. If I remember correctly I started wearing it myself in the second grade.

Hope this helps a little,


Hi D., I have 2 young girls also. One will be 9 next week, the other is 7 1/2. I have had this issue with both of them when they were both around 6. I believe that it has a lot to do with all the hormones in foods these days. I asked my doctor and have friends who have similar issues. They both have advised using deodorants and making sure they wash well under their arms. My girls use "Teen Spirit" I think it's by Mennenn. But I suggest you pick one that works best for your daughter. If she is not allergic to anything, It should be fine. Talk to your doctor. I know there are a lot of 8 year old in my daughter's class that could use some too! Their friends will thank them. Especially this summer! Good luck.

My daughter takes after her father and sweats a lot. She is now 7 and we started using it at 6. We don't use it every day as she doesn't always need it, but when she does, she will use it. I took her to the store and she picked out her scent. I bought her the Secret brand, which I thought would be the best to use on such a young girl. I made suggestions as to what I liked and she was thrilled to be like mommy. She is in dance and I talked to some of the other mothers (girls all the same age) and they also use deodorant as well.

While I get that people develop differently there is a real scary trend toward puberty starting younger and younger. I would be concerned about hormones in milk and meat if she is in fact starting puberty. However, if it is only a smell I think I would look into if there are any health issues, or if you are being overly sensitive. Kids do get that salty smell when they play hard, but it is totally different.
We definitely live in a culture obsessed about such things and you don't want her to be embarrassed by her peers about it, but I would avoid the kind of deodorant that is meant for adults (that contains aluminum) as that has been associated with the development of Alzheimer's and other things, and stick with something natural for now.

have you tied a different brand of soap? I knw i can't use zest,it was the only soap my mom would buy but it left me smelling like an old starting to spoil onion! yeck,if you really need to use a deoderant I would not use an antipersperant they can cause clogged pores and other problems,the mildest deoderant I know of can be gotten mail order at www.yvesrocher.com/usa
its the Haemelis(sp?) brand they have soap also thats very mild and pleasant smelling without being over bearing
also you might want to check with the pediatrician to be sure there isn't something else going on

Hi D., my daughter is 13 now, and I remember her needing deoderant at a young age. I used the all natural soap from the health food store and I also used Tussy (which is a very mild soap) and can be found at Walgreens. I didn't use mine on her right away because I thought something without extra stuff (like color and perfume) would be better. She's older now and I buy the teenage themed deoderants for her. I hope this helps.

I have given 2 of my daughters a natural deodorant, not antiperspirant. I wanted to avoid the aluminum that is in the antiperspriants. Tom's of Maine or other natural deodorants work for them. My middle child noticed her odor at about the age 6.

Everyone develops at different ages and stages. My daughter started using deodorant around that time and I just let her pick from the teen versions to try. She loved the scents. I would let her go with you and let her pick what she wants. After a while my daughter moved to my brand because it didn't seem effective. Embrace this with her and let her know this is just an exciting stage and it is okay.

Check out her diet. She shouldn't have bad BO. Lots of fruits and veggies? H20? My 10 year old uses the Toms of maine stuff. I wouldn't use an antipersirant on her, just a deoderant
check the label.


My daughter has been using deodorant since she was 5. We thought she had something called 'percocious puberty', which is when you show signs of puberty way too early, but she didn't. Just body odor. Our doctor said it was ok to use deodorant, and she has been using it ever since. (she is 10 now) Hope that helps!

I'm not goint to exactly answer your question, but why don't you see if her belly button, if it goes in, has an accumulation of yucky stuff in it that smells.

D. - I lol when I read your post. My 8 yr. old daughter has been lobbyng to wear deordorant for awhile. Then just a few weeks back she wiped under her arm with her hand, then put her hand by my nose and said "see!!!" I decided to give her one of my extra non-aluminum, organic deordorant sticks. It's all natural and safe. Now she can use it when she wants - and of course her fascination with being a "big girl" is slowly fading - and she's lost interest in using the deordorant. Overall, I figure the option is now there for her to decide. Best to you. Hope this helps.


sometime young children that have an odor may not be from their under arms . Take her to her Dr and let him check her out. it can be from her sinus passage being blocked I know this sounds strange but is true.

Well... I had this problem with my daughter(6)and the best type to use was mittchum on the advice of my ped regular... and it worked perfectly and them I gave her a half of teaspoon of cider vinegar weekly to manager her ph in her ever growing body.

All of my kids needed deoderant before kindergarden. Never had any problems or adverse reactions. I started them out with the light weight stuff like Tussy or Avon until it didnt work on them anymore.

You don't have use deodorant at all for the smell. We use a mixture of Baking Soda and Cornstarch (the cornstarch helps to keep from clumping). Just dab it on with a powder puff or your hand. Nothing harsh at all.

For use it works better than the natural deodorants and I had always sweat a lot even with the anti-perspirant/deodorants like Degree.


Dear D.,

I have a daughter who is almost 11 but at around 7 she started to have really bad BO. The first thing we did was wash her armpits at night and in the morning (she sweats at night) This seemed to help. We also used different soap just for her armpits because she uses dove soap as she has sensitive skin but the dove wasn't strong enough for the armpits. That worked as well. She did start wearing deodorant around 8 1/2 years old but I wouldn't recommend adult deodorant. We started with teen spirit but then I found an all natural one at Walmart (no aluminum) and she wears that.

It doesn't matter about age. I would talk to her doctor but the problem is there no matter what. Todays children are maturing faster daily. I would go to the drugstore and read the labels on deodorants and decide which is the best. She certainly needs something if she has an odor. Another suggestion is to have her wash thoroughly under her arms and pat BAKING SODA on the area. This is an old fashioned remedy but it really works. Good luck.

I am a 32-year old new mom of a three month old girl. I started wearing deodarant very early on. I start menstruating when I was only nine years old. And I think I was shaving my legs by age 12. I know it's not common (most of my friends were well into high school before getting their periods). But, my mother had taken me to the doctor and nothing was wrong with me. And I turned out to be a healthy adult.
That said, I know that being a mom has made me into a worry-freak. If it gives you piece of mind, it won't hurt to take a quick trip to the pediatrician. Always better to be safe than sorry!
Good luck!

Everyone is different. I am a mom to 3 great kids. My youngest actually just turned 8 2 months ago. I also work at a school. All children will be different in their "growing up" aspects. I do not believe it is too early. If it helps and everyone is better, then I say go for it. Believe it or not, worried about deodorant @ 8 years and some young girls even start their periods @ 9 years. It just seems to get younger & younger. GOOD LUCK!!

Simple really...If she has smell coming from her arms,no matter what age have her use it, my neice had to use it at that age as well as some female products. I would use teen spirit and see how that goes. If not try another brand.

It is normal judging from my three who are now 16, 18 & 22. I started them with a more natural deoderant like Kiss My Face Liquid Crystal roll on. Now they have their own preferences.

Food for thought, while I understand with all the chemicals and hormones in foods and tableware kids are reaching puberty earlier and earlier and may need to wear deoderant, I would simply choose a rock salt type deoderant that doesn't prevent sweating, but kills bacteria that form on the skin that cause the odor. No perfume, aluminum, or other chemicals to interupt a childs skin. It lasts a long time, you just wet it and rub it on.

Okay this being said things you want to make sure of...

she doesn't have diabetes, hypo-hyperthyroidism, infections, tooth decay/abcesses, fungal infections.

she is bathing regularly/daily and completely soaping everywhere and rinsing everywhere.

she is eating a well balanced diet/with little if any soda and enough good oils.

she is exercising, this will cause her to sweat and clear debris out of the pores.

she is close to the weight she should be not over or under.

My concern would be to check her health first.


I am not sure how young is too young, but my oldest started to have an odor when she was six--enough to bother those around her (I wanted to leave it alone but when someone brought it to my attention I felt compelled to do something before she started getting teased). I did talk to the doctor and, my trusted ped said that it comes from bacteria produced in the body (so young, I had to know). I was satisfied with that answer--she went on to recommend frequent washing under the arms. When that no longer worked, I then tried a crystal-type of deodorant, then something without too many chemicals now she is 9 and has been wearing the regular strength stuff for about a year.

To answer your other questions--all my information suggests that it is normal. The deodorant? Let her choose if you think it is appropriate...

Good luck

(my twin girls are just 5 months---you survive, huh? :) )

I wouldn't use deodorant (unless it is natural, like mineral salts or essential oils), rather check her diet. BO is usually caused by something in the diet or bacteria in that area. If you think it is bacterial you can rub some tea tree oil under her arms - dilute it with some jojoba or other oil (that's what I use when I need it; I haven't used deodorant in years, haven't needed to). In terms of diet, you might try increasing her probiotics, particularly if her diet is high in simple carbs and she has had antibiotics. There are tasty ProBugs (Kefir) available in sweet yummy flavors that might help. Talk to your doctor.

my 8 year old daughter also gets occasional B.O. My husband and I were very surprised because we thought this would happen later in relation to hormones. I am curious to see what moms say.

I don't know whether it's too early or not that I would discuss with her doc. However, because she's so little I would use deodorant not anti-perspirant. The anti-perspirant has aluminum in it. The deodorant only brands like Tom's of Maine do not have it. Jewel has organic and only deodorant brands. Of course, whole foods does as well.

Hi D. just be sure and use deoderant and NOT anti persperant. Antiperperant blcos the sweat glands which is one of the ways yor body eliminates toxins. That is not good for anyone least of all a little girl.

The body detoxes through the skin, so I would say it could have something to do with that. I would look at what she eats. A lot of meat, junk, spicy or garlicy foods can do it. I would suggest to any one and everyone to consider a natural deodorant. Anti-persperants have aluminum in them and has been linked to many diseases. Along with the fact that most toletries on the conventinal market are loaded with many other chemicals that are cancer causing. And since she is young and a girl she is going to be affested by these chemicals more than most. When choosing a deodorant, go to bigger health foods store like Whole foods because you can return as many times as you like until you find one that works with your chemisty, even after opening!

Yes, several 8 year olds I've met use deodorant or if they don't, they need it. Heehee. Remember what with modern nutrition and all, kids develop early these days. I've met 10 year olds with breasts.

It would be wise to talk to your doctor just in case though, as there is an illness that causes body odor in young children too and you'd just wanna make sure that her odor is natural and not a symptom of an illness. It's a rare illness though-- I've only met one 9 year old who had it.

I'd use a natural, non anti-perspirant on her. Techincally that's what we should all use, but you have to re-apply it so often it's a pain so nobody does.

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