Blue Extremities???

Updated on May 07, 2008
R.M. asks from New Philadelphia, OH
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I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about babies extremities turning blue. Occasionally my almost 6mo old son's arms, hands, legs, and feet turn a little blue and are cold to the touch. He dosn't have a cough and dosn't appear to be in any type of respiratory distress. I looked around online a little and it dosn't seem to be anything serious from what I have found so far. I plan on talking to our pediatrician about it at our check-up in a few days. Just wondered if anyone has any info about this that you could share. Thanks

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answers from Indianapolis on

I have three kids and my youngest had that where is legs and hands would turn blueish. The peditrician told me it was completely normal and that he was just sensitive to the the cold. My other two were born and raised in Arizona so I had no clue what it was but since he was born in Maryland it was cooler and he to this day has to stay warmer where the other kids are cool weather kiddos. Good luck.



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Definately bring it up to the pediatrician. In the meantime, make sure that he isn't sitting in one position too long, something could be pinching and causing his feet to turn blue from lack of circulation, make sure he's always dressed warmly including socks at all times. When his extremities turn the blue color, move him around so that the blood is flowing evenly. My dd had the same thing when she was little. I was told it was nothing to be concerned about. Babies skin is lots thinner than adults, so their blood vessels are closer to the skin. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but that's what we were told! She's mostly grown out of it now. Just make sure you bring it up. Take a picture and take that to your dr if you think of it.



answers from Evansville on

Ok well I am a mom that has had this happen to....My child would turn purple and blue. she even done at the dr. office and he had a heart u/s done on her. there was nothing wrong but he wanted to do other test but we didn't get to do it but my sister-in-law son turns blue but he has a heart defect. a really bad one. but just get it checked out and then see what is going on but don't just not get it checked out b/c it could be something going wrong.


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ok, I'm not the type to unnecessarily scare ppl, but if your son's extremeties are turning blue & cold to the touch, its a sign of cell distress. means he's not getting good circulation for some reason & yes, it IS a serious problem as it can lead to so many complications. Call his ped & let him know the severity of the episodes, the pattern of them if there is one, & how long each time lasts. This is definately something that needs fixed now before it causes any complications.



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How old is your son?

My son gets cold very easily and also turns a little blue very easily. He shivers easily. My dd never seemed bothered by the temperature...

I hope thats it :)



answers from Lima on

I would definitely consult your pediatrician, and if you don't receive answers there, then go to a specialist, preferably at a children's hospital where they specialize in children only.



answers from Cleveland on

R., I also have a 6month old son that turns blue. He does have a very serious heart condition though, and I have oxygen to hook him up to when his feet and legs turn blue. I would tend to say that your son does not have anything serious going on other than being chilled. When he gets like that try to warm him up and see if there is a difference in the color of his skin. You can also check the pulses in his feet by pressing very lightly on the top of his foot...if you can feel a pulse than more then likely he is just cold....good luck, and if it bothers you than I would definitely talk to his PED about it.

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