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8 Month Old with Reoccuring Ear Infections


My son had his first ear infection when he was 6 months old (December 2007). Since he has had a total of three ear infections (every month expect one). Has anyone else had experience with ear infections? He has been on a different antibotic each time. He is not in daycare, we have grandma's that take care of him while my husband and I are at work. I'm hoping that this antibotic, which is stronger will do the trick. Any suggestions?


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Wow! Thank you all for your advice. What a great response. It's nice to know that others have been through the same thing. Often times you feel so helpless and frustrated. You have all been a big help to me and thank you for your time. My plan is to start using a humidifier at night, buying Mullen Garlic oil, and the born free bottles. I have some other research to do on some of the other comments but it's nice to have a place to start when you are overwhelmed. Also, we have a follow up doctor's appointment after this round of antiobotics and I'm going to talk to the dr about seeing a specialist. Thank you all again, I can not express how helpful this is all been to me.


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I really don't know much about ear infection, but I had a friend who child was going thru the same thing. Are you putting you son to bed with a bottle at night? If so, don't! This can cause ear infection as well as tooth problems later in life. I was told to give my daughter her bottle before putting her down to sleep at night. This has help me a lot!
I hope this helps!
J. L. from Pacifica, CA

I have 3 kids; 5, 3.5 and a 9 month old. My two older kids had ear infections all the time. My 9 month old has only had one. The only thing I did differently is I use Born Free bottles which have a special suction valve which are supposed to reduce the number of ear infections. They were expensive, 2 bottles for $20 but it has been worth it.

My daughter had multiple ear infections and finally had to have tubes put in her ears. (She is fine now).

After that, I read that using a humidifier in the child's room can help prevent ear infections. I wish I had tried that with my daughter. It's worth a try. Good Luck!

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Dear T.,

First: IMMEDIATELY give your son probiotics. Your son's body needs to replace all of the good bacteria the antibiotics are killing to avoid more infections such as yeast infections and ANOTHER ear infection! Bio-K is the most potent probiotic (good bacteria builders) available. It tastes like yogurt, if you buy the fruit one. One would need to eat gallons of yogurt to compare to Bio-K. Bio-K is found at most health food stores including Whole Foods, El Cerrito Natural, and Berkeley Natural http://www.biokplus.com/

Second: PLEASE consult with alternative health experts such as my homeopath, Dr. Christine Ciavarella ###-###-####. She can find the source and prevent it from happening as opposed to simply treating it after it has occurred - again. If absolutely necessary, she can prescribe antibiotics.

Third: Research the internet http://home.homewebs.com/holisticmoms/index.cfm/bookmarks

To you and your baby's health,
J. Brass
Hair and Makeup Artist - non-toxic practice

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I would NOT give your baby antibiotics for ear infections. Most ear infections are viral and antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections. Most doctors know this now and will not give antibiotics for ear infections. Giving your baby so many antibiotics can make him antibiotic resistant. This could be very bad for him if he ever has a severe infection of some kind later in life.
My daughter was a ear baby as well. We have never given her antibiotics and she is now 3.5. I hate to say this but I would seriously consider getting a new doctor. The over use of antibiotics has contributed to antibiotic resistance in many people leaving us with nothing to turn to in more serious conditions. Why don't you do some of your own research on the subject to help understand why the drugs are not effective for ear infections.
Good luck

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We went through this with our son (now 34) and now again with our twin grandbabies (18 months). Son was NOT in daycare, grandbabies are. Son had recurring ear infections due to under-developed eustacian tubes (tubes which naturally drain fluid from the ears). He ended up with scarring in his ears, had tubes inserted (which widens the eustacian tubes until their growth catches up). He now has NO pain when he gets an ear infection, but can tell he has one in other ways.

Twin grandbabies have each had 4-5 ear infections, several back-to-back in the fall. Thankfully have not had any for several months now.

It may be that he's not nursing/taking the bottle in an upright enough position, or his eustacian tubes may be under-developed. Changing the antibiotics is good. It may be that he's just more prone to ear infections at this age. Try to get him in to the doctor at the first sign of fever --- usually the indicator that there is an ear infection --- so they don't get a chance to get too bad.

We were always told that a baby might indicate an ear infection by pulling at their ears --- ours never did that.

Good luck --- he's sure to outgrow this.

By the time my daughter was 3 she had 10 ear infections and had been on loads of antibiotics. The biggest problem was that the fluid was not draining in between infections. Luckily I made the choice of changing pediatricians and our new doctor immediately referred us to an ENT who put tubes in her ears. I wish we had done it sooner. After the surgery the ENT said she had so much sticky fluid behind her drum. After the tubes she only had one infection and the best part was the fluid drained as it should. Because of her constant infections she had temporary hearing problems and spent two years in speech therapy. She is almost seven now and is doing great.

My friend has used NutraBiotic ear drops from health food stores. She swears by them. Her children had many infections and she was seeing the doc lots of times. Then she found the drops and uses them. My children have never had an ear infection. They take supplements and I use xylitol as sweetners in my foods. I have always used xylitol for their teeth and I think it must also help.

see a pediatric allergy doctor. My daughter had ear infection after ear infection, i was told it was an allergy to cows milk, I didn't know about allergies and blew if off as a quack. She continued to have the infections and finally had "tubes" surgically placed in her ears. She never had an ear infection again. and the tubes fall out on their own when the car canal or drum had developed properly.

I have 3 kids; 5, 3.5 and a 9 month old. My two older kids had ear infections all the time. My 9 month old has only had one. The only thing I did differently is I use Born Free bottles which have a special suction valve which are supposed to reduce the number of ear infections. They were expensive, 2 bottles for $20 but it has been worth it.

We purchased the "Ear Check" monitor from babies r us. It just helps me know when to call the doctor and it keeps me on top of things so I know when to keep my little guy elevated. Also we use the homeopathic ear ache oil you can puchase at whole foods. Just a drop in each ear takes the intense pain away while you are waiting the 30 mins for tylenol to work.

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