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Healthy Toddler with Cccasional Blue Lips

I've noticed on occasion (say three times) that my daughters lips have turned blue. (Please note, she is NOT turning blue, just her lips). She has no other signs of illness when it happens and carries on normally. I've checked to see if she was cold (usually a little) but nothing extreme. She was just checked for iron (she's fine) and has no known heart issues.

I called my doctors office the other day to ask about this and my doctor said she would think about it and call me back. She said some people's lips just turn blue when they're cold, but some have underlying reasons. Anyone else experience this with their little one? My daughter has been pretty darn healthy otherwise.

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I should have followed up on this quite a while ago as it occurred to me that other people might find my resolution helpful. We took our daughter to the doctor who said that she seemed perfectly healthy but gave us a referral to a pediatric heart doctor just in case. We took her to the heart doctor and thankfully all looked normal. They suggested that we bundle her up if her lips turn blueish.

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Hi, L., my daughter would get occasional blue lips because of her stridor. Basically she had an extra flap of skin in her throat that she has pretty much outgrown now. The extra flap of skin would sometimes partially block air flow causing the blue lips. Have you tried seeing an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist? May not be the issue, but another avenue to check out. Our ENT diagnosed my daughter with this condition. Good luck.

Interesting. My son, healthy (almost 12month old) gets blue lips too. It has happened a couple times. I too checked to see if he is cold and he wasn't and sometimes I have also noticed his fingertips are ble. We called the advice nurse and she was concerned about it. Same response your doctor gave. Just seems odd. I wish we had more of an understanding.

Hi L.!

My son suffered from Reflexive Anoxic Seizure Disorder when he was little.... between ages 1-5. It is a type of syncope. Syncope is a sudden drop in blood pressure, which results in fainting and sometimes seizures.

If he cried or got upset, it would trigger a seizure. The first sign would be that his lips and the area around his mouth would turn blue.

Syncope can affect anyone of any age. You should ask your doctor if that may be causing the blue lips.

Hope this helps.


I haven't seen this in my daughter, but I actually have this happen to me when I am cold and I have Raynauds Disease. Here is the MayoClinic definition
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/raynauds-disease/DS00433. It really hasn't been a problem for me other than the fact that my lips turn blue and my fingers turn white when I am cold. I have had this happen since I was a kid. Hope that helps.

Hi L.,

My lips turn blue sometimes as do my fingernail beds. It happens when I am chilly, but also sometimes when my blood pressure drops, which sometimes happens when I am unwell - particularly with any type of tummy bug - and I have a tendency to faint quite easily because of it.

Other than the fainting, there are no other negative symptoms and I have been like this most of my life. It's mostly just scary for those around me and I do need to warn people I live and work with that I have this tendency to pass out, just in case I do it unexpectedly in the office or something. I don't want to freak them out.

Good luck and I hope your doctor comes up with an explanation that you're satisfied with.

D. x

My lips have always turned blue when I am cold and I have no underlying health issues. My son is now 11 and his lips have always turned blue as well with no health issues. Some people are just more sensitive to the cold.


Her O2 Saturation level could be low. Could she have asthma and you not know it? It should be checked out when its happening. Kids lips do turn blue when they are cold,. but I think in general it is a sign of not enough oxygen in the blood,

Hi there, I am a SAHM of a 4 year old. I was wondering if your daughter has been diagnossed with a heart mumor? This acctually happened to me as a child ( and still does on occation), and was finally diagnossed with a hole and a murmor.

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