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Updated Jan 17, 2018

Are We Obligated to Pay for Ex-dog's Surgery?

January 02, 2010 by Leah R. - Portland, OR

This is more a pet mothering request than a child mothering request, but I'd really like to hear your opinions. A ...


Lookin for a New Veterinarian

March 31, 2007 by katie p. - Portland, OR

Hi! My busy household is about to become a tad more busy with a new edition of a puppy either this weekend or next. ...


Fleas -- Aargh!

September 17, 2008 by Mel C. - Portland, OR

Hi Mamas. My family and I are new to Portland and never had to deal with fleas before. Our two dogs got fleas shortly...


Outdoor Cats with Fleas and Worms

August 31, 2008 by Rachel P. - Portland, OR

We have 7 cats (I know it is a lot - we get a lot of flack about it, but otherwise these cats would be living on the ...


Need a Sympathetic Vet That Will Fix My Beagle's "Cherry Eye"

April 24, 2009 by Janice E. - Portland, OR

It is a prolapse of the third eyelid & the tear gland shows up in the corner of the eye.The longer it is out, the lar...


I Need a New Veterinarian

August 13, 2007 by familyof5 - Beaverton, OR

I've been taking my dog to my vet in St. Helens (even though I haven't lived in St. Helens for about 4 yrs!!!), but n...


Potty Training Advise for Pets!

February 29, 2008 by Carla H. - Saint Helens, OR

We have a Brussels griffin who is 3 years old and despite taking him outside to go Potty several times a day/night, h...