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I Am Seeing a Small Black Circle with My Left Eye.

Hi to beautiful group of moms. I have a question, on my way to work this morning I all of sudden began to see a black circle out in front of me like a knat flying around. I have tried rubbing my eye and it will not go away. I do wear glasses; however, the leg of my glasses broke and I have not been wearing them for over a week now.

Any clue as to what it could be. I am self insured so I thought I would ask, for suggestions in case it was something simple. I do plan on going to the eye doctor soon for new glasses anyway.

Thanks so much,

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I went to the doctor and he said yes, it is a floater. I went to Wal-mart in Lancaster and Dr. Fox was awesome. He took the time to explain everything. He even did a digital picture of my eye and he walked through everything telling me what every part of my eye was. He was very detailed. I do suffer migraines and I have been very stressed lately as my husband is not working. The full eye exam was only $69, including the digital imagining.

Thank you to everyone for all your help and suggestions. I felt very knowledgable going into the eye exam, so a big thanks to everyone. You are all the greatest.


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Everyone is talking about floaters...but if you got a headache after seeing this spot or if you also saw like rainbow lines almost it could have been an optical migraine. I get those and you see a dark spot and have a hard time seeing...... nothing you can do for it...just have to wait it out and take meds so the headache aferwards is not as bad!

I started having this about 5 or 6 years ago, my eye doctor said it was from Histoplasmosis. An midwestern eye disease thing, most people have it, some it does nothing, but a small few it causes a blind spot (that goes away occasionally) and some other weird things, none are too bothersome or life threatening.

hope that helps

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Hi! ...not to worry!!!!!!!
It's always smart to ask your eye doctor when you go in/ but, it definitely sounds like a "floater"... they are harmless. I have had them off and on since I was a child... I'm not sure of the technical terms; but, it's just small specks of ? that are somewhere in the eye. I see them a lot sometimes/ then not for a long while. P.S. I worked for an optometrist.
It really sounds like you have absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

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What you're seeing is called a "floater." They are pretty common. It's in your vitreous, the jelly inside the eyeball. It will move around so you won't always see it. Most people just get used to it and don't even notice it after a while. It won't hurt to get it checked out. Do you have any flashes of light, like lightening? If so, you should mention that to the Dr too. If you google vitreous floaters it should give you lots of info. Good luck at the Dr's and hope I could ease your mind a little:) I used to work for a Vitreo-Retinal surgeon, so that's how I know;)
It could result in a detachment, but you'll see a "curtain-like" affect with that. They are painless. I worked for Dr. Daun, the other lady speaks fo and he's wonderful. They have offices on Reading Rd almost downtown, Springdale, and in N.Ky. Again, good luck!!

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I got this a couple of times and the first time I went to the Dr and he said they were floaters which are precursors to migrane headaches. I never got the headache those 2 times, but I now get them. Definitely see someone about it incase it is something different.

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Hi B.,

I've had a similar problem. It is not a constant thing but periodically I'll see very small specks "floating" in my vision. I talked to my eye doctor and he said that they are calcium deposits - they call them floaters. I don't think there's anything they do for them because they're not serious and honestly, I rarely ever notice them. Don't know if this is the same thing you're experiencing or not but that's what I was told by my doctor.

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Hi B.,
My mom had some similar problems a few years ago. It turned out to be a detached retna & needed eye surgery ~ it's apparently not to be fooled around with. Not trying to scare you, but I know what my mom went through.


Better go to see your eye doctor just to be sure. Don't want you to feel regret if something happens to your eye if you don't see your eye doctor right away.

I have one too, it's called a floater. My optomitrist told me to make friends with it because I will have it forever or until I am very old (your fluid in you eye becomes less viscous when you get older and they sink to the bottom)

sounds like retinal problems. It sounds like they may have bled. I am having the same issues dur to diabetes. My eye are shot. I cannot have surgery due to no insurance and the discounts I recieve at the clinics do not cover it.

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