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6 Year Old Female Cat Peeing on "Things"

Harrisburg, PA

Hello all - my 6 year old/fixed female cat just started peeing on things - until this point she's been the "perfect" cat never peeing; never being destructive at all - just a really good girl. Now today my husband found a coat, a pr of boots and placemats that were all peed on. I personally think that she might be lonely - and mad at us for the fact that in last 6months we've gotten rid of two other cats (well one is now outside) and she may be lonely - but could it be medical? her litter box is cleaned out. has anyone ever dealt with this? any suggestions? thanks in advance!

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Cat Litter

Albuquerque, NM

i have a cousin with a 2year old little girl that doesnt seem to want to leave the cat litter alone she dumps water in it. pours the water in the box and just likes to play with it. any advcie on how to get her to stop? thx again

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Crate Training a Puppy

Louisville, KY

I just got my first puppy since i was 7 yesterday so this is all pretty much new to me. We are crate training her and its going ok so far. however she cried all night long in her crate i hardly got any sleep! i remember my other puppy doing this too but is their anything that can help calm her down while she is in the crate at night so the family can sleep? also i read that if you get a small enough cage they wont go to the bathroom in it well we got the smallest cage i could find and she poops each time she gets in. and i think last night she may have eaten some of it. i know their is something you can put in the water to make the poop taste bad but im scared to do that without talking to the vet who we see on tuesday. any ideas to hold us over until then?

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How Do I Keep the Cats Out of the Christmas Tree?

Joplin, MO

I only plan on having the Christmas tree up until the day of Christmas, and then it can happily be packed back up ( I Know I am a grinch!) We are short on space or trust me I would leave it up longer. My question is...are there any tried and true methods of keeping the cats from climbing the tree? Our tree is very large, and it is artificial, it is one that all of the branches are individually placed in and I am really sick of having to put the tree back together. Also I am a nervous wreck that they are going to break an ornament and end up getting cut on that sharp glass somehow ( trust me I have removed almost all of the breakable ornaments now) I Do Not want to have to lock my babies up. They sleep most of the day and are active at night. On the rare occassion that I have had to lock them up, say they had to not have water before surgery or I needed to know whose stool sample I was taking in, it was not a restful night. One of them is very capable of getting doors open as well, I am not sure which one of them it is, who knows maybe it is a joint effort. Any suggestions ( short of locking the cats up or taking down the tree ) are appreciated! Thanks in advance B.

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Need Help with a Kid Friendly Flea Treatment

Columbus, OH

Here is my dilema. My Dad and his gf went on vacation and I am watching her cat. I saw fleas crawling on the cat and I am wondering how I can keep from getting infested with fleas this week while they are gone. This is an inside cat and we have 2 other inside cats here that don't have fleas. I also have 3 kids the youngest of whom is a year old. I don't want to just spray bug spray. Are there any other ideas besides sweeping frequently which I will be doing? Thanks in advance for the help! :)

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New Dog

Portland, WA

OK Ladies, Here is my delima....We just adopted a Lab who is 6 mos old. We already have a lab who will be 5 in January, and he is the best dog. My husband wanted this new dog, "Fido". Fido, will not stay in the back yard, (he jumps the 6ft fence), if he is in the garage, he will find anything and everything he can and bring it out and chew, my kids can not leave their toys out because fido will eat them. If they leave their cups on the coffee table, he eats them. We leave a bin of outside toys in the back yard for the kids to play with, fido has chewed all of them up. If I put him in the laundry room, he scratches at the door and whines. Our previous dog has to be with him or else he starts barking like crazy. It annoys me and I am sure it does the neighbors to. Last night, I heard a scratching sound, (I have not heard this one before) and the garage door was open. Fido jumped and pushed the button for the door to open. I spend 2 hrs screming his name in the rain. My husband travels Mon-Fri and I have talked to him about the dog, and he tells me to deal with it. The kids love the dog, and he is really good with them. I feel that by having this dog, it is taking away from precious time with my children, by having to pick up after him all the time. I know he is just a puppy. My other dog did not do any of this, so I am at a loss. I am to the point that I am ready to take him back, or find him another home.

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