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Need Unique or Special Way to Tell Parents/in-laws That We're Pregnant with #2

Could you please suggest some unique or special way to tell my parents and my brother that we're expecting our 2nd child. They're coming over for dinner this weekend and I want to tell them then. And also I need another special or unique way to tell my in-laws, but they live out of state. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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If you don't want to make the cute t-shirt (who has the time?), you can buy them at the hospital gift shop!

A friend of mine did something very clever...she had her 2 year old wear a t-shirt that she had had printed. It was such a cute idea!

Congratulations! When we announced #2, at a family gathering, I dressed #1 in a T-shirt that said "I'm the big sister" and just waited for people to notice. The looks on my sisters and my mother's faces as they slowly "got it" are still etched in memory, it was great!

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This just popped in my head. If your parents are coming for dinner, & you had a sonogram, make copies in 11X14 paper & make place mats. Cover them with clear plastic or laminate them. See if they notice.
Good luck & God Bless you & your Family. I pray you have a healthy baby & a grat pegnancy.

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We did the T-Shirt thing (with a onesie)... had it embroidered with, "I'm Going to be a Big Sister".

But, we had our daughter wear it under a pair of overalls. (Or you could use a button up shirt, a coat or whatever). When we were ready to make the "Big" announcement, we said, "'Suzy' wants to show you her cool new shirt!" We lowered the top of the overalls and they read the news out loud. Everyone was so excited, big sister got lots of special attention and we were able to make it a "Grand" announcement, rather than just letting people figure it out at random.... (You can tape it!)


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When I was pregnant with my 1st child I told my family by giving each person a bib (gift wrapped) that said "I Love My Grandma", " I love my Uncle", etc....they figured it out right away! It was great and then they presented the bibs to my son when he was born! I mailed bibs to the out of town family with note from baby saying I can't wait to meet you so you can put this bib on me, etc...very fun!

When we were pregnant with #1 we had the inlaws over for dinner and I put cut out letters in their rolled up napkins that when put together (with each others) spelled Baby. My Mother lived far away and I didn't want to tell her over the phone, so I sent her an envelope with cut out letters that spelled Grandma when she put them in the right order (which took her awhile)! Yours could be "We're pregnant with #2!" Everyone got a big kick out of it - it was fun!
Congratulations and have fun with it!

You could get the big sibling a t-shirt that say's I'm going to be a big ______. You could make a baby dinner (baby food, baby peas, baby carrots, etc) & could have babys breath as the centerpiece. If your 1st child is old enough you could let them announce it.

For the out of staters you could send them a card of some sort signed by you all and then Baby 2009. With my son we found out we were pregnant on my moms bday so on her bday card we signed it & Baby..took her a minute to get it though. You could send them a baby flower bouquet. Or an empty baby book..when they call and ask why you'd send an empty one you can tell them to fill it up with the new grandbaby's pics : )

We told my inlaws with a photo book (like what you make on Shutterfly or whatever). You can give it to them for fathers day or whatever with pictures of them and the #1 grandkid. Our last page said something like "As for the future--(next page) I hope you have room for one more!" You could put a picture of you two or three with the sonogram or test. They were both crying and excited!

For the in laws that are out of town I have heard of mailing them a baby toy or clothing and have a note inside that says, This is for the new baby when he or she comes to visit in the month of (whenever you are due)

For those coming to dinner, you can make (or buy) a little t-shirt for you 2nd child to wear that says I am going to be a big brother or sister. Or for dessert get blue or pink cupcakes. Get blue and pink hydrangea to decorate the table. Decorate the table with pink and blue napkins. Just make everything pink and blue and see where it takes you guys.

If you don't want to make the cute t-shirt (who has the time?), you can buy them at the hospital gift shop!

Congratulations! When we announced #2, at a family gathering, I dressed #1 in a T-shirt that said "I'm the big sister" and just waited for people to notice. The looks on my sisters and my mother's faces as they slowly "got it" are still etched in memory, it was great!

First off, Congrats!!

For the parents that are coming to dinner at your house you could put a new stuffed animal or rattle for baby on a plate with a cover over it. You could either have it already in their spot at the table or have Child #1 serve it to them. If you are going out for dinner you could ask your waiter to bring it to them as the "appetizer."

For the long distance parents you could still sorta do the same. Wrap up a few small baby gifts in birthday wrap. Get them a "Thinking of You" card and on the inside write a note telling them you would appreciate them bringing these gifts with them when they come to visit you in _______(whatever month you are due).

Have you had your first ultrasound yet? If so, you can make copies and put in a card and set it on their plate...as everyone sits down, you can have them open it up...what a great surprise!

Send a big bouquet of Pink and Blue Carnations with a congratulations card signed with your names on it

For your family in town, if you are preparing the plates you could give everything in "baby size portions", or you could serve everything to start in baby size stuff, ex: baby spinach, baby carrots, etc.
Not sure about your family out of town. You could send them a card and write a poem yourself telling them you are pregnant, but keeping it subtle oo they are trying to figure out what you are saying, kind of like a riddle poem. You could send them a baby bouquet. Send something you send a new mom in the hospital, but to them instead.
Just a couple of ideas.

To tell my husband, I showed him a book that I bought for our first child, "I'm A Big Sister!" He loved it.

Our friends did a picture show of there little boy and mixed in the picture show was a sonogram of the new baby to come. I gave my husbands family a six pack of root beer with pink and blue ribbons tied to each bottle and a baby bottle in place of a root beer bottle :) Hope you have a fun time announcing the terrific news. M.

Dear E. C,

Why don't you let your first child tell them? Have a t-shirt made up that says "I'm going to be a big sister (or big brother, whichever is appropriate)! That would be a fun way to do it.

Deb D

Bake a cake and decorate with booties on top. For the out of town family, send them flowers with a poem or saying. Our house is growing by two feet, our best Christmas gift is on the way, etc.

Have fun and congrads on the growing family.

My sister and her husband gave us all a gift to unwap--it was a small gladware container with a single blueberry in it. We were really confused until they explained that that was how big their baby was! I thought that was pretty neat.

We bought them baby gifts! We wrapped them up and gave them presents with no apparent reason. When they opened them up they were confused, but then they realized what was going on and were so happy for us! It was a lot of fun! Good luck

We framed our first sonogram (the one that looks like a peanut) and gave it to the parents. We just let them open it and then when they couldn't figure out what it was we told them. Some doctors offices will even type in a message so it shows on the actual printed out picture. Something neat like, "Hi Grandma & Grandpa!"

my husband and i bought shirts that said, this is what a really cool grandma and grandad looks like. they wore them the day my son was born.

What I did was bought my daughter a shirt that said I'M THE BIG SISTER on it and she wore it when they all came over for dinner. We didnt say anything we waited to see if anyone noticed the shirt. When they didnt realize it I told my daughter i said "show grandma what your shirt says" so when grandma read it out loud "i'm the big sister" oh then it dawned on her and they were all so excited.

A friend of mine did something very clever...she had her 2 year old wear a t-shirt that she had had printed. It was such a cute idea!

My favorite way that I shared the news for our next little one on the way, was when we were expecting our 4th. I took a picture of the 2 oldest kids sitting on the couch and holding a poster that said, "Look who is...". The second picture, I gave them the next poster which said, "going to be...". The the last poster said, "a big brother." The fourth picture was my youngest holding a baby doll (who was about 1 1/2 at the time). The fifth picture was all 3 of them + the baby doll sitting on the couch with a poster that said, "Merry Christmas." I took those pictures with me everywhere I went and showed them to family and friends. I had a couple of other pictures in the front of the pack, so it wouldn't be so obvious at first. It was kind of funny that I actually had to explain the photos to some people, like my dad.


I know this has been done before, but especially if they are coming over this weekend. Have your first child wear a t-shirt that says BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER... It might take a while for them to notice and for it to sink in, but I think it's fun for the sibling to break the news to them and it will be fun once they "get it". I did this with my DD when I learned that I was expecting my twins. I went to Walgreens and bought a t-shirt and paints and made the shirt myself. It was fun to break the news to my husband that way. Congratulations and have fun this weekend!

One of my friends sent a flowers with a balloon attached that said something about Congratulations on Your New Baby on it. The envelope on the card said "open in 9 months!" I thought that was pretty clever and creative. Good luck.

I got a shirt for my 1st born that said "I'm the big sister". She walked around in it. It was funny to see everyone when they realized what was going on. For the people out of town, we took a picture of her with the shirt on and sent it as a postcard.

you could have your 1st child wear a t-shirt that reads: I'm going to be a Big Brother/Sister

Wow, I did not have the time to read through 46 responses! Don't know if this one is in there but it is what I did.
You can buy a cardboard photo (almost lifesize) of a crawling baby that has a flap behind it so it stands alone. I got one and wrote the arrival date on it. The original intention was to send it to my father in laws overseas, but he was here when I found out I was pregnant so I walked into my parents door with this oddly wrapped gift and they just burst into tears when they opened it.

We took a picture of a bun in our actual oven at home. I printed them out and wrapped them in a box with nice paper and a bow. We handed them to each person at the table and asked them to open it... It was funny to see who got it and who was clueless....I got the boxes at the container store that fit the size of the picture. congrats!!! so exciting!

When we found out in Dec 07 we were pregnant with our 2nd, i bought picture frames with places for 2 pictures, acoss the top with stickers i put "Smith Kids" in the first slot a picture of our 4 yr old with his name under it and then in the other slot i printed out "arriving 2008" and left it balnk below. since it was Christmas time, they were given as gifts, PaPa figured it out before Grammie, and Nana before Papa, so it was nice and they had something to set around.

My sister-in-law is great at doing that! She is currently pregnant with her 3rd. To tell our family, she took a picture of their family -- her, her husband and two kids. In the center of the family picture she made a large cut out poster board of an egg. The egg read -- "Joining the family September 9th, 2008". She then made it into a picture style postcard like you would send for Christmas cards (you can get it done pretty cheap at Walmart) and mailed it to the entire family. Then she sat back and waited for the phone to start ringing!!! Cute idea I thought!

with our first we had my husband open a gift that had a book on being a daddy.....
our second we sent out cards from our oldest with a copy of our 9wk sono in it. with the wording I am going to be a big brother in May....
our third we had grandma open a gift that was a photo frame with 3 different photos, one of each child and the third was again the 9 wk sono pictures that said can't wait to meet you in June....
Good Luck! it is such an exciting time!

When I was pregnant with my second it was christmas time, so we made ginger bread cookies in the shape of a man, woman, and two children. Then we used icing to write everyone's name on three of the cookies. On the fourth we wrote baby Aug '08. We mixed them in with other cookies and waited for them to be discovered. It was hilarious watching the reactions as they slowly understood what we were getting at. My older daughter had a great time helping with the cookies too.

You can give your father an early father's day present and write from the four of us on the card. You can do the same thing for your father-in-law. You could also get a plain white tee shirt for your older child and write on it with paints that he/she is the big brother/sister. Then let your oldest wear it the night of your parents dinner. Take pictures and send them to your in laws. I sent our mom's flowers with our second that read from the four of us. They absolutely loved it.

When we had our second, we invited the in-laws over and ordered PF Changs, I guess any Chinese food would do, and had everyone read the fortune cookies out loud at the end of the meal. I went last, and I told them my fortune said I would make them grandparents again in the near future! They were so surprised! Good luck!! We are pregnant with number 3 right now, due at Christmas.

I made a t-shirt (onesie actually) that said "I Am the Big Brother" and he wore it when the family came over. We just waited til they noticed. It was very fun !

My daughter and her husband surprised us with such news in a delightful way. She had a teeshirt printed with the news "I'm the big brother" and that is what our very young grandson was wearing when we went over for a visit. As we were accustomed to seeing him in shirts with "messages", it took us a little while to notice, but it was like a surprise party for us when we did! She put the news on their blog by using a picture of little Luke wearning the shirt. You could do the same with a photo to the grandparents out of town. You have little time, but you could go get paint pens from the craft store and make your own shirt. Congratulations on your growing family!

I had a friend dress up her little boy with a t-shirt that said "Im going to be a big brother." My sister in law took a picture of her pregnancy test and emailed it to us.

Congratulations! When my daughter became pregnant with #2, she invited us over for dinner, and was just playing it cool...didn't say a thing. Then her toddler came into the room to hug and kiss Nana & Poppa wearing an "I'm the Big Sister" T-shirt...it took me a second (slow on the uptake I guess!) but when I let out a squeal and looked over at my daughter in tears...the joy overflowed! What fun! Our other daughter sent us a lovely bouquet of pink, blue and white flowers and a card that said Congratulations Nana and Poppa...again! Have fun with your big news!

At speciality children's stores you can purchase a shirt that says "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" and put it on your first child. Don't say anything but they will soon find out when they see them wearing the shirt. They normally read the shirt, and then start screaming. It is a lot of fun!!!

You could take a pic of your first child and do one of the print out pics with caption at any photo lab.

Dear grandma grandpa(or whatever they are called)

It has been just me and you,
I must learn to share because now there are TWO!

Frame it and wrap it! The pictue could be of your child with a sad face, holding a doll like a baby, peeking into a crib, anything cute refering to another baby.


When we informed our parents we were expecting our 2nd child we involved our 1st child:

Telling my parents: We went out to dinner and I had a scrapbook page made up that said "What do you think about being grandparents again" or something like that. I had Shelby (my daughter) color a 12x12 page however she wanted (she was 3 at the time). I put both pages back to back in a plastic sheet protector and handed it to my mom with Shelby's drawing on top. I told her Shelby made that and she was of course praising my daughter. Then I told her to flip it over and as she was reading it I took a picture of her (to put on that page). I thought it was really cute. Once it sank in she was really excited!

In laws-Once again, involved daughter. We wrote out on a peice of paper "My mom and dad told me I'm going to be a big sister". We had her walk into their house and hand the note to them. We had the video camera rolling but it was dim in their house and they couldn't see us filming. It was really funny!

Is your first old enough to spill the beans? That would be fun.

Since it is close to father's day, announce it in a card to your father and father-in-law. I did that when I was pregnant with one of my children. I put down that "I am looking forward to meeting you in January 2002. Love, Baby M." It was so fun to see and hear their expressions. Have fun!

You could get a t=shirt for your 1st child that says, I'm a big Brother/sister and have him/her wear it until your parents realize what it says. It is pretty funny to watch the realization on their face when they read the shirt. For the out of town parents, you can still do the same thing and take a picture and send it either via email or snail mail and see if they notice.

I don't know how old your first is, but a T-shirt with " I'm going to be a big brother/sister" on it is fun to watch. It takes a few minutes for the message to register and the look of surprise is fun. Or if your first is old enough, they can "ask" for advice on what to do when a new baby comes into the house or something along those lines. This helps the older be more involved in the process which might make the transition of another child easier on them. Good luck! More than one is an adventure!

Congrats! When we were expecting our 2nd, our 1st daughter was a little over 2. We made her a t-shirt that said on the front "I'm going to be a ....." and then on the back it said "Big Sister!" It was fun to watch how long it took my parents to notice. We just used that stuff that you iron onto shirts - we printed it from the computer then ironed on to her shirt. I think you can probably find that stuff at Wal-Mart or Office Depot or the like. Good Luck!

A friend of mine, when they were finding out the sex of the baby, had the ultrasound tech write down the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope. Then they went to the mall and picked out a boy outfit and girl outfit. When they went up to the cashier they gave the envelope to her and told her to ring up and gift wrap the appropriate outfit. They took the gift and had the relatives they were telling open up the gift. That way they all found out at the same time what the sex of the baby was!

For your out of state in-laws you could take a picture of your son/daugther and put the picture on a postcard with the message "Child has some exciting news...". On the back have the message "He/She is going to be a big brother/sister!"

Congrats! When I was expecting our last children (twins), I took my parents out to dinner. I asked the hostess if I could go to the table first and place a picture under the napkins. I put a copy of the sonogram under both of their napkins. They were a little confused at first, until they noticed my name on the photo. They were extremely shocked when I told them that there were 2 buns in the oven and not just 1.

My sister who lives in Hawaii has been so anxious for a grandchild the last few years. A few months ago she received a "Special Delivery" letter from Washington state where her son and daughter-in-law live and inside was a copy of the sonogram and on the bottom was written, "What are your plans on Thursday, August 14th, 2008 ? She just about died with excitement and began calling everyone she knew to tell them. The daughter-in-law (that is pregnant) also had a little cook out and underneath each plate they taped a sonogram picure with no caption, just the picture and waited for each person to notice and scream with excitement. Congratulations and hope all goes well.

when my aunt wanted to tell us that she us expecting a child she had a present wrapped for my grandma her mother and inside it was a little ones when she opened it we all knew right off what it meant and it was really fun to watch all the reactions to it.

I painted a t-shirt for my son (my oldest) that said "Big Brother March 2007" to tell his dad that I was pregnant with our second. Your oldenst could wear the shirt to dinner this weekend and you could take a picture of him/her and mail or email it to the out of state in-laws.

i have a friend who did the coolest thing. she sent her parents and her in-laws a small photo album of some recent activity or holiday and on the last page they put a lil letter with a pic of baby on sonogram. thought that was really creative!!!!! so the parents and in-laws wouldnt know what was going on til they looked all the way through the pics,,,,and then supriiissseee!!! hehe...hope this helps out!

A friend of mine had a T-shirt made for her first child that said "Big Sister-May 2007." Then she just had her daughter wear it when the family came over that weekend. They had the video recorder out and taped the reaction. It was pretty cute! For my in-laws, we bought a small 4 x 6 photo album that said "Grandma's Brag Book." We put one of the sonogram pictures in the front sleeve and made a small tag that we stuck to the front that said picture coming soon, with the due date listed.

An early Father's Day present or card signed child #1 and child #2 would be fun and easy!

Hi E.:

When my cousin was expecting her 2nd child, she handed everyone in the family a greeting card and told us all to open it at the same time (it was Christmas). Inside there was a pic of her older son with a homemade tee-shirt on that said, "I'm a big brother". It was exciting and funny at the same time.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

When we were pregnant for our second I went and bought a "I'm the big brother" shirt for my oldest. I put it on him and just let him walk into my parent's home. I didn't say anything and it took them a short time to realize what the shirt said. They were very suprised. We did the same thing with my in laws who live out of state as well when we visited them. If you aren't making a trip anytime soon you could always take a picture making sure the t-shirt is visible.

Hello E.,
We just did that. We found out we were #2 expecting a few weeks before my husband graduated. I was wanting to make a shirt for my duaghter(almost 3)that said,"I am going to be a big sister." I found a iron on decal that said big sister at Hobby lobby. There were also cheep plain shirts in all sizes and colors. My husband then came up with a great Idea, We sent out Graduation annoucments with our family pic. and our daughter wearing the shirt. women noticed not really the men. We also put on the Announcement "Our Daddy is Graduating....."
We had a lot of fun. In the scrap booking isle there are little pink and blue stickers of baby feet and hands.
I also saw another Idea a while back, to give someone that is coming a gift, In the gift is a baby doll.
Have fun with it.
L. Jo

The best idea I ever saw was putting a t-shirt with "I'm the Big sister/brother" on it, and let the child wear it to dinner, and wait to see how long it takes mom and dad to notice! This of course will not work as well for the in-laws, but a cute photo of the three of you, with the same t-shirt being worn and in plain/prominant veiw, would have the same impact maybe?
congrats on #2!

Cook out
buns in the oven

Hi E.!

Congrats!! Since they are coming over for dinner - right before you sit down to eat, put a single "bun" in the oven. Ask them to walk over and take it out. Inside the bun, put the message you want to convey!

As for the outa-staters, I once got an email from a close friend who had two kids. She titled the email "pics of the kids". In one picture was the kids holding the sonogram. In another, was them holding a sign that said something to the effect of "Mommy's having a baby!"

Good luck!

You could sent baby booties to your out of staters.

I would have to send the inlaws that are away a STORKGRAM!How cute would that be! I was thinking of making one but, they may sell them too.

Or, two of the children charms for a necklace or bracelet or picture frame or something.

if you can get or find one in time, or make it for that matter, a doormat with all of you represented on it, with you being a prego one maybe? or even a picture hung where you are going to eat with all of your figures represented like that.

For my in-laws we waited until the first sono and sent a card saying "call before you open." It was fun listening to my father in law hum on what the picture was and my mother in law screaming, it's a baby, it's a baby!

I like the other suggestion of having the sibling wearing a big bro/sis shirt - I loved having our first involved in the process and she is such an awesome big sister now, I have to think it's partially because we always involved her.

You could also do a special dinner with everything baby... baby carrots, baby corn, baby back ribs, etc. Then have a cake announcing the baby. Kinda corney, but cute.


Both sets of parents live out of state so when I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I chose to send a cookie bouquet to each set. Our announcement coincided with Mother's Day so the bouquet doubled as a gift as well. We chose a baby theme, and had the cookies read different things like, "Arriving December 2005", "Baby (insert last name)", "Boy?", "Girl?"...etc. Check out www.cookiesbydesign.com


For your parents and brother you can have your daughter/son were a shirt that says big brother/big sister and wait to see if they notice.

You can also take a picture for you in-laws, just make sure it's clear and they can see it rather than thinking your just sending an adorable picture.

Not sure how unique that is but in any case CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family.

we decided to tell both sets the same day as we had already planned dinner with his. i couldn't let his mother know first :) so i had flowers delivered to my mom (who also happened to be sick that day). the card read "get well soon. love, baby our last name". she loved it and still has the card.

AT Walgreens and Target you can make a story book out of pictures from a digital camera. You can start the book off with pictures of the first pregnancy and baby. If you have pictures of your first child and uncle and that child with the grandparents as well as a few pictures of that child growing up until now. Create your own story with it and end it with a picture of the sonogram of the baby to come.........Good Luck!

You can personalize the t shirt so it's a little more obvious.
such as

"soon to be
big brother"....

and on the back


they are 9.99 here:


Or for dessert, serve a cake with the words, "we're having a baby!"

Give them a bib that says, "world's greatest grandparents". I also like the other ideas on here.

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