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1 Month Old Not Making Good Eye Contact

My son just turned 1 month old and is not yet following things with his eyes or making sustained eye contact. I am in a panic that something could be seriously wrong with him! Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Start with pediatrician, then eye specialist. It could be muscular -- weak eyes -- which there are treatments for, but if it is something like Autism, the sooner you get help the better. Some kids who start treatment for Autism by age one are able to be mainstreamed by Kindergarten.

Ask you pediatricain, but i bet he is just fine. Their eyes do all kinds of crazy stuff in the begining. Have you tried contrasting colors. There are those cute little play mats with the toys overhead, try laying him on one of those. Get the colored one, he will enjoy it for longer. Dont worry, i bet he is developing fine at his own pace.

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If you put a bright toy in front of him, is he relating to it? Some babies don't get clear focus until 6wks. I would give it just a couple of wks. and if your still finding that he is not following movement take him to your Pediatrician or Family Physician who will refer you to and eye doctor for examination. Until then don't panic. Within the next 2wks. just watch for any change.
Take care and I hope all works well for you.

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THIS HAPPENED TO ME!! I was freaked out with my son. He had "gaze aversion" which means he avoided eye contact. He also didn't smile until 10 weeks. I got early intervention through my state (Illinois) when he was 3.5 months old and a team of five specialists of different areas of child development came to our house to assess him. It turns out that his gaze aversion was a coping mechanism for over-stimulation.

Follow everyone else's advice and talk with the doc. Also look in to some kind of early intervention program in your state. Follow your gut instincts, and try to relax a little bit. Good luck!

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I would work with your lil guy.Does he follow your voice if you are doing something close to him start with a small toy alone with no other interruptions put it in front of him does he act interested in it.Did you ask the ped.@ his well visit if so what did he say.Ok I just pulled out some info on newborn-1yr it say'smy eye's follow somethiong that moves in front of my face.I can see objects best from about 8 inches away from my face.Babies don't see color back & white is stimulating.This is an early sign of autisim but all babies & toddlers learn @ different timelines.

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i have a little girl with downs and you can take your child to an eye doctor, they can test for vision.

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Take this up with your pediatrician! Not to scare you, this can be an early sign of autism. Simply contact a center in your area that tests young children for this, it can be free, you want to rule this out as early as possible for your son to give him the best opportunity.
Pediatricians will sometimes put this off until they are older. Centers that specialize in this, know the benefit of early testing, and will help you immediately to rule it out. Enjoy your son and relax, the pediatrician can explain to you what is happening with the development of babies eyes at this age, and it may be as simple as that.
I would do both.

Look up baby's vision on line. I forgot what the number is, but they can't see very far at all. I know at 4 months it is still only at abou 20/100, they do not achiev 20/20 until age 1 or so. Don't worry mama it is normal. : )

Hi J.,
Don't worry!
At this age, babies are looking mostly right or left, and rarely look straight ahead. Try sitting next to your son in his peripheral vision and see if he looks at you more from the side.
Also, when they DO look at your face, they are mainly focusing on your hairline (think of the contrast between skin color and hair color).
Your baby's eyes are still maturing and will continue to mature over his first year. Provide him with lots of stimuli-lights, contrast (horizontal blinds are great), and dangly things.
So far it sounds like your baby is totally normal. :)


Don't worry! At one month old, no baby makes good eye contact. Their little eyes are still very unfocused and sleepy so they look like they're all over the place. If I remember correctly, babies don't start to focus on objects until around two months old. Congratulations on the new baby! :)

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