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Dark Circle Under My 7 Year Old Sons Eyes

I noticed my son has dark circles under his eyes a few day ago and this morning they looked really dark. I am wondering if anyone knows any causes for this. I have looked all over the web and can't find anything too helpful. I need to know if I should be worried or not? Should I take him to the doctors? Please help!!

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He has never had any allergies or asthma. He does have a history of eczema though.

Thank you so much for everyone's advice!! I called his Pediatrician and talked to a nurse, they said if I am really worried I should bring him in, but with no other symptoms it would be okay to wait a couple days. I made an appointment with his Pediatrician for Monday, and plan to keep a log of everything he eats and how much he sleeps to bring to the appointment.

Thanks again for all the advice! And I will keep you posted on what the Ped says.

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My sister always has dark circles under her eyes. She said it had something to do with an iron deficiency or magnesium I can't remember which but if he takes a vitamin of has a well balanved diet and still has circles I would ask a doc.

I'm not a doctor, but my daughter had the same thing happen a couple years ago. I took her to the dr. and it ended up being allergies. Circles under the eyes are one of the common symptoms for allergies. We started her on zyrtec and they went away within about a week or two. Claratin is over the counter for kids and works well too. It's worth a try anyway.

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It could be a number of things. Some are not to worry and some are. You do need to take him to the doctor to find out if it is a concern. I would recommend a wholistic doctor they can treat any of the issues with your son with nutrition.

If you're concerned, always give your doc a call.

He may have allergies - dark circles under the eyes are often present then. You might also look in on him at night to make sure he is sleeping well and that his breathing is normal. He may be having apnea at night. All things to talk to your doc about.

My son has allergies and I was told by our allergist that these "allergy shiners" are because of his allergies. When his allergies are bothering him the most, is when his shiners seem darkest.

K. K

Allergies! My daughter gets these (shiners), and it's a family thing, her dad, aunt and grandma all get them too. Try washing all his bed linens and putting an air purifier in his room, it's possible dust mites or something else in his room is causing the allergy reaction. Or maybe a new dog or cat?

I found this site that may assist you with problem
I know this helps


I found out when my son was 2 that he had asthma, and he has always had the dark circles under his eyes. Sometimes he has even looked like he has had black eyes, from a fight or something of that nature. You may want to ask a doctor about that, or pay attention to what happens depending on what he eats.
I hope this helps.
L. Mosbrucker from Montana

Might be not enough sleep or quality sleep. Check nose for stuffiness and throat for enlarged tonsils and andeniods.

My son, who is also 7, had dark circles under his eyes. I paid no mind to it. Although, I noticed he also had bad breath and sniffled alot. I took him to the doctors and she stated that he had all the tell tale signs of allergies. We put him on singulair and all disappeared. We tried it for a month, as a trial period, and then let him go without for 3 weeks. It is now the end of the 3 weeks and all are back. I have made an appointment with the doctor- I believe he has allergies. I do not know if your son has any of those other signs but it might be worth asking about.

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