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Chronic Ear Infection

My 10 mo old son has had an ear infection for over a month. We have tried 5 different antibiotics and it's still not gone. Any body else experience this and have any advice?!?!

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We finally got tubes. HOLY COW what a difference. He is still waking at night but he isn't screaming and he's a much happier baby during the day. Thanks for all your advice and support!!

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There is an ingredient called xylitol that is in the Isagenix Kids vitamins that is very helpful for this. It also aids brain function and helps to fight cavities. I just learned of it last night from a certified nutritionalist.

My son started having ear infections at the end of Sept, he was 7 1/2 mo old at the time. The day after Christmas he was put on his 7th antibiotic for ear infections. Before the next ear follow-up, I took the advice from a friend who goes to the same Ped. to ask to have the follow-up done by the ear specialist. She had asked after 3 infections and they sent her. They sent us and I had tubes in his ears the day after we went to see the specialist. No problems with his ears since. The tubes took 15 mins from the time they took him back to the time he was in recovery. Hopefully this will help. I know I was beside myself after the ear infections got worse when they were not responding as well to the antibiotics. I was also advised to get him a Pro-biotic which seemed to help him with the belly aches he seemed to be having from all of the antibiotics he was on.

Typically after that long they try a shot (a series of two) and it just zaps it gone. After so many ear infections they just put in ear tubes. We had ear infections every 2 weeks for 9 mos and once we had the tubes put in it was all over...no more in 4 years and the tubes are GREAT!

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My children have never had antibiotics for an ear infection. I watched my sister go through what you are experiencing and her daughter struggled so much with infection after infection. I decided to take a different route. I made ear drops from mullein flowers and garlic in olive oil and anytime my kids would complain of an earache, I would warm some up and put the drops in. In almost every case I only had to do it once and their ears would be better the next day! They've never been to the doctor for an earache or infection. If you can't make the drops yourself, you can probably find them from an herbalist online. I hope this helps... good luck!

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My son had the same thing happen to him. We determined he was getting ear infections from getting water in his ears. He now wears ear plugs to bathe and swim. As far as the infection goes
I am not sure how you would clear that up. Just wanted to let you know.

Have you been to see an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor (Otolaryngologist) yet? My daughter had 7 months worth of ear infections, and we went to the ENT, and he said we needed to look at tubes. The surgery went fine, and the tubes were a life saver! She didn't have any infections while the tubes were both in; towards the time when they were coming out, she started with some infections, but the best part is that treating infections is MUCH easier with the tubes in (ear drops that go directly to the infection). Both tubes are gone now, and the holes have closed up, and she started with another infection (she was about 2 1/2 when they went in, and she's now 4 1/2).

My best suggestion would be to look for an ENT!

Good luck!

Hi, P..

When my son was about 6 months old until he was 9 months old, he had a chronic ear infection. Over the course of those 3 months he had taken 5 different antibiotics and then the doctor placed him on a newly developed antibiotic which was quite strong but it had no affect upon the ear infection. They ran some test and sent me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Come to find out my son had an antibiotic resistant ear infection. They did immediate surgery on him at 9 months, drained the fluid and infection from his ear canals and placed tubes in them. He was placed back on antibiotics for 10 days after the surgery and he healed up fine. The doctor who did the surgery said he had never seen so much fluid and infection inside a child of 9 months of age, ears before. He was shocked. After my son healed we had his hearing tested and he has no harm to his hearing, thanks be to God. I thank God that my son never had another ear infection until about 2 months ago and he is now turning 9 years old, in 4 days.

I encourage you to ask your doctor about checking to see if your child does have an antibiotic resistant ear infection as it is quite possible. Also ask about having tubes put in his ears to help with this. I hope this helps some. I will be praying for your little one.


Sounds like he may be a candidte for tubes in his ears. I think it helps to drain fluid. Ask your doctor. Prayer always helps too. I just said one for your baby.

My oldest (who is now 11 and still the sickest of my 3 kids) was put into daycare at age 7 months. Before that, he was with a private sitter who kept one other baby and had a couple of her own kids. AS SOON AS he started daycare - and it was a very NICE (pricey) daycare, and they sterilized everything all the time - he started with the constant ear infections. At 13 months, he had a febrile (fever) seizure from the sudden onset of symptoms, scared me to death! But the infection was no worse, and no damage was done, thank GOD!

Anyway, right after that, we worked out a way for me to quit working and take care of my child on my own. No more ear infections. Ever. He gets everything else going around, but not ear infections. He was also a milk junkie, but we never quit the cow's milk. The doc was one more infection away from insisting on tubes, and while my hubby and I are not holistic nature freaks like several of my friends, we also believe surgery and overdoing antibiotics is the last option.

I have been staying home now (at least part-time) for over 10 years and none of my kids ever got much in the way of illness until they started pre-school. Kids just spread germs. Period. It doesn't matter how much adults sterilize the environment, kids are not diligent about hand-washing, not putting their mouths on things, or any preventative measure. I am also a teacher (pre-K and K), so I see very few kids that are bothered by germs.

So if there is any way possible to find him a baby sitter, if you or someone in the family can't keep him at home, just try to end the daycare! We ended up spending more money on doctors and medicines than I brought home in a paycheck! Ridiculous!
Surgery is extreme and usually over-performed and med's obviously aren't working for him. Take alot of the other suggestions (natural remedies - the tree oil drops worked good for the pain for us) BEFORE resorting to surgical procedures! Tonsils and adenoids are there for a reason, whether humans know it or not. The body has its own defense system that does not usually need messing with!!!

Just remember that you care for your child more than anyone else does, daycare, doctors, or anyone. Do what you feel is best!

Take care, good luck, and God bless!
A. V

please check on this. My son had the same problems. The main cause for his ear infection was smoke. I did everything I could I thought until I realized every weekend it got worse. We were going to a resturant to eat every Friday that aloud smoking. Even tought we did not sit near it he still got them. I learned in his case even my brother in law whom smoked when he would be around him not smoking but on his clothes cause my son problems. Even if you and your family do not smoke ask the daycare it any of his teachers do. It sounds weird but I promise you even after tubes were in his ear and after they were out smoke effects my sons ears and he is now four years old. Good luck

B. F. Mother of 4yr old and 4 month old.

Daycare alone might be a big part of the problem--all those kids with all those germs, and not one of 'em knows how to wipe their nose and keep germs to themselves. It's like a big germ party! And everybody gets something--woo-hoo!

My friend tried chiropractic with her son who had multiple ear infections his first year (and she was a SAHM and breastfed him). She had planned on getting tubes in his ears, but decided to give chiro a try. Within a month he was all better and didn't have any more. (The ENT doc told her in no uncertain terms that tubes was the only thing that would help, and that chiro was a load of bull. When his ears cleared up w/o antibiotics, the doc was surprised but refused to believe it was the chiro, and said that he'd just get another infection within a couple of weeks. He was wrong, of course!)

Is it possible that he's had some food changes to his diet, that might be contributing to an infection? Switching from breastfeeding to formula, or formula to regular milk? Adding other foods to his diet? That could be a trigger.

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