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What Kind of (Odorless, Tasteless) Vitamins Can I Slip to My Picky 4 Year Old?

My extremely picky 4 year old hardly gets any vitamins (except calcium). Has anyone heard of any vitamins/minerals that I could maybe put in his chocolate milk that he wouldn't taste?

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Sorry I didn't respond quickly. Thanks everyone for your ideas! My son still won't eat gummy vitamins, but we've gotten him Children's Multi-Vitamin Liquid by Schiff online at www.evitamins.com to put in juice and see how that goes!

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I grind up Juice Plus chewables (with a coffee grinder)for my beyond picky daughter with autism. I started literally putting a pinch in her milk, so she didn't reject it, then moved to 1/8 tsp, etc.. Now I get a whole tsp. in there per milk. It is all about moving slow, so they don't reject it because once they reject it, you can forget tryin again. I am happy to talk to you more about it if you would like.

Also, for the echolalia, have you looked into Therapeutic Listening. It works on their auditory processing, and helped us with echolalia.


Like everyone else said, try gummies vitamins. My son takes them and yes they do taste like candy so give him one and hide the bottle. You can also try Ovaltine. Some say it doesn't taste like chocolate milk, but to me and my 7 yr old. Tastes just like any other bunny rabbit milk. (Nesquick uses the bunny so he used to think all chocolate milk was bunny rabbit milk, just kinda stuck as he got older. LOL)

Instead of putting vitamins in the chocolate milk, use Instant Breakfast powder to make chocolate milk. It has lots of vitamins and minerals. My daughter loves it; my mom would make me drink a glass every morning because I was so adverse to eating breakfast.

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I know this has nothing to do with vitamins but If your child is a picky eater and you're worried about nutrition, READ- Jessica Seinfield's "Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food book.
Mrs. Seinfield, funny man Jerry Seinfield’s boding wife, comes to the conclusion that children will only eat what’s bad for them and trying to force feed fruits and veggies always leads to disastrous results. By pureeing nutrious foods and hiding them in family favorites like lasagna, pancakes and cookies, children will think they’re eating what they want but your hidden ingredients also get them to eat what you want too. The book is a brilliant idea!!

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Hi L.,

I am a chiropractor and I have several types of children's vitamins in my office. We can use muscle testing to determine which one is the best for your child. Also, I usually keep a few different ones open so I can let kids sample them before you actually buy them. I had to try several before I found one my daughter liked. You really need to watch the sugar content in a lot of the over the counter types. ie- flintstones, gummy, etc. The sugar content will offset any nutritional value. The other option is to go to a health food store to buy the vitamins. They usually have better quality vitamins and can let you know which ones more selective children tend to like. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call ###-###-####. Thanks! Dr. Sandra S.

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It's great that you are concerned about your son's nutritional needs. Hopefully whatever choice you make, you will choose for the entire family as well. Monkey see, monkey do!

NO matter what choice you make, please make sure it's a quality product. This is your family's health, not wallet we're talking about. I was introduced to VeMMA Nutritional Program in March. Taking a quality supplement has drastically improved my husband's allergies. It's a high-quality, great-tasting multivitamin, PLUS minerals, PLUS antioxidants, all in one. It contains the highest level of mangosteen on the market, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and is anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. The benefits go way beyond basic vitamins!

The pills in a retail store are mass-produced, cheaply, and have lots of contaminants, binders and fillers that your body doesn't need. Pills are especially difficult to digest, as they are made to have a long shelf-life. VeMMA is liquid, and the nutrients are bio-available (body-ready). Kids can take 1/2 the adult dose, therefore making it a simple, convenient product that the entire family can use. Most kids drink it straight, but you can add it to a sippy cup of juice if you must. You don't need to keep up with separate gummies for the kids, shakes for the teens, a separate pill for mom, etc. VeMMA is a fairly new product on the supplement market, and in my opinion a class above products like Juice Plus, which is clearly NOT a vitamin supplement. Yes, it's great to have whole foods crushed up, but if you're going to pay for something, why not have the label be the proof?

I also have a son with variants of autism, and when vitamin therapy was recommended, I made sure to choose a good one. Please visit www.ShareHealthyFun.com or contact me for more info. Good Luck!

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Hi L.,

My son, who is diagnosed with autism, is a very picky as well. The vitamin companies that make vitamin supplements for kids on the spectrum make vitamins that are tasty, that you can added to his juice and other foods. Sometimes if a child is low in zink it makes even fresh fruit taste like it is rotten. Maybe try a bit of zinc. One of the companies that I really like is Lee Silsby. They will even compound the stuff for you. They have a website and they are easy to contact as well. Their vitamins are high quality and have not been sitting on a shelf. www.ourkidsasd.com
Also try bribing him with a tiny spoonful, about 1/8 of a teaspoon, of food followed by an M&M. It worked well for my non autstic child. You may have already tried that though. Us parents of picky eaters usually have.
Good luck,

These was this powder that you mix in water to make a drink (tasted like a ligther gatorade; no so sugary) called ImmuneFizz or something. It was being demoed at Costco this past weekend. Tasted good.

In the past I have used some drops that Herbalife sells. They have no ordor, taste or color. They are liquid so you can drop them in any of his dricks. If I remeber correctly they were called Kindermins

All 3 of my little boys take Koala Pals chewable vitamins. They love them! Plus, they have a higher absorption rate than any other vitamin on the market so you know that your little one is getting the nutrients they need. :)

Well if you son is exceptionally picky it could be because you are giving him too much milk and then he may never feel like trying healthy food choices because he won't be very hungry if he has too much milk. If you suspect that your son may be autistic then you should also stay away from chocolate (including chocolate milk) My niece is autistic and any kind of chocolate messes with her really bad. As for vitamins there are many choices out there now that are quite appealing to kids that you won't even have to hide in food for them to take. They have gummy vitamins and I have even seen vitamin bubble gum. If I needed to slip in vitamins to my children "under the radar" then I would grind it into a powder form and bake it into something. Be careful though because some medicines aren't meant to be crushed. You may want to ask your pharmicist for some suggestions on how to get some vitamins to your kidd-O. Good Luck


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