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Creative Ways to Announce You're Expecting.

I was wondering if you have any creative ideas on how to tell your husband and family you are expecting.

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Wow! Thanks for all the good ideas. I'm going to give my husband a valentine gift that my 2 yr old helped decorate and the positive test will be inside. For all the grandma's I'm giving them roses on Valentines with a "roses are red" poem inside that announces. For everyone else, I'm sending a Valentine with the poem. I'm glad you are all so creative. Thanks again!!

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I had a ribbon that I tied around my stomach with a little tag on it that said "Do not open until.......(listing my due date)". I was actually due in December so I made the tag with green and red and said it was an early Christmas present.

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I would tell my husband that you need to talk to him. we need to talk about something pick a day to do it

i hope this work for you

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I had my son wear a soon-to-be-a-big-brother t-shirt. It was cute and it took a while for everyone to read the shirt. It was kind of funny when they finally realized what he was wearing.

Have fun!

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My husband and I found out together after taking a home-pregnancy test. However, we did decide to use creative methods to tell our families since most people thought we would never have children (it took us almost 8 years to get married!)

We waited until after our first trimester with both of our children. With our first baby, our first trimester ended just before Father's Day. My husband and I gave each of our fathers a photo album with an ultrasound picture. I'll admit it took both of them a short time to figure out what it was, but when they finally realized what they were looking at, they were overjoyed!

With our second, our first trimester ended just before Valentine's day. Since I love rubber stamping and make hand-made cards, I made Valentine's cards for our immediate family members and wrote the following poem inside:
"Roses are red, violets are blue, there's someone anxious to meet all of you. We know you've been hoping, your wish has come true, a new baby is coming, in August we're due!"


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I think a really cute way with Valentine's day coming up is to send valentine's to your family from the baby to be. Subtle but very cute. Cindy F

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Like LeAnn, I made a shirt for my son that said, "Big Brother March 2005" in pink and blue writing. When my husband came home, my son was wearing the shirt and I had him take the positive pregnancy test to his daddy. My husband was shocked and said, "Well I certainly didn't expect this when I came home today!"

When we were having a family party several weeks later and were ready to tell the family, we had our son wear the same shirt. It took a few minutes before anyone noticed but when they did they thought it was such a cute way to announce it.

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My husband and I just had our first baby last year. I found out we were expecting the Saturday before Valentine's day. It just so happened I already had a special dinner planned for that evening.

I set the table elegantly with candles. I made a fancy meal and dessert, and even a menu. I had also bought a special dress to wear to the dinner at home. At my husband's place setting a set a box with a bow on it. It was the size of a ring box. Inside was a little card that said "congratulations, you're going to be a daddy [and the date]."

It was so touching and he was surprised. It made our romantic evening even more special.

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I recently thought I was pregnent (but found out I wasn't) but I was going to do this and tell everyone one V-day. On "http://www.mymms.com/" you can personalize M&M's with sayings. I was going to do blue and pink ones and put "Boy or Girl?" and "C-U in
Sept!" Another thing I did for my 2nd baby to tell my husband was put together an Easter basket with blue and pink eggs and baby booties hanging from the handel with 3 positive pregnancy tests inside, while my toddler brought it in to him on Easter morning wearing a shirt that said "I'm the big brother". Later that day we drove to CO to see my family and Ethan continued to wear the shirt...but no one noticed so I just had to tell them.

Good luck!

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Our first was more interesting - he was a first grandchild both sides too! -- Gave my hubby the "stick" in a box, with a bib that said "Love You Daddy"
Had the parents and inlaws over for a brunch - gave the grandmas booties, each got a pink and blue -- there was screaming going on :)
I also like "Lacy's" Tshirt idea -- my SIL had my MIL - wear a shirt that said "My Wife is a Hot Momma" :)

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Okay, like I said in one previous post, Im a little bolder than most, so don't message me and tell me Im a nut! (I already know...LOL) \

My first thought would be to go online and get a t-shirt that says 'knocked-up', I almost bought one just to make my MIL crazy when I was pg. The also have more creative sayings that aren't so crude...haha! Just do a search.


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I had a friend who bought a neutral colored baby outfit and wrapped it up as a gift to her husband. When he opened it, he was confused for a second, then got the idea. They both loved the outcome!
As for telling your parents, you could buy a little something that says "I love my Grandma" or something with grandma or grandpa in it and give it to them as a present.

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