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14 Month Old Is Constipated

Our 14 month old son is a very picky eater and he has been constiptated on and off since he stopped drinking formula(12 months.)He can become quite miserable when he hasn't had a bowel movement. We try to give him as many fiberous foods as we can- but he still is having this problem. Our doctors' office just recommmended apple juice- which he doesn't like. Our babysitter suggested we try putting mineral in his milk or water. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does anyone have any other suggestions for a constipated toddler who is a very picky eater?

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Is he on a supplement? The formula was supplemented so he probably got what he need to keep things moving. I have a wonderful product to recommend if you want suggestions. Good look, G. Chambers

My doctor recomended the mineral oil thing when my daughter was around 14 months too. I beleive it was one teaspoon in one glass of juice or milk per day for a couple of weeks. I never did it. I got her the plum smart juice and let her drink a cup of that a day. Seemed to help get things moving better. Plums, peaches, and graham crackers have a anti-constipative effect as I seem to recall too. We also discovered my daughter, as is my older son are lactose inolerant, so no cow's milk...we chose rice milk at that age, plus as much fiber filled crackers, fruits, veggies, etc. Oh yeah, Kashi Crackers, the multi grain ones seemed to help with that kind of thing too. Poor little guy, hope he feels better soon, and I hope this helps

I would mix apple prune juice (gerbers baby juice) in with the formula or milk. I think 2-4 oz juice to an 8 oz. bottle. It separates a bit funny, so you need to shake it up well. Never heard of mineral.

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Hi K.,
I concur with the Dr. Jill, the chiropractor, as my husband is also a chiropractor. At 14 months, if your child is having constipation issues, it is most probably a slight misalignment of the spine. This is so easy to fix and you will not need to worry about special foods, syrups, etc. We really should not be giving our toddlers any over-the-counter medicines, suppositories, etc. Once you start using this as your solution to the various issues our babies go through, it will cause so many other long term health issues. You will be shocked at how many things can be prevented through regular adjustments, for children and adults. Just try it out, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain to keep your child happy and healthy. Please contact me if you have any questions. Hope it all works out!

If you meant "mineral oil" in her drink, please think again. It is NOT a good thing to give anyone, let alone a baby. Please see this website -http://www.thestork.biz/mineraloil.html
You can google mineral oil to learn more about it. In general, health circles condemn mineral oil near the skin, let alone ingesting it. It is possible your child is eating too many refined flour foods - cheerios, white crackers, etc. Try switching snack items like cheerios for a whole grain cereal, or whole grain snack. Whole Foods has plenty to pick from. Rainsins, dried fruits, or fruit juices like recommended below. I would suggest trying the natural route before resorting to medicine for such a young one. Good luck.

Fibrous foods without enough liquid intake will create even more constipation. Try to get him to drink more water during the day. Encourage him to drink water between meals and see if that helps.

Good luck.

Hello K. I just responded to another mom regarding her baby beeing constipatd...she tried what I suggested and her child went poop that day it had been about six days since her baby had gone poop..Ok this is what you do go to the store and purchase the baby PEAR juice if he is drinking formula or milk put about 1tbs of pear juice in there and continue to do so...baby pear juice is a natural laxative..if he is not drinking formula or cow milk give the juice to him by itself and do this as often as needed when you see him becoming constipated...formula, and cow milk is good for them but because of iron it causes constipated...stay away from prune juice it will just make things worse...ok so Baby pear juice will make him go...
Rabbi L.

My son, who is now 6, has always had constipation issues. Try mixing some prune juice in with his milk. Or, give him a tablespoon or two of Karo Corn Syrup (the light color one). They like it because it is sweet and really doesn't have much of a taste to it. This works well with the younger tots, but won't work as well when they get a bit older. We limit the amount of milk he drinks a day. He has no more than 16 oz or he risks getting constipated.

Good morning. We have a four year old who, like your son, had the same problem. We ended up seeing a specialist after trying several techniques. We tried everything from prune juice to massaging her tummy. The specialist diagnosed her with having Functional Constipation. Long and short of this condition meant that it was psychologic. When solid foods are introduced in their diets, it takes a little more effort to get the waste out. The child, in turn, holds out on the bowel movement therefore allowing it to bag up in their system. Then it becomes really painful once their little colon must expell the waste. The specialist prescribed Miralax (which is a stoole softner). Its available over the counter now. I would suggest that if you try this method to be careful of what he wears because we would call it a blow out. Since the stoole is softer, it passes through quite easy. Once that was over, we spent a great deal of time potty training and explaining to her just push it out. She's been potty trained for two years now and we haven't had many problems since. Best of luck with this stage and don't worry, it'll pass!

Not much time to write, my advice - lots of activity!

Yes absolutley put the mineral oil in his water or milk it will work!! I did it with my son.

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