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Disney World in February

Dallas, TX

We would like to plan a 4 day trip to Disney World, and were thinking about February 2009 because I have some time off from work then. We have never been there before - we've always gone to Disneyland in California. Is February a good time to go? Is it crowded then? How is the weather?

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Portable DVD Players and Tips for Plane and NYC

Dallas, TX

Hi - this is a two part question. We are going to be doing some traveling soon with our 11 month old and thought about purchasing a portable DVD player just in case we need it on the plane. Does anyone have any DVD players they love that are not going to break the bank? Also, we will be going to NYC when our daughter is about 16 months and we are not quite sure how to handle taxi cabs with her...do we bring a car seat? I can only imagine New Yorkers have to deal with this all the time with little ones....but wondering if anyone had any ideas or has done NY with a toddler? Thank you for your help with any or all!

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Train or Plane?

Lafayette, LA

My wonderful 50 something mother and her long time fiancee' (they live in Sacramento, CA) have decided to tie the knot this summer. The problem: they're doing it in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada AND they want us to attend and bring our children. I am very excited and happy, but the idea of traveling hundreds of miles (we live in Louisiana) with a 6 year old and a 17 month old to the "gambling mecca of the universe" makes my stomach queesy. Now, I have traveled long distances in the past with both of them (once to Walt Disney World and the other for 9 1/2 hours evacauting Hurricane Gustav to north Arkansas) but we drove in our gas guzzling SUV. This time, we have decided an alternate means of travel. My question: Are there any moms out there that can give me the pros and cons to traveling on either train or plane? I want every horror story imaginable (vomiting, motion sickness, ear popping, or anything that you would never ever want to experience again) that involves your children on either one. I mean it. I need this. I have flown several times before and I am terrified of flying. But, I am afraid that they will be terrified too. And the idea of me not being able to tell the pilot to land the plane because my child(ren) are scared literally makes me panic. Thank you in advance and God bless you and your families!!! :)

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Traveling with a 5 1/2 Month Old....

Evansville, IN

I'm leaving this Friday (Feb 23) for 5 days. I'll be flying with my 5 1/2 month old daughter to Virginia for some much needed vacation. ( Stress with the divorce and being a single mom). I've got a friend down there I'm meeting so I won't be alone. Has anyone flown with a baby before? I know with the new security issues, its bound to be crazy. I'm just worried bout formula and bottles. Can I take baby bottles with water already in them or just ask for bottles of water? Any advice?

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