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Birthday Gift for 50 Year Old Man

We are invited to a party for a male friend who is turning 50. I know you can get some cheezy gifts that are themed for 50, but I am looking for something different.

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Hi, If you want to spent the cash. A gas Card would be great, you can find neat looking gift books for the card.

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men are frequently hard to buy for unless they have specific hobbies......when my brother in law turned 50 we gave him 50 bottles of beer (each one different...small liquor stores often have odd bottles laying around they will give you a good deal on, Binny's also sells single bottles)....some were domestic "favorites" (Bud, Miller, etc) and other's from foreign countries. It was a big hit and he took quite a while to actually try them all! I thnk it widen his appreciation for beer other than his "usual".

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Hi C. -- my husband's friends all turned 50 last year and we had a standard gift for all of them that became a lot of fun...as in everyone was looking forward to getting their very own. I ordered the LIFE magazine for the week the person was born off of ebay (@$10 gift with shipping usually). We then took the plastic sleeve that it came in and used it to "doctor" up the magazine with funny headlines pertaining to the person or funny pictures with captions that would predict things in the future for the person born today. Anyway, they were usually quite funny. Most times the actual picture or headline on the cover would be inspirational to the doctoring up process. We used the plastic sleeve to tape the new headlines or pictures to so we wouldn't ruin the actual cover. We paired this with a good bottle of single malt scotch.
Good luck.

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Academy award winning movie from the year he was born; no.1 song on DOB

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I like to give instant lottery tickets, maybe they will win big! I have also made up a gift basket with gift certificates to a local video store and gourmet popcorn, soda, candy or any other snack food that you know he may enjoy. Depending on what you want to spend you could throw some lotto tickets in there too! Good Luck!

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here is a list of movies released in 1959, maybe a copy of one of them would be fun...


I looked at this website for toys from the 1950's (thought it might be fun to get him a toy from his childhood) but it has some other information about things that were popular in the 1950's. Maybe something will strike you and spur an idea.


Or how about 50...50 cent pieces? (call the bank soon I think they have to order them for you)...with maybe an inspirational quote about "change" in his life???...or something like that? (you can google quotes and sayings and key in on words like fifty or change)

Maybe a 50 year old bottle of wine or something else if he's into that?

Good luck, have fun!

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Hi C.,
Books, video games, musical items (cds, ipods, concert tickets), imported wine or beer cheese or chocolate, sporting event tickets, gift certificate to favoirte "nice" restaraunt. These are just a few off the top of my head.
Good Luck on your decision!

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Hi, If you want to spent the cash. A gas Card would be great, you can find neat looking gift books for the card.

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I like Heidi's ideas. I was thinking a nice bottle of booze or gift set with glasses (that is if he drinks)Restaurant gift certificate is also nice. I always buy those cards that say how much things cost in the year they were born. It's hard but usually you can;t go wrong with a bottle or a night out. Who doesn't like a night out to dinner. Good Luck

How about finding out what his favorite music is? Or his favorite kind of book? Or his favorite kind of board game or card game? Or if he has a favorite sports team perhaps some t-shirt or hat or other item from that team?

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