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Bubble in Vagina

My six year old daughter adjusts her vagina constantly, especially after she goes to the bathroom. After she goes to the bathroom, she also wipes and wipes and wipes to make sure it is really dry and that her vagina feels good. She has described the feeling in her vagina as a bubble. I have taken her to the doctor and she did a thorough exam and could not figure it out. We have discussed thoroughly to make sure that no one has touched her or anything like that. It seems now that it is maybe just a habit but I don't know and now I'm wondering if I should talk to a counselor about it. Sometimes it really bothers her and one boy at school said something to her and it really embarrassed her. Anyway, has anyone ever experienced that with their daughter or have any suggestions? Thank you!

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Thank you everyone for your encouragement and wisdom. So great knowing some of you have experienced the same thing or even similar. So far I bought her some flushable wipees which she was really excited about and I also took her to the chiropractor. That same day we were talking before she went to bed and she said for the first time the bubble popped out through her bottom and that her vagina felt better. Who knows...but we are communicating alot and she knows we are going to figure it out together. I am also going to get some probiotics just in case she has a yeast infection. I just love all these lovely stages we get to go through with our children....I'm very thankful to have all of your input!

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Ask her if it happens after she passes gas. I've heared someone once say that occationally when they pass gas the air will go foreward instead of back and it makes a little bubble as it passes by the vagina.

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Looks like you've already had a lot of responses & I didn't read them all, so maybe someone already said this...
But it sounds to me that she is just leaking some discharge. As adult women, we all have discharge now & then, & I have heard that it's not totally uncommon for little girls to experience discharge, as well. I can understand how she would describe this feeling as a "bubble" and how it wold cause her to "adjust". Have you ever noticed any white on her underwear? If she is having discharge, it could be normal for her body, since I know that the amount of discharge you release varies from woman to woman.

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Hi T.,

We had something similar happen with our oldest daughter. We did the same steps, talked to her, talked with her teacher, took her to the doctors, etc. Our doctor at the time said this was normal for little girls at this age. According to our doctor he said she was starting to develope the hormones needed for puberty and this causes a sensation in girls ages five and up. So......because pants bothered her so much and caused the sensation to be worse we chose to move to leggings, overalls, and dresses with legging shorts under it - no jeans, these seemed to cause problems for us. We explained to her that it would be better if she learned to fix any problems she is having in private - ask to be excused is she needed to adjust herself (we spoke to the teacher about this so there weren't any problems in school). Just talking to her about it helped a lot. We reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her, made her feel as though it was natural to be curious about that area of your body and the issues really were gone before she turned six. I will mention that bathroom tissue was a culprit for a lot of it as well, it flakes off causing some irritation so we moved to a wipe for sensitive skin or even a damp and dry baby washcloth that could be rinsed and thrown in the wash right away, we made this her responsibility and she was fine with it. I hope this helps you. A.

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Ask her if it happens after she passes gas. I've heared someone once say that occationally when they pass gas the air will go foreward instead of back and it makes a little bubble as it passes by the vagina.

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I agree w/the other mamasourcer. It sounds like yeast and unless it's really bad in a child so young the doctor probably didn't even look for it.

Most Naturopath's have a pharmacy and you don't need to be a patient to shop from them. (Though if you are and they recommend a product there's no tax on it). Try to get your DD on some high quality probiotics to fight the yeast. Even if it's not yeast it will help her digestive system. During this time eliminate all processed foods, breads, sugars, starchy foods with simple sugars. Focus on a more whole food approach to help the process. You can also find probiotics at Whole Foods or PCC in the cold case of the health/supplement department.

You may also want to consider taking your DD to see an ND, LM (naturopathic physician who also is a licensed midwife). Your DD will likely be more comfortable w/such a person and they'll have the experience and skills needed to treat the issue w/o strong prescription drugs that may be too much for a child so young.

I'm not sure where you live but if you're near a PCC go in and ask to speak to someone in that health department. They're all goldmines of information and can introduce you to foods in the store too that will keep eating fun for your DD without complicating the issue at hand if it is yeast.

C.-WAHM to 4 y/o virtual twins, ND patient for 11+ years,

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Wow, just what I was looking for. My 5 year old frequently tells me she has a bubble in her private and trys to ajust by moving around saying she needs to pop it. I am also confident noone has touched her in an inapproperiate way too. I at first brushed it off but then she keep saying it. It is usually at night when she is laying down. She is often red and irritated in that area and has had numourous yeast infections due to antibiotics. She can't use bubble baths or soaps because they irritate her skin. I figured the red soreness was to to lack of wiping or not wiping well but maybe she is over wiping. I havnt went to doctor yet but I googled it and say articles explaining it as air getting trapped (like a poop but in front) and sometimes its hard to get it to release. Your question make me feel like my daughter is not the only on so it must be more common than I thought. Id just tell her to only adjust her private in private. I told my daughter to do what she needs to do to feel better but do it in restroom alone.

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Hi T.,

I have had this too. With me it was yeast related and felt like a bubble, tickle, or itchy feeling. My naturopath is treating mine, but the regular MD ignored it for years.



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I would go to a homeopath or a Naturopathic Doctor. They often know things MDs do not. I don't think this is a "counseling" issue. She is uncomfortable in some way that needs to be explored.

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I have not personally experience this type of issue with either of my girls (11 and 6), but my girlfriend has with her 5 year old. Her daughter would wipe herself until she was "raw" and she told her mother that she always felt "wet". I'm not sure if this is similiar to your daughter's experience, but they did end up taking her to counseling and have had great results. (They too had her examined by a doctor whom couldn't find a physical problem).
Best wishes,


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I am guessing that your daughter has soap sensitivities. I have soap sensitivities "down there," (nowhere else, just there) so if I use any scented soaps, it's VERY uncomfortable for me. I use baby wash that is unscented and for sensitive skin, and that works well for me. Some baby washes have unsafe ingredients, though, so here is a reference link to see which products are safer for you and your family:

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