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4 1/2 Year Old Daughter Often Red and Sore Vaginal Area

My 4 1/2 year old daughter has been complaining that her "private area" is sore, and when I look at her, it is very red. She is also going to the bathroom very often, more than usual, and I'm not sure if they are related. I did take her to the doctor to rule out a bladder or UT infection, neither of which she has. The doctor did give me a steriod cream, which frankly, I'm afraid to use on her. i've been using Pinxsav, which seems to help short-term, but it always comes back. Any suggestions? It is becomming frustrating for us both.

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Yeap, my daughter had the problem as well. She's always been real sensitive to detergents and various soaps. The solution, find the soap that doesn't irriate (Dove for us) and ONLY TAKE SHOWERS! Sitting in the water makes it worse. Also, my daughter was wiping incorrectly, so had more problems after going #2... so watch that as well. I did take my daughter to the doctor and they prescribed a cream...but the main thing for us was switching to showers only.

My daughter had the same problem when she was young. Never found the cause but did discover Northern Bathroom Tissue was the only thing she could use that did not irritate. It cleared up and only came back if I changed brands. Today she's 19 and doesnt' have that problem anymore. Good luck!

Do you use bubble bath or body wash??? My niece had a similar reaction, my sister stopped with the bubble bath and went back to using "baby" wash and everything cleared up.

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My 5 year old has this problem from time to time. And we are quite certain no one has molested her - that is only one of many symptoms of molestation, so don't let hysteria convince you otherwise if you are certain no harm has come to your child.

I have to make certain to wash my daughter frequently, using a gentle soap (I use Burt's Bees baby wash on her).

A large part of our problem is that she does not wipe correctly. Instead of actually wiping herself, she sort of pats which leaves urine on her vulva and clitoral areas which in turn creates much soreness.

We just make certain she gets a bath at least once every other day. If not, she gets red and sore.

Odds are quite good that your problem stems from something similar.

Also, some children simply produce more smegma than others which can cause irritation. Again, the only "fix" is frequent bathing.

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V., I hate to ask, but is there any posibility that your daughter is being molested? Is she with a safe caaretaker while you are working? Is there anyone in her life that may be touching her in an abusive way? I hope that this is not the case, but felt that I needed to ask. I hope that you find a solution to this problem.


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My 3.5 year old daughter gets red and irritated down there alot, too. The doctor told me it's VERY common in little girls (he ruled out any UTI or bladder infection or yeast infection or anything like that). He just said to make sure she's wiping well and maybe use those flushable toddler wipes instead of toilet paper for awhile. He said to help her wipe and maybe 're-learn' how to do it to make sure it's done completely and front-to-back each time. Her problem was kind of intermittent and after that trip to the doctor's it went away in a day or so and hasn't come back (been 3 weeks now). I just make sure she is wiped good each time she pees or poops.

Oh yeah... try taking showers instead of baths. If she does take a bath (no bubble baths!!!) get her out of the tub quickly as soon as she's clean. Sitting in the soapy water can make it worse.

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She more than likely has a yeast infection little girls
get them. Just make sure you do not give her a bubble bath.
They usually treat it with nystatin which the doctor gives
to you.


Hi V.! I wonder if maybe she isn't wiping herself enough or is possibly leaking urine that may be sitting on her skin, causing it to be red and irritated. Maybe have her use a baby wipe, then TP to clean herself after she goes to the bathroom to make sure all of the urine is cleaned off. I would put a little neosporin on it to help heal the skin and also as a barrier from the wetness. Good luck!

Have they checked her blood sugar to make sure she is not a diabetic. This could cause the frequent urination and the sugar in the urine could be causing the irritation. Also has she been checked for yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.
My neice had a lot of yeast infections for the first 3-4 years of her life. I feel for her and for you. I know how terrible that can feel for an adult, let alone a little girl.
Just thought I would throw a couple of ideas out to you that you could ask the family doctor about. Hope this helps even a little bit.

Is she wiping after she pees? My 2 year old daughter always gets red when she doesn't wipe very well after she goes to the bathroom.

I don't know if this has anything to do with her problem, but make sure she is wiping the correct way front to back. I noticed when my daughter was red and sore she was wiping from back to front, one introducing new bacteria to the area, and two she doesn't seem to get herself dry enough.

I would use the steriod cream for a day or so just to make her more comfortable. Long term I would be a little concerned.

Good Luck

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