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Christmas Gift Idea for 2 Year Old Boy

My son will be 2 in February and I'm needing ideas for what to get as his "big" gift for Christmas. We were going to do one of the battery powered ride on toys, but in talking with grandparents discovered that one of them had already ordered a similar item for him. I don't really feel like we need to top that gift, but would like to get him something equally as nice that he'll enjoy as much. Any ideas would be welcome!

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Come on into Walking Stick Toys. It's a little toy shop that I own right in Missoula. We've got a lot of great toys that are unique that you probably won't find anywhere else in town.

My kids always liked the large lego blocks. They have some with a barrow to cart them around with. Or a big truck.

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Last year for Christmas, I got my son the Smartville Alphabet Train Station (by VTech) for my almost 2 year old. I would HIGHLY recommend it. He still plays wiht it almost dayly and it is a wonderful toy. The train doesn't run the track by itself, but it has the letters along the track, will tell you the letter, give you the sound, ask you to find the letter, etc. Your child will not outgrow it in a quite a few years. It also comes with about 50 pieces (animals) that you put on 'pedastels' and the track will tell you the name of the animal and about it. It is built well and has taken a pretty good beating... I just looked on toysrus.com and they are offering it for $40.

Most kids that age really love to paint. Some finger paints a big pad of paper or a paint stand and a smock might be a fun idea if you don't already have a set like that. What could be better than making a huge mess while nurturing their creative side. Otherwise there is that Aquadoodle where they can draw without making a huge mess you just use water to paint on a pad and it dries up and disappears. Planning on buying that for my niece who is 2.5 years old.

My 2 year old son has a Geotrax train set that he absolutely loves! There's the Mega set which is $100 and then another set that's $50. My son has the $50 set and it keeps him entertained for hours! It comes with a motorized train and there's lots of things to keep him entertained. My 2 year old is going to be getting the shake n go crash em up speedway for Christmas, I'm hoping it's just as big of a hit as the geotrax!

I wouldn't feel compelled to have to do a "big" gift. things that they can be mobile with or carry with them will have a much longer lasting impact. It's easier to carry Thomas and Percy than a big ride on toy. You could even go with art supples, like finger paints and construction paper. That's allow them to be creative while at the same making a mess...which when their establishing their indepence, can be just as great...they can paint or color anyway they want to.

Come on into Walking Stick Toys. It's a little toy shop that I own right in Missoula. We've got a lot of great toys that are unique that you probably won't find anywhere else in town.

I've got five of my own and I never did 'big' gifts when they were really little. They are making up for it, NOW, lol... I have, honestly, found that the gifts that last are smaller... Dinosaurs, farm animals, little people play sets. I know when I did daycare, the kids that age loved the play kitchen (if you don't like boys and kitchens, think the tool bench set) and the zebra that spins. And...the boxes are more fun ;-) Good luck. And I agree with what the other gal said, if you set the bar high young, it may set YOU up later! I'm facing a 14 year old who only wants a 360, and, well...I didn't set a high bar for him, but it's still high!

Does your son have a play kitchen set?? We got one for my son last year for Christmas and it is still his favorite toy. It was nice because then we had other people get the pots, pans, and other accessories.

my is is now 5 and still loves playing with his geo trax train. so i would say go with the geo trax train. and then you can add pieces every year. like i said my son is five and is still getting some pieces for it. and i'll let you know that of all heis toys the geo trax is extremely durable...i have stepped on parts and tripped on parts and they have never broke!!!!

I would suggest one of those rocker-converts-to-tricycle toys. My son will be two in April and he loves them. He also loves puch toys that make noise, like a bubble-lawn mower. We try to find something that our kids love and get something related to that. Does your son like music or dancing, watching a favorite character on a show? Maybe something related to those.
Oh, another thing we got when my daughter was young - the Little Touch Leap Pad. It is great for car trips and she has played with it since that age. My son is loving it now. It is easier for the younger kids than the regular Leap Pad.

Those are some really good ideas. The Crayola color wonder new begginings, they have little paintbrushes and crayons that are made into little animal shapes that is easy for a child with small hands to grasp. I also have a two-year old son, and I got him a TMX Cookie Monster, and a big bag of Megablocks. Also, I got a Aquadoodle, for him and my 5 year old boy to share, you fill the pens with water and they draw on the mat, no mess. Perfect! Hope that was helpful, and best of luck finding something that he will truly enjoy.

I have two girls who are 16 months apart. I always bought a big gift for both of them. Like one year i bought a kitchen. another year i got them a tv and vcr for their room. It was always fine with them but now i have the problem with having my 17 month old son. This year me and my hubby decided to get him something he needed for a big gift so we are gettin him a big boy bed toddler bed. It is hard to buy big gifts when they are little but like the others said they will learn to expect it. Also keep in mind that he will get gifts from other people like grandmas, grandpas aunts and uncles. Some other suggestions that i have is.... A HUGE TONKA TRUCK. This afternoon my hubby brought my kids into walmart where i work to see santa and we decided to take them through the toy department. We let the little guy down and the first thing he went too was ...... a huge tonka truck. Its so big he can sit in it. He loves to push things around so off went him and the tonka truck down the aisle lol Anyways like someone else said no matter what u get them small or big they love it anyways when the are little. You could give them an empty box and they would be happy. GOOD LUCK at whatever u decide.

My son is now 3 and a half, but last year he really started liking Thomas the Tank Engine and ever since he plays with them all the time. We make tracks of all sorts of variations. We got him a train table for this year. They have them at toys r us for about $80 and that does include a starter set of tracks. You can also get the tracks that are plastic and snap together. We usually let Grandma buy the big gift, with direction from us, because she will do it anyway. Then we buy the things that compliment it. All 3 of my kids play with the trains and the little people. I have 2 girls on either side of my son. Best of Luck!

I agree w/ a few of the moms ahead, don't look for the big gift it will come back and bite the rear, I did that with my older ones, my kids are in two different age groups 16-14 and 6-1, and I am know trying to reverse what I have created, each kid writes a letter to santa with 5 things on it and santa will pick 3 things off the list, my older ones balk at this because they are used to getting more, plus thier things cost a whole lot more money know, but my little ones are ok with it plus my husband and my self put a few things each under the tree, I just wish I had done it this way sooner and saved myself some of the headache we created eariler on. Plus 2 year olds really like things that they can build with or make a mess with.

I have a 2 year old son also and i would have to say getting something really big right now is probably gonna get old to him soon ... my son absolutely LOVES TOOLS, dinosaurs, cars , trucks, blocks, one of the gifts i got him this christmas was and eisel that he can write on with chalk on one side and has markers with the eraser it came with markers and magnetic ABC's I also got a big playdo set .. i think things like that will interest him more if he is anything like my son.

Hi B.-

My son started collecting Geotrax trains when he was 1 1/2 and is now almost 4 and they are still his favorite! He is getting more this Christmas, in fact. He has so many you'd think he'd be sick of them, but he absolutely loves them and uses them all. I don't see an end in sight! The best part is that my husband is really into trains, so it's a great toy that they can play with together. The only thing is, you need a big space in order to set them up and build elaborate tracks. We use the basement.

Good luck!

swing set for the back yard

any kind of active toy...not just something that he sits in...help him burn off energy and get exercise!

educational toys that make him think and solve problems

big set of big wooden blocks!

depending on your space, perhaps a small trampoline

one of those pop-up crawl thru tunnels?

easel and art set including paints and crayons...encourage his creativity!

a 'bouncing horse' (the kind suspended from a stand on springs)....burns off lots of energy and is lots of fun for many years!!

try to think of things that will last and be fun for more than just this one year...


I don’t have any ideas for a “big” gift, but at 2 my Girl loved her little Dora purse(and still does). She put anything from play food to playing cards in it. We let her take it to restaurants, to grandma’s house, ect. The toys inside were hand picked by her, so it kept her busy for a long time. I know you have a boy, so maybe try a little lunch box, or try to find a small boy backpack.

I wouldn't feel pressured to get a "big" gift. But if you really want to get something, I'd consider starting some Geotrax. It's an expandable train/city/etc. set that has bigger parts that are easy for little kids to hold onto. You can keep buying add on sets that make nice small gifts. My nephew started with it when he was about 2, he's 5 now and still loves this set and asks for add ons. Megablocks are also super fun- especially if you get one of the trucks that go with it. I know a lot of 2 year olds getting wagons to use next spring/summer.

Start small, once you start with big gifts, you kinda get set for that. With your son being so young, you want to start making the tradition now so that a lot isn't expected as he grows older.

My kids always liked the large lego blocks. They have some with a barrow to cart them around with. Or a big truck.

Check out the disney store online. They usually have great gifts. I got one of my kids for his 4th christmas a rocking Simba. It was around $100, not sure if they still have them as that was nearly 4 years ago. But he loved it. :) Kids love to rock. Or an overstuffed rocking chair would be nice too. It doesn't have to have batteries to be a great gift. Just come from the heart and know that your kid will love it. Toys R Us may even have some cool stuff, you just have to look around. Hope this helps.

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