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16 Month Old W/ Constant Runny Nose

My 16 month old gets a runny nose that lasts for weeks at a time. I take her to her pediatrician who prescribes meds (Augmentin, Omnicef, and most recently Suprex). She was on Suprex for 20 days, and after about the 18th day, she started getting a thick yellow runny nose (another sinus infection while on antibiotics???). I'm asking advice on what to do. Should I just let it be and see if it clears up on its own? Does thick yellow runny nose mean that it's a sinus infection? Should I keep taking her to the dr and ask for more antibiotics? My first daughter only had ear infection issues, so I'm not sure what the deal is about the Sinus infections. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Thank you to all of you! The theme was common: Allergies or Adenoids. So, I will ask her pediatrician for a referral to go to an allergist and/or ENT, if this constant runny nose continues. Thank you again! All of the advice was very helpful.

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My grandson was the same way for the longest time. Finally my DD asked for a referal to a ENT who removed his adnoids. After that he has not had any problems what so ever. I would definately take her to an ENT for a second opinion.

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Hi R....just because she has a yellow runny nose does not necessarily mean she has a sinus infection. Does she have a fever? Does her face hurt when you touch it? Do her teeth hurt? I know it is hard to tell these things on a 16 month old but maybe she can tell you. Otherwise, did you think she could just have allergies? Keep track the months that she has the runny nose and maybe you will notice a pattern. You can always have the doctor work her up for allergies or just ask for really good allergy medicine for a 16 month old. I know right now, I have a terrible runny nose and itchy eyes. Bad time of year for allergies. Good luck and I hope you get it resolved!!

Hi. Just a thought..could it be allergies? My son kept having recurrent sinus infections and his ped. figured out it was from allergies. Maybe something to talk about with your doctor. My son is now on a once a day over the counter med for his allergies and he hasn't had any more sinus trouble. Good luck!

Hi R.,
After my son went through many ear infections, antibiotics, and tubes, he started with the constant runny nose. I take him to an ENT and an allergist. They still can't really pin point why it exactly happens, but my son was on allergy medicine and it still didn't work so they tried something more agressive. (Singular, nose spray and allergy medicine with decongestant). They say because he has acid reflux, that the inflammation can also be caused by that. I went to extra measures of putting an air purifier in his room and covered his pillow and mattress with allergy covers. To me it seems very seasonal and I also started giving him soymilk and very little dairy. So you can start with the food and see if that helps. and if if not then you can try allergy medicine. At this point from what I understand is that kids are too little at this age to get them allergy tested, so its more like trial and era. Good luck with this and if you have any more questions please feel free to email me. I know how exausting this can be. Good Luck!!!

My great niece has the same problem the antibiotics they tried none worked she is schedule to have surgery july 1st in gainesville. Her dr. Sent her to a specialist and they are taking out her adenoids. So you may want to check into seeing a specialist.

Check for allergies.

If it IS allergies,
it's of little help now,
but a Neti Pot clears the sinus
and deters infection,
for when she's older.

There is NO WAY I'd have my kid on constant antibiotics.
I think people need to build their natural immunities,
and will respond better to the antibiotics if used occasionally.

Good luck, R..

We have been going through the same thing with my 19 month old for the past 6 months. He had constant sinus infections after he had the ear tubes put in. After 7 different type of antibiotics and allergy testing, which all came back negative, we bit the bullet and had his adenoids taken out on recommendation of both the ENT and pediatrician. He had the surgery on May 14th and has had no problems since surgery, barely a runny nose ever (excluding the minor here and there from teething!). I would maybe try an allergist and ENT. They say that allergies are very limited in children so young because it takes a certain length or exposure to develop and allergy, so it may be an indoor or food allergy (pets, dust?) as opposed to environmental.

My grandson was the same way for the longest time. Finally my DD asked for a referal to a ENT who removed his adnoids. After that he has not had any problems what so ever. I would definately take her to an ENT for a second opinion.

Very well done- you are asking the correct questions.

check out WestonPrice

Something is missing that needs to be there to suppoert the immune system- that is the underlying problem

continuing antibiotics will make it worse- as you have observed

after seeing WestonPrice on line, if I can help see docmccullen.com

best of luck- again you are aking the right questions-

Hello R.,

My son (3 and 1/2) was having similar problems. Switching back and forth from sinus infection to ear infection for about 6 months with a constant runny nose. Our ped finally gave us a referral to an allergist and we found out he had food allergies and environmental allergies. Just a thought. Since pulling his allergy foods he has not had any more infections.

Hope that helps,

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