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I Am Seeing a Small Black Circle with My Left Eye.

Hi to beautiful group of moms. I have a question, on my way to work this morning I all of sudden began to see a black circle out in front of me like a knat flying around. I have tried rubbing my eye and it will not go away. I do wear glasses; however, the leg of my glasses broke and I have not been wearing them for over a week now.

Any clue as to what it could be. I am self insured so I thought I would ask, for suggestions in case it was something simple. I do plan on going to the eye doctor soon for new glasses anyway.

Thanks so much,

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I went to the doctor and he said yes, it is a floater. I went to Wal-mart in Lancaster and Dr. Fox was awesome. He took the time to explain everything. He even did a digital picture of my eye and he walked through everything telling me what every part of my eye was. He was very detailed. I do suffer migraines and I have been very stressed lately as my husband is not working. The full eye exam was only $69, including the digital imagining.

Thank you to everyone for all your help and suggestions. I felt very knowledgable going into the eye exam, so a big thanks to everyone. You are all the greatest.


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Everyone is talking about floaters...but if you got a headache after seeing this spot or if you also saw like rainbow lines almost it could have been an optical migraine. I get those and you see a dark spot and have a hard time seeing...... nothing you can do for it...just have to wait it out and take meds so the headache aferwards is not as bad!

I started having this about 5 or 6 years ago, my eye doctor said it was from Histoplasmosis. An midwestern eye disease thing, most people have it, some it does nothing, but a small few it causes a blind spot (that goes away occasionally) and some other weird things, none are too bothersome or life threatening.

hope that helps

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Hi! ...not to worry!!!!!!!
It's always smart to ask your eye doctor when you go in/ but, it definitely sounds like a "floater"... they are harmless. I have had them off and on since I was a child... I'm not sure of the technical terms; but, it's just small specks of ? that are somewhere in the eye. I see them a lot sometimes/ then not for a long while. P.S. I worked for an optometrist.
It really sounds like you have absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

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What you're seeing is called a "floater." They are pretty common. It's in your vitreous, the jelly inside the eyeball. It will move around so you won't always see it. Most people just get used to it and don't even notice it after a while. It won't hurt to get it checked out. Do you have any flashes of light, like lightening? If so, you should mention that to the Dr too. If you google vitreous floaters it should give you lots of info. Good luck at the Dr's and hope I could ease your mind a little:) I used to work for a Vitreo-Retinal surgeon, so that's how I know;)
It could result in a detachment, but you'll see a "curtain-like" affect with that. They are painless. I worked for Dr. Daun, the other lady speaks fo and he's wonderful. They have offices on Reading Rd almost downtown, Springdale, and in N.Ky. Again, good luck!!

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I got this a couple of times and the first time I went to the Dr and he said they were floaters which are precursors to migrane headaches. I never got the headache those 2 times, but I now get them. Definitely see someone about it incase it is something different.

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Hi B.,

I've had a similar problem. It is not a constant thing but periodically I'll see very small specks "floating" in my vision. I talked to my eye doctor and he said that they are calcium deposits - they call them floaters. I don't think there's anything they do for them because they're not serious and honestly, I rarely ever notice them. Don't know if this is the same thing you're experiencing or not but that's what I was told by my doctor.

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Hi B.,
My mom had some similar problems a few years ago. It turned out to be a detached retna & needed eye surgery ~ it's apparently not to be fooled around with. Not trying to scare you, but I know what my mom went through.


Better go to see your eye doctor just to be sure. Don't want you to feel regret if something happens to your eye if you don't see your eye doctor right away.

I have one too, it's called a floater. My optomitrist told me to make friends with it because I will have it forever or until I am very old (your fluid in you eye becomes less viscous when you get older and they sink to the bottom)

sounds like retinal problems. It sounds like they may have bled. I am having the same issues dur to diabetes. My eye are shot. I cannot have surgery due to no insurance and the discounts I recieve at the clinics do not cover it.

B., It sounds like "floaters" They do look like gnats
and they move when your eye moves. They're very common and
don't mean that anything is wrong. Sometimes I notice mine
when I'm stressed or very tired. If you're very worried,
you can ask your optomitrist.

I have worn glasses since 3rd grade, and concur, probably what you're seeing * IF * it moves around in your eye is a floater, matter floating within your eye, but definately have it checked.

HOWEVER, if it does not move, it could be something more severe. I have Macular Degeeration - an eye disease that normally doesn't present until after the age of 50, but I was diagnosed when I was just 21 and lost the central vision in my right eye when I was 25. It started out as a black line (that did NOT move), which was in part a ruputered blood vessel in the back of my eye. That is how the Macular Degeneration was diagnosed. Blood vessels can grow wildly literally overnight and take your vision away permanently. That is something that you HAVE to get seen right away - I mean emergency. An Optometrist can likely see something going wrong, but they will have to send you to a Retina Specialist for more tests.

Hi B. -
You should get an appointment with an opthamologist ASAP. The optomistrist may not be able to fully diagnose you. I can recommend one in Columbus my husband was seeing regularly that was able to help our situation, Dr. Mark Lomeo with The Retina Group. Don't wait on this. It could be something simple as a floater or something more serious. Good luck!

When I get those spots it means it's time to change my contacts! :D If you're not wearing your glasses, that could be the problem. Maybe try flushing your eyes out with water? Could it be just a little dirt? Definately get into your eye doc to get new glasses ASAP. If you're self insured, I recommend WalMart for vision. They really are great. I've been to a few different stores and I've never had a problem. They are super reasonably priced and they may actually repair your old glasses for you.

Sounds like you are seeing 'floaters'. I would see an eye doctor however just to make sure. I have quite a few of these little black things that float around in my vision - they seem to be worse when looking at a plain light colored wall.

Check out this article about floaters - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floater

Just had an eye exam and here is what I was told. What you have are called floaters and most people have them. The only time they worry about them is when they cause you to lose vision. You eye exam should include all the details, not just check your prescription. Mine was pretty through and included not only the usual pressure in the eyeball but it included taking a picture of the inside of the eyeball to see that it all looked like and serve as a reference. You need to see a real eye doctor not Walmart. Cost a bit more but worth it. Clark Howard suggest Zinni as a place to get your glasses real cheap zennioptical.com/

God Bless.


I would suggest seeing an eye doctor right away. I know that one sign of macular degeneration is seeing black spots in front of you. It could also be something came detached in your eye. I do not remember what it is called though. Definitely get in and see that eye doctor!

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4.

Get it checked out. My husband kept seeing tiny black spots and he ended up needing retinal detachment surgery. The good news is if it has anything to do with retinal detachment, if you catch it early they can go in with a laser and fix it without too much pain/recovery. If you need the actual surgery that's another story, my husband still feels pain in his left eye when the weather changes!(left eye had the rd surgery,right eye had the laser correction and no problems there)

Everyone is talking about floaters...but if you got a headache after seeing this spot or if you also saw like rainbow lines almost it could have been an optical migraine. I get those and you see a dark spot and have a hard time seeing...... nothing you can do for it...just have to wait it out and take meds so the headache aferwards is not as bad!

Those are called "floaters". I get them when I have a migraine. I asked my eye dr. about it 2 years ago, when I got my new glasses because I see them even when I don't have a migraine, but they ARE much worse when a headache is present. Here's a website that explains them really well: http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/spotsfloats.htm You may want to make an appointment with your eye dr. to get it checked out, just to be on the safe side. I've been getting these for years...since my teens, actually.


Eyes are one of those things you shouldn't mess around with. That and your heart and your breast health.

Call your doctor and at least see what she or he says to do.

Good luck,

I would definitely go into the eye doctor ASAP to make sure it isn't something serious. GOOD LUCK!!

hello B., as long as you are not seeing flashing lights in your lt eye, or a black curtain where it is impacting your vision in your lt eye, because those are signs of a retinal detachemnt. But you should call your dr because they are the expert, so if is is something you can catch it before it could get worse.
K. B.

I think you probably have what the eye doctor will refer to as "floaters". It is common with age and has something to do with the fluid behind your retina drying up. However, I started having floaters when I fell and hit my head while skiing and it can be a sign of a detached retina. So, if you've had any trauma lately, I would get it checked out immediately, but otherwise, just ask the eye doc about it. If it is floaters, they don't usually go away, but you will get used to it and not notice it very often.

Hi B., I am not a doctor but I did work in ophthalmology for 15 years. It sounds like you have a floater, which in most cases are quite normal, but you do want to make sure you have an eye doctor check the eye to be sure all is well.which would include a dilated eye exam, I would see an ophthalmologist. If you start to see alot of floaters, with lights flashing or a sensation like someone is pulling a curtain down over your vision you would want to be seen asap. In most cases, floaters are just annoying and you learn to ignore it and live with it. Good Luck

Hi B.-
This happened to me a few years ago in my left eye. I started seeing black floaties out of the side of my eye. I called the eye dr and they wanted to see me right away. They examined my eyes and said it was called a vetrius detatchement which wasn't serious-it eventually goes away on its own. I think after a few days it disappeared. There is another condition called a retinal detatchment which is serious. You need laser eye surgery immediately when that happens. That looks like a black curtain coming down in that eye. If the floatie continues go have it examined.
M. :)

I started having this about 5 or 6 years ago, my eye doctor said it was from Histoplasmosis. An midwestern eye disease thing, most people have it, some it does nothing, but a small few it causes a blind spot (that goes away occasionally) and some other weird things, none are too bothersome or life threatening.

hope that helps


Check out your symptoms at WebMD symptom checker. It could be serious and you should get in to your dr ASAP. Don't wait around for your eye glasses appt.

Go immediately to an opthalmologist! You could be experiencing a retinal detachment. If so, this condition must be treated immediately.
I speak from experience as my husband has had retinal detachments in both eyes. The first occured 18 years ago and began with seeing "floaters" or "specks" in his vision. He immediately sought medical attention though the end result was not as we had hoped. He lost vision in this left eye. Several years later he had a retinal detachment in his right eye - surgery was successful and he has retained vision.

I do not mean to alarm you however, I do want to motivate you to take action immediately as the retina detaches quickly.

If you live in the Cincinnati area I recommend the office of Dr Michael Daun, a Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon. Phone is ###-###-####. He has provided excellent care for my husband - we continue to see him annually for rechecks to monitor my husband's retina.

Hello B., My name is B. and I am an optician. I do not by any means want to diagnose you, but what you explained could possibly be floaters. I do recommend to get a full eye exam soon. If you do not have insurance, may I suggest going to see Eric Buckland (in Walmart vision center Stringtown Rd.) it is very inexpensive at only $52.00 dilation of the pupil included if you wish. hope that helps.

I worked at an Optometrist's office for a few years. I would suggest going to see your eye doctor asap. It could be something as simple as a floater or it would be the beginning signs of a detached retina. My mother experienced a detached retina. You need to see a doctor immediately or you will risk losing your sight in your eye. Mom was having lunch with us on a Sunday afternoon and said that she was seeing something in her eye. As lunch went on she said that it kept happening. We made an emergency call to her Optometrist and the doctor found a small tear and the beginning of a detached retina. Mom saw an ophthalmologist on monday and they did laser surgery to fix the tear and reattach her retina. Thankfully because we reacted immediately Mom has most of her vision in that eye but there is a small area that is dark and she will never regain the vision in that small area. My advice is see an ophthalmologist immediately!


My boyfriend had the same thing happen and after several months of doctors they diagnosed him with having an optic nerve stroke and he has lost vision. I would highly suggest that you contact your eye doctor immediately to get in and checked.

I don't mean to scare you but know how long it was to get him diagnosed and want to help give you a suggestion for when you visit your doctor.

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