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Breast Tenderness/early Pregnancy question...be Honest

Ok, I am about 7.5 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy. I am having next to nothing for symptoms which kind of worries me...I know every pregnancy is going to differ and things wont be just like they were the first time around. (sick sick sick) BUT I am under the impression that some people do not get morning sickness and some do not have to pee a lot but that everyone has breast tenderness and changes. I did for a little while when I suspected I was PG but not any more. I really do not feel pregnant except those times when I do get a wave of nausea...So is it a really bad sign that my breasts arent tender and heavy?

What can I do next?

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Thank you all for the advice! You have really put my mind at ease! I have my appt Monday and when I hear that little heartbeat I will come and post about it! You guys are awesome, thanks again!

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I wouldn't worry. My breast did not change and I had no tenderness until I was about 36 weeks and even then not much happened (til after birth). Every body and every pregnancy are different.

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When I was PG - I had hardly any sypmtoms. I was only exhausted, I slept all the time and ate a lot. I had no nausea, no morning sickness, no headaches, no tenderness (until I was 8 mos PG ... then they were sore from getting so big) - NOTHING.

I was under the impression that every pregnancy is different, much like each child. I know several people that experienced the worst PG symptoms with their 1st and nothing with their 2nd and vice versa. As long as you are seeing your OB on a regular basis, the U/S is normal and there is a heartbeat, etc. You will be ok. Be thankful you arent experiencing all those awful symptoms when you have an 8mo to take care of as well! I dont know if I could handle morning sickness and my toddler!

Hi K.,
Not to worry, the breast tenderness is not always there, especially after your first. I've had seven and it was virtually non-existent after my first pregnancy, except maybe right at the beginning with some, though not all. Totally normal. I guess after the first time your breasts are already broken in, so to speak.

My first pregnancy was a breeze! No nausea, no morning sickness, no tenderness...nothing.
My second pregnancy was about the same as the first, but with a little more tiredness.
I am now pregnant with my third and my breasts have been sore for pretty much the whole 12 weeks I've been pregnant. I've been more tired and nauseaus than I was with the first 2.
Honestly, each pregnancy is different...no need to worry and stress out about it.

Congrats on your pregnancy, K.! It's funny that you call yours the "little bean". That's what we called mine too and I prayed everyday that she would "stick"! In fact, we still call her Bean or Beanie sometimes. Cute! Cute! Cute!

Anyway, mine KILLED the first time I was pregnant, but not the second or third. (I lost the first two.) I was worried that they didn't hurt the third time and thought I was going to lose it and my drs. & midwives told me not to worry, that every pregnancy is different and that once your body knows what to do, or you've experienced something before, it "remembers" and it doesn't hurt as much with subsequent pregnancies. I don't necessarily think it's a bad sign that your breasts aren't tender & heavy. If you're really worried though, ask your doctor to check your blood levels (specifically HCG I think?) for you to give you peace of mind. Mine did it to humor me and keep me from freaking out about losing another one. :)

Good luck!


I had all the pregnancy symptoms the first time round, and pretty much none the second time apart from occasional nausea as you describe - so hopefully you're just lucky this time round like I was! My mom had 10 kids, and she said every pregnancy was different - some she was really sick, a couple hardly at all.

Good luck!

Hi K.,

I just about as far along as you and I don't have breast tenderness either. They feel exactly the same as they did before. I did have severe tenderness with my first pregnancy for weeks so it caught me a little by surprise too when it didn't happen this time.
Don't worry, you and I are in the same boat!

Hi K., Congrats!
Don't worry! Everypregnancy is different, and so are the symptoms.If you want , discuss with your ob/gyn. Bet there's NO problem at all.
Relax!and enjoy!

My breasts were only tender and itchy the first two months and then it went away. The nipples still became darker and bigger but not tender. So this could be perfectly normal.

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