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Autism and Diets Any Advise

i have been reading up on autism and my sister is in the middle of a research for her masters degree in autism for her special eduation degree so I have a son who is 2 1/2 and has Autism I try my hardest to make sure he eats properly takes his vitamins daily. I have read the book by Jenny so I don't need that plus i have binders and binders of research from doctors that all say different things.. Yes he got his shots but so did his sister and she is fine plus he was showing signs prior to having th e shots. but my realy question is changing his diet to the Gluten free and Casein free foods. Is it hard to cook or them is it hard to find the foods ect where can i buy the foods. I have an appointment June 25 with the Developmental Ped. and I will ask him but I know that all doctors have different opinions and I like to hear from the moms sisters grandmas aunts friends that have seen or used this attemp.. I am not sure 100% if I will do it but I am willing to try anything at this time. Even if you have done/tried other things please let me know I am up to anything at this time. i don't believe in meds I will only change foods or special vitamins ect... Nothing like a mind altering drug.. Plus I still have to watch him since he has Gastrosycsis when he was born i have to make sure things are easy on his tummy.... Thank you all in Advance.

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I am an ex-special ed teacher, and applaud you for looking into new ideas to help your son! The Autism Research Institute has lots of info on diet etc...
The caesin and gluten free stuff...yes, it can be a pain to buy or make the stuff, but it is out there. Sprouts has a good variety of stuff, as would other health food stores. Since gluten is in a lot of our typical diet, it is good to know that even "glutenous" rice has no gluten. I think sweet potato and regular potato are also good alternative starches.
The vaccine thing...I am not sure it is meaningful in autism. there may be many more factors.
I have not had time, but was going to review what Jim Carry (comedian) did for his son, Evan. Apparently medical "authorities" decided he really did not have autism, he has recovered so well.

As a naturopathic medical student, I have seen a bunch of kids succeed on the gluten free casien free diet. It's not hard to cook, it just takes some learning. Whole foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts all carry these foods. Also there are some great resources online. I like the Gluten Free Pantry. I am gluten and casien free myself and my family has adapted well. I think it took us a couple weeks to try things and find what we liked but once the transition was made it was easy. I suggest you try it...and commit to it for many months...it can't hurt. Plus, it will incorporate more fruits and veggies which will be easy on tummy :)
Good Luck!

My son was diagnosed at almost 3. The first thing we did was contact SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center) and participated in their JumpStart program and their PARENT program. I can't tell you how much it helped our family. ABA therapy (which they use and teach you)is the ONLY proven method to improve symptoms of autism. It worked for my son. He still has issues, but is improving tremendously. I can give you more details if you want. I have to run now. No, we are not on the diet. He does not have gastro issues, so I chose not to go that path since the ABA is working so well. Hope to hear from you if you need more advice. God Bless.

I may have your solution it is Himilayan GoChi juice and we are getting awesome results with Autistic children. I do childcare for a 5 year old who has made amazing progress since he started taking it. Another woman in our group has 2 children out of her 5 with Autism. Her 15 year old son was in danger of having his meds strengthened when she finally tried to give it a chance. He now has no aid in school is more focused and has a's and B's. His meds have been reduced. Her daughter whom is severe said hi mommy for the first time after only 3 days on the product and her b.m.s are normal now. They have both been on it for about 7 months now and the whole family is enjoying the rewards of it.This product has a 90 day 100% money back guarentee. I highly recomend it and I can give you a list of doctors and a pharmacist to help you decided if this would be the right way to turn. You have nothing to loose. Please feel free to give me a call at ###-###-#### or you can research more on my web page barbgarcia.com.
Best of luck to you and I hope to hear from you

I have a teenage son with Asperger's who has had dietary issues which have made it difficult to get healthy foods into his diet. He will NOT eat foods that he doesn't like whether due to taste or texture plus he won't swallow pills so vitamin supplementation has been problematic.

A few years ago we were advised by a Preventative Medicine Doctor to attempt supplementation through Juice Plus chewables (gummy-like consistency w/o sugar added) to help get ANY vegetables into my son's diet. The only fruit he ate was apples and absolutely NO vegetables but lots of carbohydrates and dairy not unlike many children on the Autism Spectrum. I knew this was an unhealthy diet and attempts to get good foods into his diet were thwarted by his taste/textures issues. We truly didn't believe he would be open to taking them but I guess his digestive issues drove him to try them. Once he started taking them he never stopped and his diet began to be better varied though still heavy on carbs and dairy. His digestive system has been much improved despite his reliance on those foods. We got him enrolled in the Children's Health Study to reduce the cost of the product -- http://www.childrenshealthstudy.com/ It's been the first dietary chance he has permitted and I hope one day to get him eating the "real thing" of fruits and vegetables!!

Dear A. M,

Have you tried or heard of Juice Plus that is recommended by thousands of health professionals? The third party clinical research by hospitals and universites in the US ad around the world is amazing. The results are published in peer reviewed medical journals. Current research includes prenatal care. Juice Plus is 17 fruits and vegetables in capsule, chewable, or gummy form. It is not a vitamin. Juice Plus is whole food nutrition, which I'm sure you realize, is absolutely imperative in a diet, especially when there is a health condition. Juice Plus has a Children's Health Study where the child ages 4-18 and college students can take it free for 3 years with an adult on the product. Please go to my website: kguestsharesjuiceplus.com. You will find the science behind Juice Plus, research summaries,and doctor recommendations. Hang in there. There is ALWAYS hope.
I believe that God guides us to the right people to help each other through life. My family has had its share of medical problems. I wanted to fight like a tiger to cure my daughter from systemic yeast which put her on a diet worse than a diabetic child. I prayed and prayed. I know I was led to Juice Plus which improved her immune system. It's clinically proven it does that, and positively impacts every part of our physiology. Blessings to you and your family! K Guest

Hi A.,

I have been looking at a similar diet for my husband who has epilepsy. This diet that you are considering is healthful for many problems! I just came across a web site that I am really enjoying. The page that I am linking will describe, scientifically, historically, and logically, how our wheat and dairy based diet has caused many health problems. http://dogtorj.tripod.com/id99.html (This is a very long, and informative article, fyi)
It may help you see the diet as something other than just "something to try". I would encourage you to also read the sections on epilepsy which speak more about the diet.

The writer is a veteranarian, but don't let that scare you off. His work with animal diets is what led him to his discoveries about human health. We feed our pets unnatural diets that are biologically incorrect, and as a result, they suffer many of the same ailments that we do. They suffer from epilepsy more than humans do. He is the first that I have seen, other than Mercola, to have the guts to take on Epilepsy. www.mercola.com would also be a place to read up on a diet such as this. His site also lists links to great web sites that are also helpful.

Hope that helps!


My friend wrote this book and it is all about eating for autism. Her son has autism.

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