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3 Month Old Girl Has a Bad Cough

Hey there..my little girl has a cold and she has this cough that just don't want to go away..she has been with this cold for about 3 days now..is there anything that i could give her for the bad cough or it will go away on it's own?

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I hope she is feeling better. I would stay take her to the doctor, you never know and it's better to be safe then sorry. My son had a really nasty cough just before his 2nd birthday. We took him in and he was placed on a nebulizer and recieve breathing treatments. I hated it cause he used to scream and cry but the doctor said if he does he is still breathing it in deep. I used the nebulizer for almost a year later (on and off) my Son is very healthy now. he just had some troubles getting rid of the cold. But if we would have never taken him in it could have been worse. hope all is well.

Hi sweetie - A visit to the doctor will help out. Sometimes they can prescribe a little stronger medicine than what you can buy over the counter. They can also determine whether the cough is "chesty" or bronchial. Hang in there. The joy outweighs the concern.

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My 8 month just caught my 2 year olds nasty cold. He had the stuffy nose, runny nose and then developed a nasty cough. After about a day an half of the cough I took him to the dr and it turns out he has bronchitis(sp). Given that your daughter is so young I would take her to the doctor and they can give you some meds. On the non prescription approach, you could try the vapor plug/nightlight things they have now. I bought the pediacare one and it is working wonders along with the infant vicks vaporub. Good luck with your little lady. Hope she feels better soon.

When my children have had colds as infants I was always told that they were too young for over the counter meds and to use a humidifier, saline nose drops and put them to sleep in a swing or something else where the head would be elevated. But, you should probably take her to the doctor to make sure it's nothing serious. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Hi, I'm so sorry that your little one is sick. It's so heartbreaking, isn't it? My son got a cold when he was a month old. It was aweful, but the doctor recommended a drop or two of Little Noses. It is just for a decongestant, but it seemed to work on all his syptoms. He's a year old now and we haven't had a problem since. I would for sure call the doctor first! Good luck from one military mom to another one!

Since your daughter is so young, I would suggest taking her in to see your pediatrician instead of trying over the counter meds. Good Luck!

Hi R.,

I am not one to run out and go to the Dr with every cold my kids get so I look at how they are feeling and the symptoms that they are having as my guide to whether he needs to go or not. If he has a temperature for over 3 days, the cough is producing phelm (green yucky stuff), the cough is hoarse sounding, you know the cough that make you hurt for her, or the nasal drip is green then I would go to the Dr. Otherwise I would treat her with OTC cough suppressants and children's motrin (motrin or tylenol work but motrin lasts about 6 hrs to tylenols 4). But basically use your instincts, is she still running around and the cough isn't bothering her or is she sleeping extra, running a fever and general disinterest in her usual routine. Good Luck to you and hope your little one gets better soon!!

I would take her to the doctor. Many OTC medicines are not made for babies that young. Most of the time doctors do not recommend giving babies OTC medicines. My daughter just got over a really nasty cold/upper resportory infection. He doctor to me its better for him to prescribe something to give to her. For babies are there really is motrin and tyonol which both do not really treat coughs.

Hi R.,

I used to rub Vicks vapor rub on my son chest before bedtime this help keep his chest warm and help him sleep without coughing so much. Also using a humilifier/vaporizer also helps in the child's room. If you haven't check with the doctor she may have allergies that induce the coughing with a cold. If she has alot of stuff animals in her room remove them and keep them a plastic bag for storage this too will eliminate the dust in the air. Good Luck and I hope she feels better.

Dear R.,
The fact that your daughter is still so young and fragile, you probably want to go ahead & make that appointment. It might be nothing, but better safe than sorry, right?

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