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Full Time Employee Wanting to Start in Real Estate

Topeka, KS

I just recently attended real-estate school and am now studying to set a date to take my license exam. My question is has anyone made a complete career change to real-estate and how was it and what advice would you have on going about dealing with the career change but most important the change in the income especially at first. See I am pregnant with my second child and want the freedom of dealing with my children and their activities/school. But I must admit that I am afraid that our house as a whole (income) will suffer. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Opening Your Own Business -- Ideas ??

Tampa, FL

Hello everyone, I am a software engineer, however I am going to quit my job in few weeks to be home in summer and enjoy with kids. I am thinking about opening my own business, sometime later this year, when the kids go to school. As a mom, I struggled to find a restaurant, other than the fast food ones, where the kids can play and the place have healthy food and moms can relax and rest -- like a hybrid of Starbucks, somewhat Gymboree kind atmosphere, and healthy snacks. A place where moms and kids can have a get-together. I am wondering if you think there is a demand .. like will you like to go to a place for lunch or coffee. Is there any other mom who has opened her own business and doing good -- I can certainly use some guidance.

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