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Updated on December 05, 2009
R.I. asks from Milton, FL
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I am hoping that I am reading this correctly and this is local. We want to go camping in June. We have some favorite spots out of town but with gas prices I dont want to go that far. Does anyone know of good campsites in Santa Rosa or Escambia county Florida? We do not RV we pop tents. Cheap is good, free is better.

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The Naval Live Oaks facility just over the bridge past Gulf Breeze is good. Restrooms and a large covered pavilion
with picnic tables and grill. Our son's cub scout group has camped there for a few years now. On the bay but up on a bluff.



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You can always camp at Adventure's Unlimited in Milton. Actually, I think there is a lot of camping in Milton and P'cola area, as the Florida National Trail runs through it. Google Florida National Trail and you will find lots of info.


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Bear Lake , Krewl or as locals call it Munson Lake.
Adventures Unlimited / Blackwater River.. they have cabins.
Lake Stone in Century. Campground just off the interstate going toward navarra forgot the name.

My favorites Munson / Bear (you can fish) / Blackwater cabins.

Stay Local Shop Santa First.



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Camping is available in santa rosa cty. Call the SR chamber of commerce, or visit their website. Krewl lake is in Munson. Blackwater state park in Harold. Stump Springs doesnt have formal camp sites, but it's in the state park, and tents are allowed. Just no facilities, but free. Krewl lake has life guards during the summer, and a camping area, and facilities.
Hope this helps,



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That looks pretty good with other activities to keep the kids entertained and everyone comfy.
If you have a military ID card, you can go to the Blue Angel Park.

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