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Cough Medicine Recommendations for My 2.5 Year Old

Please give me some names of safe and effective cough medicines that have worked well for your toddler. When my daughter gets a cough, it seems to last forever. We finally broke down and gave her benadryl last night, which worked well until it wore off. She's been coughing since 3:30 this morning! She seems to sleep right through it, but her dad and I just can't! We'd like one that will last throughout the night, and one that won't make her drowsy during the day. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for all your help! I did speak to a pharmacist who said that the recommendation is to not give cough medicines to kids under the age of 4 (last year, I heard the age was 2!!!) so we decided against it--as most of you mentioned, too! We've been using the sudacare vapor plugs, which work pretty well (just bought a bunch more for cheap on ebay!) and have been offering her lots of water to drink. She doesn't have a fever, nor has she complained about her ears, so I'm assuming we don't have an ear infection going on! I'm hoping this cough will just run its course and be over in the next few days. Thanks again for taking the time to offer your advice! This is the best website around!

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I would not recommend any cough medicines, they are not healthy for anyone.
I recommend using therapeutic-grade essential oil like eucalyptus radiata, cypress or lemon these work great!
Put them on the throat/chest and reflex points on bottom of feet. A blend we use is like using Vicks because it stops the cough and clears congestion. We also diffuse the oils in the bedroom so they are breathing the molecules all night!
Another idea is a little warm water, agave/honey and 2 drops of lemon oil or I give lemon oil mixed in agave on a teaspoon to my children. These essential oils we have been using for 6 years for various issues and can be bought from the company.
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delsum is a single ingredient cough suppressant. It will control the cough. My Ped said it's safe for my daughter who is only 19 months. It will not help with the decongestant side of things. Humidifiers are essential for breaking up the junk too. hope she feels better

I have 3 kids 5, 3 1/2, 22 months and when they get colds and coughs we put Vick's Vapor rub on the bottom of their feet and socks on their feet so they do not get Vick's Vapor rub all over their sheets. They sleep great no real sniffels or cough. We found out about this from a home remedy book done by a Pediatrician. He even wrote dark chocolate calms a cough. I tell you it works. I am not into giving my kids medicine unless they absolutely need it or is prescribed by a Doctor.

Good luck


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Pediatricians DO NOT recommend giving your child (any child under age 6) ANY cough/cold medicine--I have always just used a vaporizer/humidifier and put a tiny bit of VICK's rub on my son's chest. I've also used a little tylenol to help him sleep better. However, you should check with your doctor as already suggested, as a cough could be something more, like pneumonia.

Hi L.,

There is wonderful, natural cough syrup that my family swears by called "Olbas". You can find it in natural food stores and coops. Read the ingredients--it's just herbs and honey, nothing that will harm a little one.


Good luck to you!

I'll just second what everyone else is saying - no cough syrup for kids under 6.

I don't know why it works - but it does and I swear by it. Rub vic vapo rub on the bottoms of your little one's feet and put on some socks. It works wonders so you and she can get some sleep.

As a mom of 4 little ones, and a daycare provider, I love Delsym. Works quick and is long lasting! Great stuff! I would also try a humidifier in her room at night to keep membranes moist. Good luck.

I agree with the other posts that coughing is a good thing. Generally we don't give cough medicine during the day but at night we do. I think it is more important they get their rest. My daughter has used the 12 hour Delsym but more recently we have been giving her children's musinex because her phlegm is so thick. The mucinex helps her get the stuff out.

try using a mix of honey an lemon juice,used it for my kids..didnt care for the side affects of other drugs,this is all natural,plus rub some vicks on her chest,throat,an a bit around her nose.good luck

Please don't give your child cough syrup! It's not good for one so small and the cough has a purpose. My daughter (18 months) has been going through a couple of colds recently with coughs as well. She seems to do just fine sleeping through the night and not coughing excessively if I put Vicks BabyRub on her chest and then turn the humidifier in her room on (I also put VapoSteam in the humidifier). Those things will help more than cough medicine without the risk of harming your child.

I agree with Leah. While coughing can be tiring for the kid (and mom & dad), the body is doing it for a reason. I know is sounds crazy, but when my kids cough I've started to tell them "Good cough. Cough hard and get it all out." We also talk a lot about covering your cough in an effort to stop the spread of germs.

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