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Updated Nov 30, 2022

Not Sure What Is Going On

October 16, 2009 by shannon b. - Seminole, FL

My daughter is in 3rd grade. She has done wonderful in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd. Now she is in 3rd grade and her gra...


Kindergarten Fear

August 25, 2009 by Pamela N. - Lebanon, OH

My 6-year-old is terrified of kindergarten, and I need advice on how to help him. He is normally fearless and outgoin...


Half or Full Day Kindergarten?

January 11, 2010 by TJ - Edmonds, WA

My daughter will be attending kindergarten in the fall and we have the next two weeks to decide on doing full or half...



January 05, 2010 by Angela B. - Clinton, MD

How do you know if your child is left-handed and when does that become clear? My daughter has a very difficult time ...


Seeking Suggestions for Encouraging My Kindergartener to Learn Sight Words

February 28, 2008 by Noelle S. - Stanton, CA

I am having the worst time getting my son to settle down and learn the sightwords his teacher sends home each month. ...


Just Started Kindergarten

October 13, 2009 by Martina F. - Norfolk, VA

Hello, My son started Kindergarten this year. He did go to preschool last year. Over the summer we kept practising...


School Issue

September 27, 2009 by Alexi M. - Silver Spring, MD

My 5 year old did not like her kendergarten. How can I help her? After I read your feedback I went back and try to f...


Looking for Dyslexia Tutor in the East Fort Worth, Texas, Area for 7-Year-old

January 23, 2006 by Sandy . - Fort Worth, TX

Am interested in finding a tutor for my 7-year-old-son who is in the process of being tested for dyslexia. He was mo...


Anyone Else Having Problems with Bus Reliability?

September 23, 2009 by Mary J. - Carol Stream, IL

We would like my oldest son to take the bus to his high school. His school is less than 1 mile away, but you have to...

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