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Help for 7-Month Old with Constipation, Hard Stools

Does anyone know any natural remedies to help my baby with hard stools?

What can I do next?

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Prune juice, apple juice, apple sauce- these are all great options. You want to stay away from too much bananas or cereal when they are constipated because that binds them up more. So does dairy.


If you can sneak in some apple juice or prune juice it might help. This helped both my son and daughter when they were babies.


Hi D.,
I had the same problem when my little boy was smaller. I tried everything,from olive oil to mineral oil. It never really worked. It wasn't until we went to see a gastroenterologist and he prescribed LACTULOSE. Cleared it right up. A miracle!!

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I'm not sure how "natural" you'll consider this, but it doesn't involve any medications. At that age, my doctor recommended adding 1 tablespoon of Light Karo Syrup to every 2 oz of formula (can also be mixed with water if your son is drinking water already). (A six ounce bottle, we would add 3 tbs of Light Karo). Do this to no more than three bottles per day until the problem resolves. With any luck, it will only take one to two bottles before things are better.

a little corn syrup in the formula; babyfood: prunes, plums, bananas

1 oz PRUNE JUICE diluted with 1 oz water.

Also, a jar of PRUNES with PEARS (Beechnut makes one).

These work every time. My daughter is 8.5 months old and she started having constipation problems around 7 months as well, so it's pretty common. Everyone says prunes are best followed by other fruits that start with the letter P.

My ped recommended prune juice. Just a little bit in a bottle. Works like a charm.


try 3 oz of prune juice 2 times a day...this should work in a day or so! We had to do this with my daughter when she was 4 months old. Dr. recommended!

Iron does cause constipation, but I wouldn't discontinue using foods with added iron - they need iron after 6mos (that's when their supply from you during pregnancy starts to run down) - that's why it's added to formula and cereal. Iron helps with building red blood cells - it is necessary. I use the babyfood prunes with apples or prunes with pears for breakfast. Then, if it isn't taken care of by lunch, she'll get Gerber's Garden Veggies (has spinach), or regular spinach if you like and he'll eat it. And instead of formula after lunch, I'll give her Gerber's LiquidLytes made from the powder (love those packets for traveling) or you can just use regular Pedialyte. This works everytime for my daughter. HTH, good luck!

Ack! At your sons age, Id stay away from raisins, or anything that could potentially be a choking hazard!

At his age, Id stay with the pureed foods (baby food style). NO BANANAS! Those can bind them up, badly, as was the case for my daughter. Try an elimination diet to see what might be causing his constipation. For some, rice will do it. For my daughter, who was eating limited 'solids' when her constipation began, we found the culprits to be the 'rice flour' contained in many baby foods and also the carrots, also in many baby foods, and as stated earlier, bananas.

My Pedi told me the "p" foods: peas, pears, plums, prunes, peaches. I had the BEST success with pears (or pear juice). I didnt try prunes... had a funny feeling she wouldnt like it. But our Pedi also suggested green beans... but many babies (like mine) dont like baby green beans. (Funny, she loves them NOW) :)

If he goes more than 3 days without a BM, my pedi recommends Fleet baby lax, which is a liquid laxative that you give anally, not orally. Its tough to give to some babies.. but it works very, very quickly.

Finally, when mine stopped wanting baby food, and wouldnt eat 'real' foods that would help with her potty issue, my pedi said I could give her Milk of Magnesia daily for a couple of months to help her go. Check with your pedi for correct dosage. We are happy to report that she rarely needs help having a BM now :)

Good luck, sweetie. A bound-up baby isnt usually a happy one, I know. (((hugs)))

Hey D.,

I have 3 children, 19 year old son and 13 year old twin girls, I know about constipated children. Waya back when my son was a baby and he had problems the doctor told me to put a teaspoon of sugar in his bottle. IT WORKS! I know some people don't want to give their little ones sugar, but just a little bit for this problem does not hurt. If you would rather, try the fruits like prunes first. Honestly, I know sugar is not good for their developing teeth, but like I said, once in a while doesn't hurt.

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