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Need Unique or Special Way to Tell Parents/in-laws That We're Pregnant with #2

Could you please suggest some unique or special way to tell my parents and my brother that we're expecting our 2nd child. They're coming over for dinner this weekend and I want to tell them then. And also I need another special or unique way to tell my in-laws, but they live out of state. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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If you don't want to make the cute t-shirt (who has the time?), you can buy them at the hospital gift shop!

A friend of mine did something very clever...she had her 2 year old wear a t-shirt that she had had printed. It was such a cute idea!

Congratulations! When we announced #2, at a family gathering, I dressed #1 in a T-shirt that said "I'm the big sister" and just waited for people to notice. The looks on my sisters and my mother's faces as they slowly "got it" are still etched in memory, it was great!

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This just popped in my head. If your parents are coming for dinner, & you had a sonogram, make copies in 11X14 paper & make place mats. Cover them with clear plastic or laminate them. See if they notice.
Good luck & God Bless you & your Family. I pray you have a healthy baby & a grat pegnancy.

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We did the T-Shirt thing (with a onesie)... had it embroidered with, "I'm Going to be a Big Sister".

But, we had our daughter wear it under a pair of overalls. (Or you could use a button up shirt, a coat or whatever). When we were ready to make the "Big" announcement, we said, "'Suzy' wants to show you her cool new shirt!" We lowered the top of the overalls and they read the news out loud. Everyone was so excited, big sister got lots of special attention and we were able to make it a "Grand" announcement, rather than just letting people figure it out at random.... (You can tape it!)


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When I was pregnant with my 1st child I told my family by giving each person a bib (gift wrapped) that said "I Love My Grandma", " I love my Uncle", etc....they figured it out right away! It was great and then they presented the bibs to my son when he was born! I mailed bibs to the out of town family with note from baby saying I can't wait to meet you so you can put this bib on me, etc...very fun!

When we were pregnant with #1 we had the inlaws over for dinner and I put cut out letters in their rolled up napkins that when put together (with each others) spelled Baby. My Mother lived far away and I didn't want to tell her over the phone, so I sent her an envelope with cut out letters that spelled Grandma when she put them in the right order (which took her awhile)! Yours could be "We're pregnant with #2!" Everyone got a big kick out of it - it was fun!
Congratulations and have fun with it!

You could get the big sibling a t-shirt that say's I'm going to be a big ______. You could make a baby dinner (baby food, baby peas, baby carrots, etc) & could have babys breath as the centerpiece. If your 1st child is old enough you could let them announce it.

For the out of staters you could send them a card of some sort signed by you all and then Baby 2009. With my son we found out we were pregnant on my moms bday so on her bday card we signed it & Baby..took her a minute to get it though. You could send them a baby flower bouquet. Or an empty baby book..when they call and ask why you'd send an empty one you can tell them to fill it up with the new grandbaby's pics : )

We told my inlaws with a photo book (like what you make on Shutterfly or whatever). You can give it to them for fathers day or whatever with pictures of them and the #1 grandkid. Our last page said something like "As for the future--(next page) I hope you have room for one more!" You could put a picture of you two or three with the sonogram or test. They were both crying and excited!

For the in laws that are out of town I have heard of mailing them a baby toy or clothing and have a note inside that says, This is for the new baby when he or she comes to visit in the month of (whenever you are due)

For those coming to dinner, you can make (or buy) a little t-shirt for you 2nd child to wear that says I am going to be a big brother or sister. Or for dessert get blue or pink cupcakes. Get blue and pink hydrangea to decorate the table. Decorate the table with pink and blue napkins. Just make everything pink and blue and see where it takes you guys.

If you don't want to make the cute t-shirt (who has the time?), you can buy them at the hospital gift shop!

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